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Sorry, this video is unavailable. Why not try some of our other exciting shows? The older daughter suffers from a lung ailment and her doctor advised the family to move out into the countryside.

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The older daughter suffers from a lung ailment and her doctor advised the family to move out into the countryside. The home is provided by Hi TAE, the son of a business partner who worked with their deceased father.

While the family gets acclimated to their new surroundings, the older daughter makes a remarkable discovery. The boy with little social skills begins to take an interest in the oldest daughter.

One of the most talked about Korean movies of 2012, the blockbuster fantasy romance A Werewolf revolves around a feral boy of mysterious origin and the girl who forever changes his world. Directed by Jo Sung He (End of Animal), the heartrending film opens in the present day, and then takes the audience back half a century to the heroine's memories of her fateful encounter with Song Suing I's puppy-eyed Werewolf.

With the local authorities being of no help, the family has no choice but to take him in temporarily, and they even give him a name: Chub Sew. Sun gradually tames Chub Sew with the help of a dog training manual, the two forming a close bond as time passes.

Their dangerously arrogant landlord Hi TAE (Yew Leon Seek, Re-encounter), however, has his eyes on Suni, and he sets out to get rid of Chub Sew by exposing his beastly nature. This original content has been created by or licensed to YesAsia.com, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of YesAsia.com.

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Damaged by life’s struggles herself, the beautiful, young Sun is patiently determined to tame the “wolf boy ”, who repays her kindness with unparalleled devotion. Written and directed by Jo Sung He, his second feature after the much-praised art house indie End of Animal, the film follows the odd relationship between a young girl and a strange feral boy in a twist on the ever popular 'pure love' theme.

Taking on the all-important lead roles are up and coming stars' actor Song Suing I (Penny Pitchers) and actress Park BO Young (Speedy Scandal), with support from (Gang Young Nam, Hello Ghost), Kim Yang Hi (The Grand Heist) and Yew Leon Seek (Re-encounter). Returning to the rural house in the countryside, the memories come flooding back from 1965, when she was a rebellious teenage girl (now played by Park BO Young), who moved there with her widowed mother (Gang Young Nam) and younger sister (Kim Yang Hi) to try and help her regain her health.

One day she comes across a wild boy (Song Suing I) lurking around the property, who can't speak, read or write, and who acts more like an animal than a human being. With it being assumed that he is a war orphan, the family decide to look after him in until a permanent solution can be found, and he gradually forms a bond with Sun, who takes it on herself to train him, giving him the name Chub Sew.

This doesn't go down well with their sleazy landlord Hi TAE (Yew Leon Seek), who has designs on Sun himself, and the unpleasant man does his best to bring out the worst in Chub Sew. Though many viewers will hear 'teen fantasy romance' and think Twilight, there's thankfully a lot more to A Werewolf, which actually turns out to be a much more nuanced, not to mention stranger film than expected.

Of course, nostalgia-tinged melodrama is still the main order of the day, with most of the running time being taken up with the burgeoning romance between Sun and Chub Sew and the inevitable angst, jealousy and innocent love that this entails. However, Jo Sung He proves to be a pretty good fit for the material, retaining his indie sensibilities and preventing the film from ever getting too sappy or cutesy.

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The two young stars also help, with solid performances that keep things respectably in check and display enough chemistry to make their paring believable. While for viewers outside the target audience the film is unlikely to be terribly moving, it does hit a lot of surprisingly strong emotional beats along the way, and its heartstring-tugging is far more palatable than might have been expected.

Mainly this is due to the film's more left field elements, which are hinted at early on by the fact that the house was owned by a weird scientist who appeared to be doing experiments on wolves. This actually turns out to be a fairly crucial part of the plot as the film develops, Jo working in some pretty bizarre elements that lean towards horror and science fiction, making for a kind of Beauty and the Beast type feel.

This is accentuated by his excellent direction, making great use of shadows and color, mixing the gloss of melodrama with an at times more gritty genre look. The whole war orphan motif also crops up a few times, and though Jo doesn't really expand upon this, or indeed the historical context in general, the metaphor is clearly there, and this adds a pleasingly subtle layer of depth.

The young stars and threat of melodrama shouldn't put open-minded viewers off A Werewolf, as it's really much better and more entertaining than expected, and though younger audiences will certainly get more out of it, there's still plenty here to enjoy. Jo Sung He proves a talented writer and craftsman of a director, and the film is well-made and despite its somewhat odd collection of elements makes for a solid and satisfying package.

Read MoreCollapse This original content has been created by or licensed to YesAsia.com, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of YesAsia.com. As a young girl Sun (BO Young Park) lived with her widowed mother (Young-nam Gang) and younger sister (Huangdi Kim) at this rural manor (looking similar to the Amityville Horror house) a place where the clean country air assisted Sun’s lung illness.

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Due to her sickly condition Sun wrote nightly woes into her personal diary as aside to her ill health, the family were constantly harassed for money by a demanding and arrogant landlord (Yeon-seok Yew), the boo-hiss bad boy of the film and the son of a business partner of Sun’s late father. After failing to get the authorities to take the boy into care, the family temporally took responsibility with Sun teaching the wild lad to read, write and study in a room her mother gives him.

Sensing Sun and her mother’s kindness Chub Sew becomes protective of the family and their local friends and with his immense strength even saves them from a falling steel girder onto his back, leaving little injury. The human-animal bond ship seems to blend Marvel’s Hulk (anger unrestrained), the Korean human-fox shape-shifting fables and Lassie.

Quango OS medicos aconselham Sun à IR para o camp POR cause DE UMA Donna pulmonary, Hi TAE office UMA Casey no pass para a familiar. Sun tenth ensnare o Sheol SU Madeiras basics DE Como SE comforter Como um SER human, sand groups e a Alar, OS does SE torn am moot Proximus, caused times em Hi TAE, Que ESTA DE oleo Na Sun.

Mas quango OS tornadoes comical a vicar contra o Sheol SU, code a Sun e SUA familiar protege? “A Werewolf é um film sul-coreano DE 2012 esprit e rigid POR Jo Sung He.

Jo Bungee’s debut film End Of Animal was a brave, Spartan, dystopian vision of a near future where society has broken down after an unspecified apocalyptic has brought the world to its knees and left few survivors. After fellow critic Hangul Celluloid made the comparison, it was impossible to shake Burton’s Edward Scissor hands from my head, though you could just as easily compare to Nick Castle’s (the original Michael Myers of Halloween) The Boy Who Could Fly; many films share familiar motifs, particularly around perceived outsiders and romance.

He doesn’t only write likeable characters in endearing situations, he manages to get great performances from his cast, particularly the youngest members. Song Jong-il (Penny Pitchers, A Frozen Flower, The Grand Heist) plays the (pretty much) mute Chul-soo perfectly; throwing himself into his characters animalistic side, there’s no dialogue to rely on.

Alongside Park Young (Blood Boiling Youth, Scandal Makers, If You Were Me 4) as Sun they make a cute couple; audiences can believe in this on-screen romance. It’s a good-looking film, which brings a little more of those elements from the classic Universal and Hammer incarnations of the werewolf alongside Him Piloting’s revisionist take on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel And Gretel.

In Vitae (Yew Yeon-seok, Horror Stories, Architecture 101) we find a disappointingly one-dimensional villain, his actions flagged long beforehand as being the rather obvious bully we all take him for. But perhaps some of Jo’s previous leanings still show: when the elder Sun (spoiler alert) looks back with regret, it’s not at the romance she could have had with Chul-soo, but that her naive last message has led to him losing out on any sort of life, while she has done everything she ever wanted to do in hers.

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