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The home is provided by Hi TAE, the son of a business partner who worked with their deceased father. The older daughter suffers from a lung ailment and her doctor advised the family to move out into the countryside.

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The home is provided by Hi TAE, the son of a business partner who worked with their deceased father. While the family gets acclimated to their new surroundings, the older daughter makes a remarkable discovery.

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I’m a sucker for hard hitting emotional dramas whether they are good or not. I cried so hard when Jan Di is rejected by Jun Pro in Macau.

I still go back and watch episode 14 when I’m having a awful day and just need to cry it out. I thought the script was a mess, the acting sub par, and that camera work atrocious.

Yet I watched the whole thing and marathoner quite a few episodes and still to this day have no idea why. Had some loose ends tied up, the pacing a little less rough, and the acting polished a little.

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A Werewolf stars Song Suing I and Park BO Young. I’ve started Nice Guy staring Suing I but haven’t finished it yet.

The movie starts in Modern times America where we see our heroine SU Ni (played by BO Young) as an old lady. She goes to Korea to meet her granddaughter and sell her house that she lived in as a young woman with the Mother and two sisters.

Her family has moved to the countryside after her father has died and she herself is being afflicted by her health. The first day there, the notice that a boy (played by Song I) is living near their barn.

He acts just like a wild animal The family decides to take him in any way and name him Chub Sew. Not knowing how else to communicate with him, SU Ni finds a book on training dogs.

She teaches him to obey and how to play with her younger siblings and the neighboring kids. This leads to only trouble for him when he attacks Hi TAE–the rich son of their deceased father’s business partner, the guy that wants to marry SU Ni, and the only thing keeping her family from being kicked out of the house.

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It brought an interesting perspective on the idea of love and loyalty. It didn’t hurt the film that the Suing I and BO Young’s chemistry was amazing.

Whenever there is an intimate moment between Chub Sew and Soon I they bring the frame in really tight on the two. Chub Sew has an unnaturally unfailing loyalty to SU Ni.

Then other times they would show them at such a wide shot it reminded you how much different and far away from each other they were. I thought that Suing I did an amazing job with Chub Sew.

She does just fine with big expressions but when her acting needs to be small, you miss it all together. This is something I find is missing in a lot of Asian cinema period, though.

How come he didn’t know that SU Ni was there until she went out into the barn? I’d like to add here that all of my questions are from a scene that I’m pretty sure was added in the director's cut.

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It wasn’t until you learned what exactly Chub Sew was that the pacing started to go awry. We know that Hi TAE is trying to get rid of Chub Sew any way possible.

After a night of partying he runs into a neighbor’s sheep pen. He then blames in on Chub Sew which sparks interest in the boy and Hi TAE brings in experts to hopefully take him away.

It all seems to unnecessary and only put there as a way to bring the plot to be the filmmakers want it to go. Having all these characters randomly show up and added plot lines took away from SU Ni and Chub Sew’s time on screen.

We needed to give them all backstory now and a reason for them to stick around This could have been ok if they had worked the experts in earlier to the film and not have them be random characters that just show up near the end story. It really isn’t that important to the central story which is Chub Sew and SU Ni.

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Mas quango OS tornadoes comical a vicar contra o Sheol SU, code a Sun e SUA familiar protege? “A Werewolf é um film sul-coreano DE 2012 esprit e rigid POR Jo Sung He.

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