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• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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After her family moves to an old home in the countryside to care for her illness, Sunny Kim discovers a boy in the barn. After her family moves to an old home in the countryside to care for her illness, Sunny Kim discovers a boy in the barn.

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After her family moves to an old home in the countryside to care for her illness, Sunny Kim discovers a boy in the barn. The boy is dirty, wild, and can’t even speak, but Sunny’s mother takes him in until the police can find a place that will keep him.

On this page, all the manga fans can find an online version of A Werewolf and read it. The older daughter suffers from a lung ailment and her doctor advised the family to move out into the countryside.

The Warehouse Werewolf (v. 3.0) is our most advanced Second Life ® avatar as of its release in Oct 2010. It comes with a sophisticated Head's Up Display Animation Override (HUD AO) that controls most of the functions of the Avatars within easy reach of the user.

The Warehouse has strived to offer up many customization options, including the HUD, Chat commands, Gesture creation, and Manual Editing. If you would like to see more specific information of what the avatar can do, please check our User Manual section.

The Warehouse Werewolf avatar comes with 5 built-in texture packs: Timber, Prairie, Arctic, Black Phase and a Recolorable Texture set. This means that you can choose between four pre-made 'realistic' texture sets, and one made specifically to allow you to recolor it via the HUD, chat commands, or manually.

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The Werewolf is also built to accept third party texture packs. That means if a person makes their own texture set and wishes to sell it or give it away to Warehouse Werewolf avatar owners, they can seamlessly add it to the Avatar without having to go through us.

Placeholder buttons are available on the Werewolf's HUD to access newly added texture packs, or via command line. The HUD itself has some other animations on it, such as howling and growling (With sound effects) and sitting/laying poses.

The HUD also has seven facial expressions available, including snarling and panting. And unlike our other “Advanced” avatars, it has new scripting that will allow you resize any moving parts.

So you can make the nose longer, shorter, thinner, etc, and the facial expression functionality will still work. And Finally, the Werewolf comes with a special PVP system for Ropers or combat lovers.

So a quick overview, the Warehouse Werewolf Avatar (v. 3.0) comes with the following: The Werewolf avatar uses alpha layers and some scripted objects that require the updated viewers to work properly.

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The main tier is always available, and attached to the lower right of the screen. It can be attached to the lower left of the screen and still be available (Just mirrored of what is shown in this manual).

The first tier, or the Base HUD AO has five quick access buttons on it. The Top button, which is the Warehouse Logo button, will have a landmark to our main store in Termination, as well as a Notecard with a link to this Manual's URL.

Switching between these will cause a slight delay as the scripts must load the proper animation override of the stances. It doesn't hide the base AO, but brings up the second tier of the HUD which controls facial expressions, ear and tail positions, the eye glow option, and the buttons to bring up the third tier options.

The top button is the Eye Glow toggle. They only make the head and jaws work together to product those specific expressions: Normal, Snarl (jaw closed), Snarl (jaw opened), Razzing, Happy face, Panting and the “WTF” or quizzical expression.

After the facial expression buttons, we have the Ear position controls. This button just allows you to position the ears forward or pinned back.

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The image will change to show the ear back or forward depending on the setting. After that are three tail wagging speeds, one being the slowest and three being the fastest.

The Options button allows you turn certain features off and on, such as ear flicking, eye movement, etc. These are animations that play outside the AO itself, that you can start up just by clicking on the buttons.

The most complex of the HUD tiers, the colorized is what really allows you to customize the avatar to your desired look. In the top left, you have the preset Color options for the recolorable texture.

Note: Recoloring will not work if one of the realistic textures is selected. The recolorable texture is the top circle in the group on the bottom left of the HUD.

The locks are available next to each of the recolorable areas (Including the eyes) so that it will not be clickable for recoloring (and so you won't accidentally change it if you click on the wrong button). The four 'logo' buttons next to those are blank placeholders put there so third party texture packs can be added and used by the HUD.

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The options' menu allows you to easily toggle off/on certain settings available on the Avatar. It has settings available related to Ear, Voice, Tail and Eye options.

It also allows users to trigger the animations alone for potential use with 3rd party combat systems that use the left mouse button and movement keys for attacking. Hover text will appear above your head showing you in combat and your health.

When someone reaches 0 health they will drop on the ground and be unable to attack for a short while. To attack, hold down the left mouse button while not pointing at your avatar or a clickable object and tap the movement keys.

Anyone can join or leave a pack at any time, spelling must match, but capitalization doesn't. Everyone else in combat mode in the sim will get a message when you join or leave a pack.

There are optional idle sounds that play occasionally while Warehouse combat is active. In 3rd Party combat mode, attacks only trigger animations.

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The Werewolf avatar is designed with third party customization in mind. This means that third parties can create, sell, or give away their own texture sets for this Avatar.

The HUD only has two custom slots available, however, the Avatar comes with an Object called the Multipack, which can store several more Texture packs. You can then use the Multipack to send these texture sets to the two custom buttons located on the HUD.

Click the Slot that holds the specific texture pack you want available on the HUD. First things first, you must pick up a Texture Dev Kit from our main store in Termination.

You will need this in order to make the special texture packs that work with the avatar's scripts and HUD. If you want to make your own textures just for people to buy and manually add them to the avatar, you don't have to bother with this.

Note: Please don't remove any scripts in any objects given in this dev kit. I'm afraid we can't provide much help with this one, it's all up to you to make the textures for it.

Note: Ears, Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet are mirrored. Click the Texture Pack Creator and then select “Store” on the dropdown dialogue.

Please be sure to wait a second or two between parts just to make sure the Texture Pack Creator got the information (It should display it in chat text). Once all the attachments are accounted for, the scripts will close themselves and the texture pack is ready.

To name your texture pack, just type /53 Namespace name here. You can alter the permissions on the texture pack to be no-transfer if you don't want them to be given out as a freebie.

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