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Document prevent Title Overcoat Meeting, Wednesday, October 26, 1938 Level of DescriptionExtent of the Unit of DescriptionAbstract The official program for the Wednesday, October 26, 1938, Overcoat Meeting at Narragansett Park on the Gotham Fair Grounds, Gotham, Maine.

Photographer Guy Kendall made notations in the program indicating changes in the field of horses, time results of races, and other finish results. For information about the process and fees for obtaining higher resolution scans or another file format, contact Special Collections.

Racetrack Location Oct 26th, 12:00 AM Overcoat Meeting, Wednesday, October 26, 1938 Albright College : Frank Slavery, of Dills burg; Savannah Peck, of Dover; Jordan Cell, Madelyn Gareth and Austin Roth, all of Hanover; Samantha Garden, of New Freedom; and Jordyn DuBois and Kristen Gerzewski, both of York.

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Bury, Jacob H. Elliott, David A. Tillman, Abigail A. Crimping, Luke G. Nelson, Daniela K. Gounod, Nguyen T. Nguyen, Joshua F. Note, Jason S. Olsen, Kendra J. Snyder, Rich K. Vader and Maxwell D. Wither, all of York. Penn State Harrisburg : Jayson A. Coulter, of Dallas town; Sierra N. Beyer, Dean M. Bernazzoli, Brody W. Clark, Zachary M. Fish, Rachel Grammy, Dakota Hanson, Allie L. MacGregor, Kyle Meyer, Aaron M. Sharif and Jordan M. Should, all of Dills burg; Lerriemaepeachy Ba shan, Brooke L. Bradford, Joseph Cordoba and Emily F. Rossetti, all of Dover; Joshua F. Area, Jeffrey E. Barley, Amber Brockman, Zachary R. Doherty and Richard M. Weiser, all of Letters; Victoria Blind, of Elton; Joshua Evans, of Glen Rock; Kayla Arnold, Skylar R. Buschinski, Edward A. Gilbert, Ryan J. Krebs, Brittany L. Marty, Courtney Master, Dakota J. Melton, Christopher J. Poe, Alexander S. Rhone and Paige A. Wilda sin, all of Hanover; Jose E. Rodriguez, of Jacobus; Christopher J.J.

Sara Daugherty, Haylee N. Dietrich and Tracy Taft, all of Spring Grove; Colton R. Goff, of Wrightsville; and Martha C. Bask will, Shannon M. Dylan, Stacie D. Freedman, Ashley N. Hutton, Katelyn E. Myers, Andrew J. Whitman and Emily M. Yang, all of York. Penn State World Campus : Nicole D. Chesley, Amanda J. Mauser and Jessica R. Shimmer, all of Dover; Ryan B. Knapp, of Letters; Sabrina N. Cooper, of Elton; James C. Clay comb, Casandra Leonard, Lisa W. McKinney and Jessica E. Smith, all of Hanover; Jason D. Messersmith, of New Freedom; Karin M. Martin, of Shrewsbury; Jillian P. Hobbs, of Thomasville; Chelsea M. Jones, of Wrightsville; Farrah T. Camacho, Elizabeth P. Floor, Kelli E. John, John R. Henning, Josiah G. Keller, Jennifer Newman, Estelle Rayburn, Ashley H. Rooms burg and Ryan J. Tombaugh, all of York; and Brandi C. Cash, of York Haven.

Susquehanna University : Megan Caloric, of Dills burg; Emily Firestone, of Dover; Austin Grubs, of Hanover; Matthew Shell, of Jacobus; Jessica Villa, of Lewis berry; Jamie Marks and Shelby Michigan, both of Mount Wolf; Alexis Augment, of Thomasville; Charles Lucille, of Wrightsville; and Kellie Butler, Abby Conway and Shea McKinney, all of York. David G. Fisher, now living retired at Champaign, began farming in this county nearly half a century ago.

Former students of the University of Illinois, where both were thoroughly trained in the technical branches of their profession, the English Brothers, Richard Caleb and Edward Carey, Jr., have for the past sixteen years been general contractors and structural engineers at Champaign, with offices in the Lincoln Building, they have developed a splendid … Isaac Groves was for many years an active minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Ebert P. Little is one of the old residents of Champaign County, having come here with his parents nearly fifty years ago. The business to which he successfully applied his efforts through many years was farming, but he is now living retired in the city of Champaign.

In fact, his business is practically as old as the University of Illinois, which, as is generally known, is one of the greatest educational institutions of its kind in the entire world. Oliver O. Hockey, one of the younger members of the medical fraternity of Douglas County, and one of the leading men in the social, professional and educational life of Newman, was born in Paris, Edgar County, Illinois, March 2, 1866.

Of the fine homesteads scattered about Champaign County one that betrays to the casual observer every evidence of thrifty and careful management and successful operation is that of James Barber, located in Champaign Township, on Rural Route No. Born on a farm in Champaign County, Edward C. Baker has never deviated to any extent from the vocations to which he was reared, and increasingly fruitful results have flowed from his efforts.

He now has the handling and management of one of the finest stock and grain farms of Champaign Township, … Alvin E. Huck ins is head of the leading clay products business of Champaign County.

1 Notre Dame (12-17, 6-0): There’s high expectations for the Irish, who are could win 20 games this season. Coach Ed Solely will look to Sr. 2B Julie Maternity (.432, 7 2B, 14 RBI) and jr. SS Dominic Genovese to be strong up the middle.

Sr. OF Cassidy Hirsch returns from ACL surgery, while Sr. SS Maggie Cunningham is a proven winner and leader. Dunlap transfers Sr. C Erin Murphy and Sr. P Area Mercer, who is still waiting on an eligibility ruling from the IHS, could be impact players.

3 Central (2-21, 2-4): The Lions suffered a big blow with Sr. P Kiara Hardy (dislocated collar bone) potentially out for the season. That means coach Gary Callow will rely on Sr. P Caress Hensley and jr. P Kaitlyn Shields to step up in the circle.

4 Manual (0-9, 0-6): Mercedes Davis returns for coach Scott Schilling as the long all-league player. Schilling expects jr. OF Retina Bishop, Mani Mable's, Marshal Jackson, and Gabby Hammer to fill roles this season.

T1 East Peoria (33-6, 11-3): The Raiders, who are coming off a sectional title game appearance, have lots of a talent and team chemistry back. P/UT Sarah Finch (JS PAY; .409, 11 2B, 24 RBI; 15-3, 121 1/3 IP, 144 Ks, 0.92 ERA) leads the way for first-year coach Dense Mentioned.

Sr. P/1B Alex Smith (.345, 2 HR, 12 RBI; 10-2, 78 IPs, 104 Ks, 1.62 ERA) will provide EP with extra pitching depth. T1 Memory (29-8, 12-2): It should be another banner year for the Redbirds, who fell to EP in the sectional semifinals.

Seven-year coach Eric Liner loses 1B Paige Garber (.349, 8 2B, 15 RBI) and P Cori Maloney (25-8, 207 IPs, 226 Ks, 1.76). 4 Washington (19-17, 8-6): The Panthers have lots of talent returning but lose their biggest bat in 3B Katie Eyes (ACL; .454, 15 2B, 8 HR, 37 RBI), but gain first-year coach Jessica Rear don.

6 Peking (8-21, 2-12): For once, coach Gigi Macintosh and the Dragons aren’t relying solely on underclassmen. SS Taylor Flirty, Sr. 1B Alyson Duly, and jr. 3B McKenzie Mouth make up the infield.

She inherits a roster full of juniors and seniors led by Sr. OF Gabby Adrift (.382, 42 SB's), Sr. 3B Dana Babinski, Sr. 1B Elsie Burton, Sr. OF Nicki Great, Sr. OF Kayla Jamie and Sr. 1B Sarah Mathewson. Pitching is a big question mark for the Eagles, who lost Nikki Matthew and Area Mercer transferred to Rich woods.

8 Canton (18-10, 8-6): Four-year coach Bob Barnes says that key the Little Giants’ season will be getting consistent hitting and playing solid defense. Leading the way will at the plate will be Sr. SS Jordyn Chasten (.440, 8 2B, 3 HR, 20 RBI) and lead-off hitter Sr. OF Jessica Boston.

Other players needing to impact the line-up will be jr. C Michaela Khmer (.301), Sr. OF McLean Nut tall, jr. 1B Marissa Gilliam, jr. OF Kayla Wetland, and soph. He must also try and replace Beth Wilson (15-9, 159 IPs, 218 Ks, 1.85 ERA) by committee led by emerging staff ace soph.

... Galesburg (2-27-1): The Streaks look to bounce back from a rough year, expecting big things from Sr. C Jordan Marshall, for.

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