A Werewolf Boy Chapter 1

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
• 7 min read

After her family moves to an old home in the countryside to care for her illness, Sunny Kim discovers a boy in the barn. After her family moves to an old home in the countryside to care for her illness, Sunny Kim discovers a boy in the barn.

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The boy is dirty, wild, and can’t even speak, but Sunny’s mother takes him in until the police can find a place that will keep him. After her family moves to an old home in the countryside to care for her illness, Sunny Kim discovers a boy in the barn.

The boy is dirty, wild, and can’t even speak, but Sunny’s mother takes him in until the police can find a place that will keep him. If you spot any grammar mistakes, incoherence or plot holes, please please please tell me and I will do my best to fix it.

Standing in front of the mirror, I inspect myself, as any teenage girl has done and will continue to do. My lips are naturally bright red but so dry they have become my very own painful Sahara Desert.

Freckles cover my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose, and I stare for an especially long time at the bright red pimple that has decided to settle among them, looking like a giant red sun among other smaller, cuter stars. I look at my forehead and my cheeks, wide and white like milk, and at the bags under my eyes, indicative of too many nights spent reading or on Netflix.

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My hair looks like a rat's nest the color of milk chocolate, occasionally showing a copper streak. I have been told by many people that they loved my hair; that it has a beautiful color, that it's voluminous and bouncy and whatnot.

I have to agree, I have good hair, but the fact of the matter is that I'm simply too lazy and incompetent to sit there and straighten it or curl it or shape it or whatever. It's very thick, and quick to knot, so brushing it can take a long time.

Sometimes, when I'm late to school, I refuse to even take that time and simply tie it in a bun on top of my head. I look at my shoulders, uncovered in my blue tank top, finding them again too broad.

Continuing down, I find some satisfaction in my ample chest, especially for my age. Overall, I decide that I have a cute face, but that I am not gorgeous or sexy at all and that I could totally afford to go to the gym.

I look back into the mirror, the buzzing of my fan suddenly resonating in my ears. I blow a kiss to my mirror, make duck lips.

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I untie my hair, let it all cascade to one side and make pouty lips like a model. A cover of “I Love You Too Much” starts playing and I smile again, singing along and swaying a little.

I dreamed of someone who would love and respect me, who would be satisfied by a simple hug, who would be overjoyed to kiss me. The song ends and “Wanderer's Lullaby” starts playing, an original by a YouTuber I like very much named Adriana Figueroa.

I lay in my bed in the dark and turn on my side, wondering what it would feel like for someone I loved to hug me as I slept. Otherwise, I will see masked serial killers in every shadow and stay awake for another hour, terrified.

Blaming it on the fan having some sort of seizure, I calm down, falling asleep. Delicately, the hand curls around me, gripping my waist through my top.

Another hand grazes my messy hair and rests above my head. Like I can trust this person that I have never met, never seen, never talked to, who has broken into my bedroom and hugged me in my sleep.

werewolf boy
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I lay a hand on their arm and inhale their scent, somehow distinguishable as pine and the sea for some bizarre reason. The hold around my waist tightens slightly and the other hand cups the back of my head.

I open my eyes, and see first a wide muscled chest clad in a t-shirt. I put whatever I was feeling away for later contemplation and start analyzing the situation.

Yes, it does turn dark, and it is a tragedy (not a secret or spoiler, since it's right there in the tags), and it got unnecessarily dramatic especially towards the end, but it got to my feels, which I totally didn't expect. The story starts light(well lighting) and progressively gets darker than more facts about their world are realized, TBH this is less about werewolves and more about how much people suck when it comes to others.

All in all a fantastic read, but I really would have preferred an end that had a more personal victory for the MC's rather than for the greater good one I didn’t listen to the other comments, and I was not prepared, hahaha is definitely cute but has themes that translate to real life.

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