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However, in the brief moments that Young Cyclops was dead, the adult Cyclops blinked out of existence and the world around the two groups suddenly began to shudder and shake, as if reality was collapsing from the time paradox. This causes another round of debate from Wolverine’s X-Men about returning the 05 to their proper place in the timeline.

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The debate is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a group of older X-Men led by an aged Kitty Pride, the grandson of Charles Xavier, and an adult Jean Grey (the time displaced 05 Jean Grey, having never returned to the past), dressed as the new Born. The X-Men and “Future X-Men pursue, with Born explaining that a catastrophe will soon befall the X-Men if the 05 do not return to their original place in the timeline.

Magic, who is also suspicious of the motives of these newsmen, travels to the future along with 05 Beasts and 05 Icemen. The true “Future X-Men agree to travel back in time and confront the Brotherhood.

Upon arriving at the X-mansion with 05 Jean, Scott and Angel, it is discovered that the 05 Beast and Iceman are in the future. The Brotherhood realizes that they will soon have to fight Cyclops team and the true “Future X-Men ”, and accelerate their plans.

It is revealed that the “Future Kitty Pride” is really Raze, the shape shifting son of Mystique and Wolverine. Raze is able to infiltrate Scott’s team and capture 05 Iceman and Beasts.

The fully united force of the Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine’s team of X-Men, and the “Future” X-Men arrive to stop them. Weapon systems on site and launch the government Sentinels, which were being created in secret.

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The 05 X-Men, due to being nearly forced to go back in time, decide to leave the Jean Grey School and join the Uncanny X-Men. Kitty Pride, distraught that her input was disregarded during the ordeal, joins them to continue to mentor the 05 Team.

LA error in Module:Event at line 63: attempt to concatenate local 'page name' (a table value). When Marvel decided to bring the original young X-Men from the past to the present day, it was met with some hesitation.

But Brian Michael Bends, Jason Aaron, Brian Wood, Stuart Immune, Frank CHO, Chris Bachelor, David Lopez, and Giuseppe Cannoli's Battle of the Atom event revealed that the repercussions of having the young mutants in this part of history doesn't alter the present (their future), but rather, it affects the present-day X-Men's future. And the resulting conflict over this truth leads to major changes in the team dynamics as well as providing the X-Men with yet another dystopian future to resist.

When Kitty Pride's time-displaced X-Men went to recruit a newly located mutant, things went horribly wrong. The recruitment attempt turned into a battle to contain him, with sentinels entering the fray, adding to the chaos.

Deeming the situation to be beyond their abilities, the X-Men held on to Kitty Pride so that she could make them all intangible and safe from harm. Unable to turn away, Scott left Kitty's protection and rushed in to save the woman.

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Fortunately for him, the Uncanny X-Men, led by Scott's older self, arrived just in time to turn the tide back in favor of the mutants. But before they could start congratulating themselves, one of the damaged Sentinels reactivated long enough to shoot young Scott with a fatal blast.

This brought back the older Cyclops and prompted the much-needed discussion of the original X-Men's place in this part of history. Their purpose for returning to the past being that if they don't go back, the original X-Men will have a part in a coming catastrophe that would destroy the present-day X-Men.

This started yet another fight, with Jean and Scott coming to suspect that returning to the past would be what's best for them but one X-Man still had reservations. Kitty Pride was disgusted with Wolverine's X-Men attempting to force the original X-Men back to the past and their complete lack of faith in her.

He has been a dishwasher, a Front of House server at the Magic Kingdom, and now works for Valet Inc. as a freelance comic book features writer. If you are reading this message that means you realize that I broke a rule today.

The original X-Men live in present day with seemingly no care for how it will affect us in the long run... The X-Men are split right down the middle over how best to serve all the new mutants popping up all over the world.

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Magic goes to the past to see what the future is going to be since he tried to destroy the world. In a letter to Scott, she says she wanted to know if the future was worth fighting for.

At the Jean Grey School cafeteria, Past Iceman tries to start a food fight but is caught telepathically by Past Jean Grey. After a brief argument, Kitty Pride receives a notification on a Cerebra phone app.

There they meet the mutant, named Animal, who is creating crazy dragon-like monsters to invade the city (and whom Past Iceman develops a crush on). As they try to hide from them, Past Cyclops sees a mother and her daughter in danger, and decides to go rescue them.

But as they began to celebrate, one Sentinel head sparks to life briefly and fires a blast at Past Cyclops. He is killed but resurrected by one of Cyclops' recruits, Christopher Muse, who is a healer.

However, in the brief moments Past Cyclops was dead, Present Cyclops blinked out of existence and the world around the two groups suddenly began to shudder and shake, as if time was collapsing from the paradox of Cyclops' past self dying and disrupting the timeline. This causes another round of debate between the Past X-Men and Present X-Men about going back in time before they are harmed and the time stream is damaged.

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Most of them, even Kitty Pride, agree, but Cyclops is concerned that they are not getting free will and Jean simply becomes stubborn. However, the debate is interrupted by the arrival of a group of Future X-Men that break in through the portal.

A group of mutants, claiming to be the X-Men of the future, arrive in the present on a mission to send the original five, time-displaced X-Men back to their own time. They claim that failing to do this will cause disaster in the future, though they are vague on specifics as not to otherwise damage their timeline.

Under the influence of the Phoenix Force, Cyclops killed Charles Xavier. Traveling back in time to a point a few months after the X-Men began their adventures, Beast convinced the young, original five X-Men to accompany him to the future, intending to show them how bad things had become in order to inspire them to avoid them.

After much deliberation between the various X-Men groups, it was decided to allow the five to stay in the present at the Jean Grey School, under the tutelage of Kitty Pride. When Kitty Pride is alerted to a large spike on Cerebra, she takes the original, time-displaced X-Men to investigate.

Fortunately, Cyclops and his own group of X-Men, who were also alerted to the new mutant’s presence, arrive and join in the skirmish. The heated discussion is interrupted by the arrival of a group of mutants, claiming to be the X-Men of the future and led by the grandson of Charles Xavier.

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Despite the arguments from the X-Men teams, both present and future, young Jean and Cyclops are determined not to return and devise their own plan while everyone else is distracted. Jean uses her powers to start a fight between Wolverine and the future X-Men, causing a diversion during which she and Cyclops slip away.

To understand the situation better, Emma Frost and the Step ford Cuckoos read Jean’s mind and project her memories for all to see. In the end, the adult Cyclops decides to help his teen self and Jean stay in the present, though the rest of his team do not agree.

Meanwhile, Kitty Pride is facing a similar situation as she begins to fall out with her own group of X-Men over the fate of the teens. A fight breaks out, but it is soon stopped by the young Jean Grey, who has read her adult self’s mind and seen the terrible consequences of the original five remaining in the present.

Dazzler had been elected President of the United States but, as she was giving her victory speech, she was brutally murdered. Upon hearing all of this, Magic teleports the future X-Men back in time to the present day to help clear up the mess.

With their façade broken, Charles orders his team to attack the X-Men and ensure the original five go back to the past. Catching his father off guard, Raze stabs Wolverine, just as Born unleashes a telepathic attack on the other X-Men.

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Cyclops’ team arrives at the Jean Grey School with the real X-Men of the future to find a scene of destruction. The future Brotherhood manage to ambush them and kidnap teen Iceman and Beast, taking them into the school.

Reluctantly, Beast deduces that the original five can no longer be sent back to the past because they have created a time/space paradox. Cyclops, having broken free from Krakow, catches up with the Brotherhood but Born telepathically distracts him long enough for them all to escape with the teen X-Men.

Elsewhere, the future Brotherhood use one of the X-jets to fly to Cape Citadel, so that they can go through with their “Plan B.” They attack the base, triggering an alert on Maria Hill’s SHIELD helicarrier. An adult Quentin Quire, the Phoenix-empowered version from the true, future X-Men, breaks the kidnapped teens free, so they can join in the fight.

Maria Hill demands the X-Men stand down but Born and Charles Jr. take control of the weapon systems on board and fire an array of missiles at the mutants on the ground. As the dust settles on Cape Citadel, Maria Hill lands on the ground to arrest the X-Men but finds no trace of them, excepting Born’s face plate.

Rachel psi-scans Cape Citadel and discovers no bodies were found, indicating the surviving members of the future Brotherhood also escaped. Camera, Storm’s future daughter, decided to stay in the present day to hunt the remaining members of the Brotherhood.

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She ended up joining the X-Men as they fought a man called “the Future,” who wanted to control Jubilee’s son Shoo. The present day Quentin Quire had an existential crisis when he discovered his future self was a member of the X-Men and wielded the Phoenix Force.

Deadpool and Beast of the future Brotherhood, who were seemingly killed during the crossover, were revealed to be alive and well. It was eventually revealed that Charles Jr. was using his powers to influence Beast, Iceman, Deadpool and Molly Hayes into working for him.

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