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Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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Returning to South Korea to sell her former family home, the elderly Kim Sun (Lee Yeong-ran) reminisces about her childhood 47 years earlier. While initially annoyed by his poor manners, Sun develops a mutual respect and relationship with Creoles as she teaches the mute boy to read, write and behave properly.

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While Shoeless is initially presented as a purely wild and unkempt beast, quiet moments of interaction with Sun and the other neighborhood children reveal his kind-hearted and curious nature. While the development of their relationship from distrust to close friends takes up almost half of the film’s two-hour runtime, it is necessary in believing and caring about the central characters and their bond.

Though its first-half is almost entirely composed of light-hearted humorous scenes, complimented perfectly by bright costuming and colorful interior set design, it never feels slow and transitions smoothly into the film’s darker and more serious final hour. Song’s impressive performance is more restrained, yet nuanced due to Shoeless’s inability to speak, with the actor communicating exclusively through his eyes and body movements.

Shoeless’s practical wolf makeup appears cheap and unrealistic, while rapid close-up cuts during nighttime sequences make the action difficult to discern. While it effectively communicates a sense of nostalgia and creates a significant tonal difference from the crisp and cold present day segments, it also proves distracting.

While somewhat clichéd in its Beauty and the Beast fairy tale plot, A WerewolfBoy‘s realistic and multi-faceted characters, as well as the actors who bring them to life, make it a step above the usual young-adult supernatural romance film. Nice romantic fantasy The title is misleading because he isn't exactly a werewolf, and it isn't a horror movie.

The main part of the movie is about socializing a feral child and the sweet relationship that develops between him and his adopted family, especially the older daughter. Although there are elements of fantasy toward the end of the story, enjoyment of the movie doesn't depend on that. The cinematography is lovely and the acting is excellent, except for the villain being a little over the top.

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Although the movie seems to be geared toward teens and young adults, it is also entertaining for mature audiences who like a classic kind of emotional ride. A heartwarming story that made even some middle-aged men cry Agree with the previous poster that the title is somewhat misleading--the title character isn't exactly your typical werewolf, and the movie isn't really a Korean version of Twilight (except for maybe one or two scenes in the movie that were somewhat reminiscent).

Rather, it's an emotional love story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time and really pull at your heartstrings, like only a classic Korean romantic film knows how to do. I watched this at my local theater, and almost everyone cried at some point during the movie--most of the girls were bawling towards the end and I noticed that even many of the guys were crying (including some middle-aged men!).

The movie is about a family moving to the countryside because of the eldest daughter's lung ailment. There they meet a wild boy living all by himself in the barn and decide to take care of him.

As he slowly becomes part of the family the oldest daughter is trying to introduce him into society. As I've seen many Korean Movies so far I can say for sure this is the best for now. I have to hype most of all Song Suing I's (the wolf boy's) ability to mime the confused, seemingly mentally retarded and overly protective little Kid within an adult man's body.

Most of the Dialogues are meaningful and relevant, but the best conversation is the silent one between the main characters. Song suing gave a brilliant acting here although he was almost stayed silent throughout the movie.

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I'm sure by watching this, you'll grow fond to Chung character and hate vitae as much as I am. But when it hits the second half, well you may be as well as crying and dying inside.

I enjoyed Werewolf on so many levels, that I personally think whatever movie I watch here after is going to have a hard time following up. The movie ending with Park BO Young's character leaving Song Suing I, and moving out into the world, getting married and even having a grandchild.

It highlighted one of things most people hate to admit and avoid realizing, through time, no matter how much you love a person, slowly they become only a memory. Honestly this really upset me, for the whole day after the movie I tried to wrap my head around the reason why the director would leave such a sad ending.

Until my sister pointed out that, yes Sun did move on with her life, Chub Sew didn't. Seriously though, this was a great movie, beautifully shot, amazingly written, a wonderfully portrayed through many talented actors and actresses.

Park BO Young was endearing as Sun, what started off as a troubled and hurting teenage girl transformed into a warm and spirit filled women. But it was of course Song Suing I and his scenes with Park BO Young that captivated me.

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What surprised me the most about Song Suing I was that you could literally count the lines he had in the movie on two hands. Yet he was able to convey so much emotion simply by his interactions with Park BO Young.

His eyes spoke louder than any amount of words could ever convey. When my friend first introduced me to this Korean film, little did I know that my heart was going to get stolen.

Soon's dedication to teach and help Chul-Soo learn to speak and acquire skills not only had “a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e” written all over it, but it also showed that truly meaningful things don't just happen, they take time and determination, and with that same time, those meaningful things don't just disappear...time passed, but Soon and Chul-Soo were still there for each other, a few mistakes underwent their way, but there they were at the end, Chul-Soo finally able to read Soon her favorite childhood book, she's giving him the 100 pets she had promised since the early years of their love, which was still their love. I could ramble on and on, but point is, “A Werewolf shows that behind every living form, there is love, pure love waiting to be expressed and let out, and we can't change it, rather we embrace it for what it is.

A sad but satisfying movie “A Werewolf made me cry, I was practically bawling towards the end. I practically avoid drama movies (as my well of tears is shallow) but the plot is so compelling it easily dragged me in front of my computer and glued me on my chair, so I couldn't move until the movie ended.

Some may say that the movie is slow-paced, but I find beauty in it because it gave way to focusing on little details (e.g. facial expression, hand movements and other body gestures) which have big impact and lasting impression on viewer's reaction. Just be ready with your tissue box, because this movie will definitely make you cry.

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This movie is so touching, and wonderful, it pulls at people's heart strings. Of course, the actress Park Young was splendid, but I'd like to give props to Song Joni (the wolf boy).

It blows my mind how amazingly he can express everything through his actions and his eyes. There are credits to the director and two main casts who steal all the show.

For me, the chemistry between Boeing and Jong-il is the strongest aspect that makes this movie more alive and successful. Unfortunately, there is a big mistake for the makeup and visual effects especially when chunks turns into a werewolf.

The visual effects look horrible and cheap, the studio should hire a professional one to make the werewolf looks real. Beside weak visual effects, A Werewolf is still a funny, beautiful and touching drama.

It sits in the back of your brain, a melancholy sadness that will never leave. If you're a woman who enjoys seeing men cry, take your boyfriend to this movie.

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It's a great movie but the tattoo of sadness can never be removed. To Call 'A Werewolf a Masterpiece would be a Massive Understatement This is not a werewolf movie, nor is it a horror film, a thriller, or an action adventure.

If A Werewolf were to be contrasted with the wealth of werewolf related films and TV shows America has been quick to produce over the past decade, this South Korean romantic fantasy drama would, undoubtedly, be the best. At the same time however, though a love story at heart, the romantic themes bear no resemblance to plots developed from Nicholas Sparks' novels, nor are they similar to the romantic fantasy Painted Skin. A film conceived both tenderly and with much innocence, A Werewolf focuses specifically on emotions and feelings, rather than desirous outward affection.

Boeing Park gives an outstanding performance, which is not only refreshingly lively but emotionally powerful, as the young Soon, a sickly adolescent girl who is home-schooled by her mother (Young-nam Gang). Although she has a familial relationship with her sister, Sonja (Huangdi Kim), Soon is largely isolated, with no friends her own age, and we are able to further glimpse how she feels through the poetry she produces.

After the death of their father, they move from Seoul, to a life of poverty in the country, under the domineering eye of their vile landlord Vitae (Yeon-Seok Yew), who deserves kudos for portraying such a wretchedly, arrogant man. Not long into their stay at the residence, Soon finds they are not alone at the establishment with the discovery of a young, unidentifiable vagrant later named Chul-soo (Jong-il Song), who is more animal than human, some suspecting him of being orphaned during the Korean War.

Unable to communicate verbally, and with lacking social skills, Song's ability to convey emotion through growls and facial expressions is truly excellent. Originally viewed as a nuisance by Soon and her sister after their mother takes him in, Chul-soo begins to adopt an ability to understand those around him, and settle comfortably into their lives as Soon dedicates much of her time to assisting him.

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In doing so, she begins to reveal the boy inside, and despite there been many who genuinely care for Chul-soo, there are an equal number of people who believe him to be a formidable danger. As these feelings escalate, paranoia and animosity befalls members of the community, and Chul-soo's future with Soon and her family is put in jeopardy.

Although much of the cast is young, the talent's intellectual depiction of their roles makes for a deeply emotional experience. Cleverly told, with mature, likable characters, A Werewolf certainly offers its viewers a unique experience.

The effects, although infrequent, are exceptionally produced, and the soundtrack that accompanies the scenes really sets the mood. Much of the film takes place on the land Soon's family lives on, and though there are many films that require a wealth of locations, A Werewolf is not one of them, and manages to keep the viewer's attention through the use of character development and plot.

Moreover, the camera-work brilliantly captures the environment the story is set in, revealing the countryside's beauty. Despite there been a couple of story elements that remain largely unexplained, answers are not crucial for viewers to enjoy the feature, and although the film's final scene is a little anticlimactic, I personally am unable to find fault with the feature.

A really amazing story The movie is a little long and the werewolf part plays a small role in the movie, and the werewolf part was what drew my attention, but anyway It is a story about romance, love, betrayal, loyalty, it's funny, and it is sad, makes you furies, and in general it makes you feel a lot of things.

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The plot is amazing, you really see the relationship between the actors grow, change and mature, as time passes. When I rented it I didn't read the plot, so I was expecting something totally different.

A Werewolf is a Korean film about the forbidden love between a werewolf and a young girl. While the premise may seem shallow and overdone, A Werewolf goes a completely different direction from the Hollywood stories.

A sickly girl, Soon (Park Young), moves with her family to an open countryside, where they encounter a homeless boy with wolf/dog like behaviors. The family decides to take care of the young man for the time being, giving him the name, Chul-soo (Song Jong-il).

Soon “trains” Chul-soo, resulting in the growth of a beautiful bond between master and boy. The film may start slow for some, but the first half is filled with many charms, usually just from simple interactions.

A lot of the early lighthearted humor comes from him scoffing down meals and fetching objects. Strangely enough, seeing him act like a dog doesn't seem a bit ridiculous whatsoever.

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Even though Soon initially treats Chul-soo like a pet, their relationship steadily turns into something more: he is a (good-looking) human being after all. Basically the first half of the film is innocent fun, mainly strengthening the ties between Soon and Chul-soo in order to make their conflicts more devastating.

A Werewolf easily succeeds in creating a really despicable villain character. Vitae, a son of a rich family, stops at nothing in order to get rid of Chul-soo and claim precious Soon as his own.

It's safe to say that the film builds up Vitae to be a bit too nasty, to the point where I found myself constantly wishing for him to just rollover and die. The antagonist almost seems to come straight out from a play, where his actions and mindset are cranked to extreme levels of arrogance and evil.

While the film is geared towards young women, it still has the potential to be entertaining for men as well. The film is a lot deeper than your average love story, relying more on character development, story, and emotional turmoil rather than CGI, love making scenes, and fantasy action.

Cannot speak or behave properly, but is yet adopted by a young girl who tries to raise him as good as she can to become part of the family. Starting with a dog training book she succeeds very well in her efforts, and we see a special relationship growing between the two.

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Of course, there are the usual counter powers who rather see the boy moved to an orphanage. The longer the decision what to do with him is postponed, the better he becomes house-trained and integrated in family life.

Yet, he remains unable to make comprehensible sounds, let alone speaking sensibly. We see all this in a long flashback, lasting nearly all the 2 hours running time. The film starts with a prologue where grandma Sun is called to her former birthplace, to decide what to do with the remains of a cottage and a barn where she had spent a considerable part of her youth.

This relatively short prologue is followed by aforementioned extended flashback, where we see a whole family moving to the country because of their ailing daughter Sun. During a stormy night she finds the “wolf” boy in the deserted barn.

The few times he deviates from the civilized route, is when someone threatens the family. We observe him changing into a hairy and growling monster as per the standard werewolf routine as shown in other movies.

This happens one time too much and people get suspicious, in the aftermath of which his only viable option is to flee. Even the kids that appear as brothers, sisters and playmates of Sun act very naturally.

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The story is well told, and two hours pass without much inclination to inspect our watches. There is also nice music “under” several scenes that were assumed to be “moving”.

This means that the film belongs to the Fantasy and Romance category, rather than Horror. There is no reason to keep young kids away in spite of the word werewolf in the title.

(*** warning *** spoiler ahead ***) Pity that some inconsistencies were not properly taken care of. For instance: in the finale, the boy still looks not very much older, contrary to Sun who became a grandma in the meantime, and has lived a full live (as she says herself) while the boy has done nothing but patiently wait for her.

A 1st contradiction is that the young Sun speaks in sentences that are too complex (with “do not xxx” and “stop doing xxx”) for the boy to understand at that time, but obviously he gets their meaning anyway. The only way to explain this it that we probably missed most of the “dog training” they did together (understandable for reasons of timing), or that he apparently grasped more than we think from her directions.

Even local policemen have their good and bad sides, like in real life. Over-the-top annoying was the ever interfering son of the “landlord”, who from the beginning is portrayed as someone not doing anything useful ever.

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Finally, to wrap up my positive comments, I did not feel the above average running time of 122 min as too long, meaning that it holds your attention throughout. My first ever review I have been on IMDB for over 15 years, and this is the first movie that made me spend time to make an account instead of the usual where I just check the reviews / rating of a movie to see if its worth watching or not, I am sure a lot of people do this also... Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the first movie that I felt so emotional while watching it with the wife at home, that for the first time a tear or so came running down my eyes first before my wife.

This movie is far more than meets the eyes on so many layers, the emotional attachment you get with the wolf boy is beyond another level to the point where you may even forget you are watching a movie. I don't want to ruin even one second for those who still have not watched it, just know that this will most likely be the first & the last movie that in my mind is a 10/10.

A beautiful fairy tale A mesmerizing & heartwarming tale about loyalty and love. The Werewolf is a beautiful, yet tragic film, it's portrayal of unconventional young love is genuine and emotionally-enthralling.

Beautiful cinematography and excellent direction, A Werewolf is a surprisingly heartfelt romance fantasy. Heartwarming love story When you see the word werewolf in a title you expect a horror.

The director clearly did not spend much time on effects and substituted that for a good heartwarming story. Despite that, this is a touching love story that is funny and dramatic in equal parts, and the genres blend together perfectly.

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(If you expect werewolf transformations and gore, though, you will not find it here and might want to give it a skip.) Whoever ends up marrying Park BO Young in the future, wins life. But seriously, this is my first Korean Movie to watch.

A very different werewolf story... “A Werewolf (aka “Neuk-dae-so-nyeon”) turned out to be a much more entertaining movie than I had hoped for. Visually, I don't mean CGI beautiful, but a really nicely shot movie.

The story is about an elderly woman who receives a phone call and is brought back to her memories of a strange boy that she had come to know 47 years earlier. The family had just moved to a remote rural house, where they found a mute and somewhat feral-looking boy was living by himself.

Director Bungee Jo really managed to put together a memorable and touching movie that is wholly entertaining from the start and right up to the end. The acting in the movie was wonderful, and people were doing fantastic jobs with their given roles and characters.

The thought was that if they could breed a group of young men who acted like wolves in combat they would be an excellent fighting force and capable of viciousness that even human soldiers could not duplicate at their worst. Then the scientist dies, the war ends, the wolf boys scatter -- all except one.

Although it doesn't start off that way the romance between the girl and the wolf boy becomes the focus of the story by the time it ends. The faithfulness of the wolf boy in loving his “owner” (she pets him on the head like a puppy) is the most poignant and unforgettable aspect of the story.

To be honest, besides the cast is not that attractive to me and the at the beginning, the story is quite boring due to the tempo is very slow and almost without any fresh air... but once the more you get involved into the story, the more interesting and touching you will find in this movie... I even cried out badly at the end... I don't know why so many magnificent or gloomy love are all about a man who loves the girl so much and even sacrifices himself for the girl, however, he gets either being dumped or died...on the other hand, no matter how strong or deep the girl fell in love with the boy, she can still move on to a new life easily without regrets... He's no monster, and he falls in love with the beautiful Sunny / Eunuch, played so well by Young Park and as an old woman by Yeong-ran Lee.

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