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The video is no longer available! Fret not, we have other exciting shows for you! Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits a cottage she used to live in as a child.

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The young Sun and her family move to a small rural village in Korea. There, they encounter a strange ‘wolf boy hiding under a bush and take him in out of pity.

Bothered by his wild eyes and feral behavior, Sun teaches the boy to wait patiently before a meal, put on clothes, and read and write the alphabet so that he can one day live like other human beings. Slowly, the boy begins to develop feelings for Sun, the first person to ever show him affection.

Then one day an unexpected threat exposes the boy’s deadly bestial instincts, and in an instant, he becomes the subject of the villagers’ fears. Desperate to save the life of the boy who risked his own to be by her side, Sun leaves him with a promise: ‘Wait for me.

Native Title: Also Known As: Wolf Boy, Neutral Sony eon Screenwriter & Director: Jo Sung He Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Supernatural Tags: Interspecies Romance, Werewolf, Forbidden Love, Shape-shifter, Tearjerker, Death, Obsession, Small Village, Star Crossed Lovers, Self-sacrifice (Vote or add tags) Country: South Korea Type: Movie Release Date: Oct 31, 2012 Duration: 2 hr.

Watched this movie for both Park BO Young (loved her in Speedy Scandal) and of course, the ethereal Song Suing. The story line was great albeit a little too simple, with its fair share of hilarious antics and sad moments that had me crying like a baby.

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As much as I love him, I have never really considered him as an amazing actor (because the roles he were given so far were not so challenging, I guess). This goes to show how great of an actor he is, being able to carry a story along just through actions.

I am really fighting for words with my brain to explain in what a mess I am right now, this movie just blew the air out of me, and I am really fighting to bring a string of cohesive thought back into my head (that is full of guitars, alphabet letters, yellow fields and blue forests, books and sweaters, shoe-laces and pencils, and finally Suing's eyes, oh, those eyes...) Movie: A Werewolf Boy Country: South Korea Release Date: Oct 31, 2012 Duration: 2 hr.

Help Support MyDramaListThe Ultra Fan Guide to RO Woodstock of My First Love An elderly woman visits a cottage she used to go to when she was a girl to teach a wild boy how to behave as a human being.

The percentage of Approved Tomato meter Critics who have given this movie a positive review After losing her husband, the mother (Gang Young Nam) and the two daughters, Soon I (Park BO Young) and Soon JA (Kim Yang Hi), live at the mercy of Hi TAE (Yew Leon Seek), the son of her deceased husband’s business partner.

Sun I’s kind-hearted mother takes the boy in, believing he is an orphan of the Korean War, and names him Chub Sew (Song Suing I). Movie: A Werewolf Boy Country: South Korea Release Date: Oct 31, 2012 Duration: 2 hr.

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Station DREAM BOX MEDIA Co., Ltd. Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits the country cottage she lived in as a child.

Park Youngish Construction Worker at Market 2 (credited) The movie itself has a lot of meaning, and different stories might be based on reality or be fictional.

Do you know about the actor Song Jong-il and the actress Park Young who starred in the popular movie ‘A Werewolf ’? But A Werewolf is a little different, since the original story was set in South Korea with the directors, actors and also the language using Korean.

An incoming call broke their conversation and the caller asked if there was anyone living there named Kim Sunny. www.indoxxi.comThe phone call brought the old lady, Kim Sunny, back to her hometown in South Korea to revisit the farmhouse where she lived when she was still a teenager.

With a moment of flashback, you could see that Kim Sunny wasn’t happy, and being back there brought up a lot of memories she didn’t want to think about. When she returned to Korea, her granddaughter came to pick her up at the airport, and drove to where Kim Sunny used to live.

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She needed to breathe clean air, far away from the city, and her mother thought the village was the best area to move to. Kim Sunny wasn’t able to attend school because of her health problems, and spent her days doing daily home activities and spend her nights writing in her diary.

One night, Kim Sunny heard the cries of an animal in a barn, but ended up being attacked by a wolf. The next day, Kim Sunny’s family found a young boy hiding in their backyard and Sunny’s mother thought that it would be nice to adopt him instead of handing him over to post-war Korea’s orphanage system.

In the beginning, he was locked behind a heavy iron door at the farmhouse, and escaped as soon as the owner released him, roaring and having glowing eyes like a beast. www.dramabeans.comKim Sunny felt like the boy was like a sibling and friend for her, since she always a lonely girl only very interacted with her younger sister.

Chub Sew behaved like a normal teenager, and played together with the children, ate together, and let them dress him up like a doll. www.dramafever.comChul Sew brought a level of happiness to Kim Sunny’s life that almost made her lose hope about her own health condition, and they eventually become best friends.

Chub Sew seemed amazed by Sunny’s talent, and he watched her play the guitar at the right moment when you tell someone that you’re actually in love with them. When she was done playing, Chub Sew extended his hand and gave Sunny a light pat on the top of her head, to reward her to do a great job.

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www.dramabeans.comThe sweetness between Chub Sew and Kim Sunny was torn apart after Vitae, who owned the land and was late father’s business partner, started carrying a torch for Sunny. Later on, Vitae made a scene in Sunny’s house and everything escalated until Chub Sew couldn’t control his anger anymore and turned into a werewolf.

In a dramatic scene, Sunny was trembling and gave the command to Chub Soo, and he suddenly stopped attacking Vitae. Sunny knew Vitae’s plan, and she decided she needed to help Chub Sew and save his life.

During their escape, Sunny fainted and Chub Sew helped her hide in the forest while the villagers and Sunny’s family were looking for her. The next morning, Sunny was conscious, and they could hear her family and the villagers calling her name nearby.

The relationship between Chub Sew and Kim Sunny needed to have a tragic end, since the girl knew that the beast also had emotions and an adorable human side. It was really powerful, since Chub Sew hadn’t spoken for his entire life, and he really put out a lot of effort to show that he cared for Sunny.

A Werewolf Boy is a movie that has a lot of plot lines involving romantic triangles, government conspiracies, and love of family, with supernatural elements. A Werewolf Boy is a love story between a human and another creature, but stirred the audience’s feelings just by watching the chemistry between the stars.

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The film has a unique story line that could stir up the viewers feelings, because it has a powerful message from each scene. A Werewolf Boy showed the true feelings of being teenager and having a brave spirit.

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