10 Best Wild Wild West Episodes

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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It was basically James Bond set in the 1870s (just after the Civil War) where Secret Service agents Jim West (played by Robert Conrad, all action and ladies’ man), and Artemis Gordon (played by Ross Martin, all gadgets and disguises). The WildWildWest had many science fiction elements and shared many connections (actors, writers, producers, directors) with the Star Trek TV show.

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Jim and Artie are sent to the New Mexico Territory by President Ulysses S. Grant to stop a ruthless Mexican revolutionary who is looting towns. This episode, with a clever plot twist involving a hidden identity, holds up very well and is a lot of fun.

This episode is basically a TV version of the James Bond movie “Dr. This is not a good idea when one of the group members is a clever murderer who has a twin brother.

Jim and ARTE must protect a key member of a wealthy investment group whose surviving member stands to inherit the group's sizable assets. Jim and ARTE unknowingly become a part of a bizarre revenge plot involving mistaken identities.

To warn some of the country's wealthiest men about recurrent murders, Agents West and Gordon visit Curtis Dodd, who could become the next victim. Special agents West and Gordon are sent to the mortuary to identify the body of their arch enemy, Dr. Manuelito Loveless.

A mourner at the morgue takes a key from the wrist of the corpse ... See full summary ». Jim and Artemis are asked by a beautiful young woman, Lamina Sedge wick, to help her mute grandfather.

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Later, they find the agent dead with a knife in his back through a flyer... See full summary ». Special agent West is charged with the responsibility to transport the state's only supply of a smallpox vaccine to safety.

The miniature maniacal Manuelito Loveless is landing his bandits into small bank robberies, then he burns the money. The assignment for James West is to find a fellow agent who is imprisoned on Devil's Island.

Getting imprisoned himself, West is given lashes and sent into a pit where he finds Vincent Reed, the agent he was to free. John Maxwell Avery advised the President and led powerful men in Washington.

Jim and ARTE uncover a secret revenge plot involving inhuman medical experiments. When a magician makes ARTE disappear, Jim must travel to another dimension to find him.

What his journey back in time reveals is a plot to change the outcome of the Civil War. The mad puppeteer Zachariah Skull re-creates a courtroom drama, using life-size puppets, to seek revenge on both Jim and the Supreme Court Justices who sentenced him to death.

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Agents West and Gordon are called to investigate a mysterious Confederate night rider who comes to the ranch of Carl Jackson, its wealthy owner. Agents West and Gordon are guarding a museum containing the famous Herbert jewels, but someone still manages to steal the gems.

Afterwards, a famous painting of Western scene is removed ... See full summary ». Dr. Faustino and her mute servant, Miklós, have transformed a corpse into a duplicate image of Jim West.

When they bring the corpse back to life, Faustino's plot is to have the West ... See full summary ». Jim and ARTE must deliver a message of peace to Chief Ho-Tami, head of the Indian tribes.

Dr. Secularism captures Jim in an attempt to stop the treaty signing. Now, posing as a wanted man, Jim infiltrates a murderous clan, where he uncovers a plot to assassinate President Grant.

He's told that Mexican revolutionary Juan Anglo is creating havoc in the Southwest Territories, and he must be stopped and peace restored to the area. Travelling aboard his newly acquired, souped up train, The Wanderer, West arrives in the recently raided town of Queued, New Mexico and is greeted by his assigned partner Artemis Gordon, who was previously disguised as a heckler that demeaned West at the show's opening.

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With a derringer in his boot heels, bullets from a belt buckle, a lock pick in his coat lapel and a smoke bomb, West escapes and overcomes the returning Anglo. Director Arabian humorously recalls, “When Bob threw that sort of spear at Bono, rather than ejaculate a shout of pain, he let out with the tinniest, little whimper.

As the deranged dwarf Dr. Manuelito Loveless (Michael Dunn) prepares to kill Professor Neilson, he gleefully glares at his giant gofer Voltaire (Richard Kiel) squash a dock guard. Loveless objects to Neilson handing over the formula of a new explosive to the U.S. Government that he helped create.

Neilson's secretary, Greta (Leslie Parrish), is in cahoots with Loveless and arranges for West's demise to no avail. After a singing duet with his henchman sidekick Antoinette (Phoebe Doris), Loveless tests West's “loyalty” by sending him to the Governor of California, demanding an area of the state that previously belonged to his ancestors.

With Greta's help, West finds Loveless who has wired the explosives to a clock tower's mechanism set to blow up at eight. Gordon and West cackle at Loveless' claim that he has invented a glass tube that can catch pictures and send them through the air.

THE NIGHT OF THE GLOWING CORPSE 1965 B&W Produced by Fred Feinberger Directed Irving J. Moore Written by Henry Sharp When an intelligent Frankenstein-like man (Charles Format) karate-kicks down metal bars to help Frenchwoman Amelie (Marion Thompson) steal the powerful, French-invented, radiating substance called “francium,” West is blamed.

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He's wearing a bulletproof vest and follows her to the real traitors, Clung Ormond (IPP Hamilton), French Lt. General Regard's niece. Iron-foot Format returns as the sword swinging Sultan guard Gomal in the second season's THE NIGHT OF THE GYPSY PERIL.

-- Gordon (to West) THE NIGHT OF THE STEEL ASSASSIN 1966 B&W Produced by John Manila Directed by Lee H. Katrin Written by Calvin Clements West's attacks are futile as bullets harmlessly bounce of his body leaving chip marks on his face.

Driving him off with a smoke bomb, West learns that Torres is seeking revenge against 7 Civil War army officers that cheated him into guard duty that resulted in him being severely mangled in an explosion. Nina (Sue Ann Landon), Gilbert's niece, appears waving a picture of Torres and the other officers, one being President Grant (Roy Angel).

Disguised as a coolie on the docks, Gordon finds himself in a line-up of smuggled aliens being questioned by a dragon lady in Chinese trying to weed out the imposter Artie. West and Gordon are trying to crack an opium ring in San Francisco being used to finance ex-British soldier Clive Allenby-Smythe's (Ben Wright) plan to overtake Hunan province.

Smythe employs the Sons of the Stalking Tigers tongs to kidnap Princess Ching Ling (Polar Seurat) from the loyal Crimson Dragons, so he can use her as a royal puppet. Disguised as Captain Sumatra, a Chinese illegal arms dealer, Gordon wins Smythe's confidence as West rescues Ching and kisses her more times than any other woman ever in the show.

Jokes about Chinese food, coolies and stuff not thoroughly understood by the writers might be considered today as politically incorrect but after all it was 1966. Final note, West kisses the Princess Ching Ling more than any other woman in the show.

-- Morgan Midas THE NIGHT OF THE BURNING DIAMOND 1966 B&W Produced by Gene Coon Directed by Irving Moore Written by Ken Kola West is accused by the proud Serbian Minister for the sudden disappearance of his country's Kara diamond, which literally vanishes right before their eyes.

West visits Lady Margaret whose diamonds are scheduled to appear at an impending exhibit. Much to the dismay of her nephew Morgan Midas (Robert Drives) and his girlfriend Lucretia (Christiane Schmidt) the diamonds are gone and West figures so is Lady Margaret.

While torturing West, Midas explains that the stolen diamonds are used to make an elixir that speeds up his metabolism thereby rendering him invisible. As the elixir wears off, our heroes are left trailing in slow motion, trapped by a security cage and tossed in jail accused of the robbery.

-- Loveless to his “just needled by West feline THE NIGHT OF THE RAVEN 1966 Color Produced by Michael Garrison Directed by Irving Moore Written by Ed Di Lorenzo West and Gordon are given 3 days to find War Eagle's daughter Yankee (Phyllis Newman) or there will be an Indian uprising.

Upon seeing West at suppertime, Gordon looks like he has eaten some bad turkey as Loveless explains that he has invented a size-reducing powder and plans to shrink mankind, so animals can play in the sun and man will recapture the Garden of Eden. West escapes his doll house prison and outruns Loveless' cat guard by diving into a mouse hole filled with the required to be stuck in the tarantula web (tarantulas don't have webs), avoiding mousetraps and using thread and needles as weapons and climbing rope gags.

West goes undercover to Devil's Island as inmate Henri Cocteau to search for fellow agent Vincent Reed (Tom Drake) who was unjustly imprisoned there. Gustav Mavis (Theo Marcuse), the prison commandant and his powerful, right iron-legged aid Le Cochin, immediately dislike West.

While saving an old man from becoming road pizza, West lays his grubby hands on the cleanliness fetish Mavis, who hatefully orders Cochin to kick the 5000-pound cement roller out of the way. Enter slippery, former French Legionnaire discharged for the good of the Legion Pierre Gaspar (Artie) applying for prison guard work.

Amidst a comical interlude of noise making, the cocky Gordon emerges nonchalantly spinning a cane on his fingers acting full of himself. West escapes, narrowly avoids becoming fire ant food, and is recaptured by Gaspar.

But they are ratted upon by the not-so-mad Le For (Steve Franklin) and West is sentenced to die by fighting lead-foot Cochin. As Mavis steps forward to shoot them, he falls into quicksand and Cochin walks into the water hoping to also escape.

As a magician makes Gordon disappear, West's concern overflows when Artie never reappears and all we hear is his voice fading into oblivion. West's only clue is the magician's sword left on stage with the inscription NBL, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

A barroom brawl in Vicksburg later, West is slipped the address, Live Oak Manor, the run down mansion of the wheelchair bound, Confederate officer Colonel Quatrain (Ricardo Montauban). West learns that during the Civil War he saved his life but not before his legs were irreparably broken.

Quatrain wants to travel back in time with West via the 4th dimension to restore the use of his legs. West is transported back to the 1700s and helps a man named Jack Maitland, the unaware Gordon, win a sword fight.

Quatrain explains that with focused mind energy he can enter warps in space that can help them travel back in time. Energy focusing later, the trio relive the Civil War as a younger Quatrain joyfully runs around his mansion in his full splendor.

Amidst his burning house and realizing his 2-fold scheme has failed he forgiving orders West and Gordon to leave and return to the present before his mansion explodes. I was amazed when Michael Garrison said go ahead with it even though it involved science fiction of a high order, H.G.

West and Gordon are assigned to protect secret weapon inventor Dr. Raven (Harry Townes), who is also a member of an investment group known as a ton tine who are being mysteriously wiped out. Raven attends the annual meeting with West as his bodyguard and Gordon disguised as Scotsman Mr. Mac Gordon.

At their secluded Ocean view, cliff top mansion, West warns the group that someone is trying to kill them. Either through, electrocution, knives sticking out of chairs, backfiring guns or exploding devices, members dwindle.

West is captured by hooded attackers and put on a rocket-powered sled aimed to fly out of a cave 200 feet above the craggy-rocked ocean coastline. Using an acid vile hidden in his boot heel, West escapes and discovers that the mansion filled with secret caves, rooms and corridors with a giant beer-barreled entrance was created by deceased ton tine member Martin Dexter.

Everyone a suspect, Amelia the actress suggests they seek answers through a séance and her magic crystal ball. Searching the basement, West narrowly escapes a spike-walled shrinking room and emerges in someone's bedroom to fight more of the hooded men.

Being a fellow Brit, Danbury and I laugh in agreement that although Ross Martin is well versed in his English dialectical approaches, his rendition of Scotsman Mr. Mac Gordon from Edinburgh was one of his phoniest sounding impersonations. The show also featured prizefighter Wilhelm von Homburg who also later appeared in THE NIGHT OF THE BIG BLACKMAIL and in THE NIGHT OF THE IRON FIST which starred Mark Lenard (Spock's father in STAR TREK) as Count Drama.

(Amusingly true perhaps, but it should be noted that the Scots accent for Not Tottering Ton tine was clearly done as it is on purpose by Martin. Ironically, Mr. Portugal, the author's admitted favorite from Not Doomsday Formula, is a perfect example of this broad type of portrayal in practice.

West and Gordon attend the performance of their magician friend's, that, they were told by tomorrow's newspaper today, was going to die. Another tomorrow's paper and chess move later, West is warned about another friend who will die, Colonel Annette.

Scouting the print shop responsible for the early editions, West's investigation leads him to fortuneteller Coulee (Bring Farrell) who tries to dissuade him but West's persistence finds him rocketed up into CBS' cave set which now double for Mr. Brain's (Edward Andrews) cavernous abode. Brain kills one of his own men (he's missing a button) with a rocket shot from his steam-powered wheelchair, which he uses for transportation purposes as to conserve energy for thinking.

Danbury chooses this show as also one of his favorites, commending lead villain Edward Andrews' performance as memorable. The use of face switching and complete facial changes was the sort of thing Danbury made universal in his next show MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

West and Gordon arrive just in time to watch wealthy businessman Curtis Dodd get shot by an arrow that emerges out of the piano he was playing. Tracing it to the Friendly Card Company, they are attacked by henchmen led by a crazed, cackling redhead (Whitey Hughes).

Gordon assumes Mrs. Dodd is involved and West visits Emma Valentine (Agnes Moore head), the matchmaker that is arranging Lambert's wedding. While West is captured and squeezing embraced by plastic giant women-hands attached to her chair, Valentine explains that she marries her young girls off to rich men, kills them, then plans to use the money to become Queen of America and vie for women's total independence.

West and Gordon are tied to a huge glass dome and after the service, when the right piano cord is struck, they will come crashing down on top of Lambert thus killing him and our heroes. Using his shoe knife and sleeve gadget (that has a wire-shooting pellet today), West prepares them to drop on key, except they land safely, apprehend the marrying matrons, and it's the crazy redheaded henchman that gets to eat the wedding cake.

Wealthy rancher Axel Morgan removes his Wellington painting of a Western scene from the same museum under the guise of its safety. Gordon notices the painting is fake so thinking something is amiss, he weasels dinner invitations for he and West.

After Loveless catches our heroes red-handed in something that could spoil his plans, Gordon escapes but West is captured. Using sound effects and gizmos featured in previous episodes, Loveless explains how his new machine can transport people in and out of his artwork and that he plans to distribute these paintings worldwide.

The final scene shows all the paintings in a train car as we hear the sound of sawing coming from one of the crates. She told Kneubuhl of an idea for an episode and he not only wrote it but also gave her the money he was paid as a wedding gift.

THE NIGHT OF MONTEZUMA'S HORDES 1967 Color Produced by Bruce Danbury Directed by Irving J. Moore Written by Max Erich West visits the Washington Archeological Museum to discuss with Dr. Mallory plans for an upcoming expedition to find Montezuma's lost treasure.

Midway through the grueling journey, West and Gordon get that “we are not alone” funny feeling which climaxes as one of Slave's men gets an Aztec arrow in his back. One of Slave's men shoots two of them and an act of bravery by West, removing the mask of the Sun Goddess (Carla Bocelli) and kissing her, results in her decision that only two of them will die in retaliation.

Escaping the “dropping ceiling to crush you” gag via an explosive pellet in West's shoe heel, Slave and his men attack worshiping Aztecs in the treasure room. West stops Slave and although for a split second he has something else on his mind, he tells the Sun Goddess that her thanks are enough.

THE NIGHT OF THE SIMIAN TERROR 1968 Color Produced by Bruce Danbury Directed by Michael Coffey Written by Robert Dennis & Earl Barrel West and Gordon arrive at Senator Buckley's (Dabs Greer) home concerned about his lengthy absence from Washington.

They arrive at a story night to discover that a plantation worker was apparently just crushed by a gigantic beast. As West dines with the beautiful daughter Naomi (Grace Gay nor), Gordon ignores warnings and breaks into the forbidden nursery.

West speeds over to find one of Buckley's sons crushed and the church's father swearing he saw a giant ape swoop past the door. Gordon recalls Labia is an ape specialist and visits his lab as Dr. Marvin Gentry.

He stumbles upon a secret door where the giant Demise (Richard Kiel) emerges and attacks him. Stuck in a cage with Naomi, Demise tells West he will kill all Buckley's for depriving him of his birthright.

Actor Richard Kiel strangely relates, “What I really learned from the show was not wanting to play characters that don't speak. The guy that played the gorilla he was actually a famous actor from all those swashbuckling swordsman and pirate films.

THE NIGHT OF THE DOOMSDAY FORMULA 1968 Color Produced by Bruce Danbury Directed by Irving J. Moore Written by Samuel Newman A mushroom clouds explosive test later, they realize the implications of the formula being in the wrong hands, belonging specifically to the kidnapper, General Roll (Kevin McCarthy).

Disguised as the foul singing Arab Hassan Tamil Portugal, Artie bumps into Roll as Chadian's Club offering to buy the formula. Roll feigns ignorance, but succumbs when Portugal points at his suitcase, insinuating it is full of money for him.

Red flags waving, West sneaks out and discovers a black box inside a dumbwaiter and replaces it with a heavy book. West and Gordon sneak back into the embassy and find that the box is placed inside a vault that is covered by a giant metal plug that looks like a huge car engine valve that opens by steam pressure.

West holds the steam lever open with one hand and fights off several guards with the other. The CinemaScope, which is really a short piece of film less than 50 feet and runs for about 13 seconds, was invented by George Eastman in 1888.

(When you watch this episode, it's pretty clear that both the stolen “film” and the one it is replaced with is a cylinder which has multiple photographic plates of some sort secured upon its perimeter. When it is “shown”, the “projector” clearly has a geared crank which when turned rapidly rotates the cylinder, flipping the cards past some optics and a light source.

Research shows that is not Eastman's (or as it is usually credited, Edison's) CinemaScope that is in use here, but the invention of Charles Coleman Sellers, who in 1861 patented his CinemaScope -- a sequence of stereoscopic photographic image pairs flipped in rapid succession past projection optics which simulates motion when viewed. The single filmstrip with multiple exposed images is then looped and pulled past somewhat more complicated projection optics, much as modern motion picture projectors do.

-- West THE NIGHT OF THE KRAKEN 1969 Color Produced by Bruce Danbury Directed by Michael Coffey Written by Stephan Handel Amidst foghorns, mist and clanging buoy bells, while Navy Lt. Bartlett tries to tell West and Gordon about why fishing has been banned in the local water they are attacked by salty seaman.

As the fight continues, a giant tentacle reaches up from the murky ocean waters and kills Bartlett. Admiral Hammond (Ford Rainy informs them that the order to stop fishing was given due to a giant squid frequenting the water.

However, Jose Aquila, spokesman for the local fishermen warns the Admiral that he must defy the order because he must feed his family. They form a friendship after dispersing a pseudo-batch of Navy sailors and Aquila convinces West to join him at sea.

The kraken drags them both underwater, killing Aquila while West cuts out a piece of its tentacle. An explosion kills Hammond as he was about to reveal a model of an underwater installation, which our heroes find behind his broken aquarium.

-- President Grant THE NIGHT OF THE WINGED TERROR 1969 Color Produced by Bruce Danbury Directed by Marvin Chomsky Written by Ken Petrus West an new partner Frank Harper (William Schaller) see a professor wreck his art collection and a sheriff release criminals under the same circumstances, raven, trance, glasses and the act.

He puts eye drops in his patients, and using a CinemaScope showing swirling color, he conditions people to commit bad acts. West wakes up in a meeting room of the evil organization RAVEN lead by Thadeus Tombs, who is under the command of the large-bulbous headed Tycho (Christopher Cary).

They plant to disrupt US-Mexican relations by inducing West to kill Mexican Ambassador Ramirez. Back at the train, Harper explains the explosive is harmless as he totally obliterates an ice bucket.

Actor William Schaller recalls his stint as West's partner, “I think they thought of me for the part because I had already appeared in 2 previous episodes, and they knew I could handle different characters, and they figured I would just do stuff like what I'd already done.

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