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She’s met by a granddaughter, and as they drive to the country house Sun remembers her teenage years in the ‘60s when she moved here from Seoul with her widowed mother and sister. But as a relationship develops between the two teens, Vitae (Yew Yeon-seok), the son of her late father’s business partner, grows jealous and tries to make trouble.

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And while Vitae’s jealousy could have set up a triangle like the one in “Twilight,” again the story comes closer to “Frankenstein.” With that shift, viewers are spared the sappy romantic dialogue of the Meyer books and movies. The Los Angeles Times called it “a beauty-and-the-beast tale” with “heart, heft, and surprises,” and that’s a pretty good summary.

Video: The film is presented in 2.35:1 aspect ratio “enhanced” for 16×9 screens, and for all the dark and hazy scenes there’s not nearly as much grain or noise as you might expect. Extras: A making-of feature uses a lot of raw, behind-the- scenes footage but offers more for the curious than the film student.

Deleted scenes are playable with or without commentary, and the final bonus feature is a poster shoot. Bottom line: More sensitive than sensational, “A Werewolf is an interesting hybrid of the “Twilight” saga, “Frankenstein,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” But there are touches here that make it purely Korean.

I have made a list of the most romantic 12 Korean movies and share it with you. Kim Subjoin, You inbox, and Along Hyeseong were the producers of that movie.

Elderly Kim Sunny, an older woman, visits a country to buy her property. A Moment To Remember (2004) is a South Korean romantic movie.

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John H.lee was the director, and CIA Seung-Jae was the producer of this movie. It is a movie about a young couple’s love story.

Maundy Thursday (2006) is a romantic South Korean movie. This movie is directed by Song Samsung and produced by Lee Seung-Jae.

This movie is about a suicidal girl who started to visit a convicted murderer every Thursday. Beauty Inside (2015) is also a South Korean romantic movie.

The director of this movie was Beak Jong-il, and the producer was Park Taejon. This movie’s main character is Park Taejon, who invent herself with a new body part or different age, even different gender on her own every day.

Architecture 101 is a South Korean movie which was directed by Lee Byung-soo and produced by Shim Jae-young. One day a woman visited his office named Seo-Yeon.

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The director of this movie was Jo Yo-jong, and the producer was Choir Jin. The duration of the movie is 103 minutes, and the released date is January 14, 2016.

Kim Taehyung was the director, and Lee Joystick was the producer of this movie. In August (1998), Christmas was a romantic movie directed by Her Jin-ho and produced by CIA Seung-Jae.

The main character of this movie Hahn Sudoku suffers from a fatal disease, and he falls in love with Shim Lunch when he met with her. The duration of the movie is 97 minutes and was released on January 24, 1998.

Song logon directed this movie as a director, and the producer was Kim Jong-il. The director of this movie was SWAK Jae-young, and the producer was Hi Jong-un.

This movie about a college student who finds a diary detailing a long-ago. That was a love triangle involving her mother, her future father.

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This movie was directed by SWAK Sang-woo and produced by Lee Ginseng. We had tried to give accurate information from a trusted website.

Both films feature a beautiful teenage girl and loner type who moves out the sticks where she develops a special relationship with a handsome boy who protects her with his supernatural powers. Much less horrific than anything with ‘ werewolf in the title might suggest, A Werewolf is a nostalgic tale about family and young love that focuses almost entirely on the build-up of a romantic relationship that never was.

Sun (Park Young) moves into a countryside house purchased by her late father’s business partner, Vitae (You Yeon-seok). She plans to live peacefully with her mother and younger sister while she studies from home to enter university.

When unable to secure a place for him in the orphanage, Sun’s family is asked to take him in temporarily while other options are pursued. This brings out Creoles’s destructive inner beast, which raises questions about his origins and threatens his relationship with Sun and her family forever.

The transition from present time to the past where the story takes place is a cute aspect of A Werewolf that kicks off its fantasy vibe well. This helps create its ‘circle of life’ theme shown through the family generations and reinforces its central idea of the cyclical nature of love.

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Also, similar to The Classic (2003), A Werewolf does a great job portraying its old-timey era with a distinct visual style. The picture is often washed out with low contrast levels, but it retains a warm glow with boosted saturation.

I, for one, had a hard time accepting at first how Sun and her family were left without any options and practically forced to take in the wild boy. It was just too crazy how authorities saw little issue with a family of three girls, one very young and defenseless, taking in what appears to be a such a ferocious teenage boy.

On the other end of the spectrum, Song Joni puts on a masterclass in body and facial performance as the domesticated wolf boy. From his ravenous appetite as he tears through garden potatoes and the many side dishes at the dinner table to his puppy-dog eyes, Song runs the gamut of wordless expression.

The Korean title is more apt with simply ‘Wolf Boy as the werewolf folklore is largely absent here. There is a delicate tenderness behind the claws and fangs, and the sweet message of lost romance is enough to touch the coldest of monsters.

Tyler is a passionate fan of East Asian cinema, especially South Korean films which he has followed closely for nearly two decades. Since 2011, Tyler has been living and working in Seoul, South Korea as a freelance English teacher and writer.

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Looking for some Best Korean Romantic Movies with beautiful stories to freshen up your mind and heart, here is a list for you. Starring Suzy BAE, Han Ga-in Architecture 101 was 2012’s one of the most highest-grossing movies in South Korea.

It's a story about a girl who falls in love with a man whose body magically changes age, gender, or nationality every single day. It is a beautiful, emotional romance movie starring Jung Kyuhyun and Lee Jungle.

Hollywood also made a remake of this movie named The Lake House starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock which was released in 2006. A Werewolf is a 2012 South Korean Fantasy Romantic Movie that was directed by Jo Bungee.

This film has a beautiful, emotional story of the relationship between a young girl and a werewolf boy. There is also an alternate ending of the film which was released on December 6, 2012, due to popular demand.

According to the story, Jimmy had lived alone with her mom since her childhood when her dad unexpectedly passed away. Her mom is now on a trip abroad, and to wile away her solitude, she starts cleaning the house.

While cleaning the house, Jimmy finds a secret box, in which her mom kept the memorabilia of her first love story of some decades past. It is a beautiful movie which tells about the parallel love stories of a mother and daughter.

Directed by Song Logon Always is a beautiful romantic movie that was released on October 20, 2011. It has a heart touching love story between a mysterious former boxer and a blind woman. No matter how strong; your life is never easy; one can’t always be happy.

A masterful mysteriousness that you are never quite sure what your exact reaction should be, as well as the fact that it’s all highly intriguing rather than inscrutably annoying. My Sassy Girl is a beautiful, entertaining comedy romance movie.

The story starts when a good-for-nothing college student met a drunk crazy, bossy girl in the metro. The story of the film is based on a series of blog posts written by Kim House.

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