Alchemia Story Wizard Job Quest

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As you continue in the game and reach Chap 18, Job Quests will be available for you. For more information about recommended gear and skills for each class, visit Jobs Guide.

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All you have to do is take a Conquest from Karo at the State of Abdul tavern. You do not need to clear the job quest again, and the previous job level will not reset.

The brand new unlocked job will make you start from level 1. It is encouraged to level up all jobs to at least Level 30 to gain as many Common (shared) passives from it, such as raising the DMG cap, increase sub equip slot and skills.

In addition, SOME can equip a Job Charm” to level up and gain additional stat boosts depending on whichever Rank 1 Job Charm was created and equipped. Amplifies negative forces, and lead their enemies to ruin.

You can take all available job change quests at the same time. When you change to a brand-new job, you start from level 1.

It is encouraged to level up all jobs to at least Level 30 to gain buff from it such as raising the damage cap, increase sub equip slot and skills. For example, unlocked Monk's skill can be used when you change to Astrologer.

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However, Some can use skills unlocked by your main character to deal damage or buff. Recently in the game was added the “charm” category, with this you have the possibility for obtain a second job for your SOME, acquiring the capacity for use exclusive jobs skills and obtaining passive skills respectively.

Players must reach LV 40 in the 1st tier job “Romancer” to qualify to become a Wizard “. You have cleared main quest Ch.71 *The quest added this time will not be functioned this time. Scheduled to add voices to be played in the later update.

main Soph AUR PM magic DMG on one enemy. necromancer Lv40 or higher clear Chapter 71 of the main scenarioWhere to Change Jobs Accept and complete the Wizard job quest from NPC Karo in the Abdul State Tavern to get permission to change.

compression Mechanism March DE Solder Find more Awakening Weapons details here! added Awakening materials to items available in Dowsing available areas: Mountains, seas and beaches and Fruiting Peninsula.

50-60-70 the best place to LVL up fast as well and most visited by other players. So I suggest you go to the bottomless coal mines.

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try not to solo on one of these, try bringing a friend with you, a bond member, hiring a mercenary or join other people to help you if you and your some are under LVL the reason for why you need to max other jobs to get the damage upper limit and passive stats.

The more damage upper limit you got and equipping good weapons/armor the higher the total power. You can get more damage upper limit from jobs.

Job Weapon nameBerserkerReviving Old Large Moonlight FencerReviving Old Magic Sword Wizard Reviving Old Magic StaffPriestReviving Old Holy StaffPlanetary MageReviving Old StaffMageReviving Old KnifePaladinReviving Old Knight SwordAssassinReviving Old DaggerHighfighterReviving Old KnucklesEngineerReviving Old HammerHeroReviving Old Balancer CavalryReviving Old SpearHunterReviving Old Bowwow to receive them? Akash Weapon Evolution Your Akash Weapon doesn't have great abilities after you get it from Black, but you are able to strengthen it and change its appearance and abilities.

In order to strengthen your weapon, you must clear Evolution Quests and collect necessary materials. As you strengthen your weapon, and it's rarity increases, you will also be able to add special abilities for it at random by rolling.

the Akash Weapon's level must be maxed to evolve it. you can re-roll the Abilities after evolving your Akash Weapon up to 4 stars and using the necessary items.

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In the Evolution Quests you fight with Mamono and collect special materials to strengthen and evolve your weapon. Please check the following page for details about the materials you need during the Quests.

After that talk to Bob and you'll receive Prototype pickaxe recipe Rooms cost 100 housing medals, you can get those from shop or event exchange.

There is an upper limit for building materials and furniture that can be placed in one room. All together can be removed with classification specified only for building materials and furniture only.

To save the change in the room and exit the housing menu, select “End edit”. In “Grid change”, you can switch the axis of the grid to be adjusted with the adjustment bar from among “height”, “sideways” and “depth”.

When “Slice display” is turned on, items on the front side of the current grid hide it. “Exterior setting” allows you to change the appearance of the room, you can choose the external appearance of “distant view” “ceiling” “wall” “ground”.

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