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Maria Johnson
• Saturday, 16 October, 2021
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To be exact, ABC News reports that Anna White's salary is set at $4 million a year. Rest assured though, Wheel of Fortune isn't Anna's only gig and hobby.

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As she told ABC, she also takes pride in being a real estate investor. “I’ve used my income to invest in some apartment buildings, and I like flipping houses,” she told Market Watch in 2018.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. He has been guiding contestants to solve word puzzles on Wheel of Fortune since 1981, and because of that Pat Speak has racked up quite the nice net worth.

The TV personality was first an anchor on WED, a local radio station in Chicago. But it would be four years until the father-of-two would land his iconic spot on Wheel of Fortune, a position that was previously filled by Chuck Foolery.

Which means that Pat works a total of 48 days to make his huge chunk of change. “People at home see the chemistry between Pat and me,” Anna, 62, once exclusively told Closer Weekly.

While the pair are quite close now after working more than three decades, the actress almost didn’t end up on the famous game show. Mere Griffin immediately saw her appeal,” biographer Marianne Rubinstein revealed to Closer.

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His first foray into media happened when he was attending Columbia College in Chicago in the 1960s, where he became a news anchor on the local radio station, WED. He joined the Army in 1968 during the Vietnam War, and was a deejay on Armed Forces Radio.

When he returned from Vietnam, he continued DJing for stations in Kentucky, and Nashville (WSM). At WSB-TV, Speak first served as a voice over artist doing station identifications, then anchoring five-minute newscasts during NBC's Today Show, then serving as a weekend and substitute weatherman.

Then in 1977, Speak accepted an opportunity to work at Los Angeles's KABC-TV as a full time weatherman. Fred Silverman, then the CEO of NBC, rejected the idea, to which Griffin threatened to cease all new taping until Speak was hired.

He slightly beats out Jeopardy host Alex Greek, who makes $10 million for his services. Pat Speak earns an annual salary of $15 million as host of Wheel of Fortune.

American television personality Anna White is famously known for co-hosting NBC’s favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune alongside Pat Speak. The South Carolina native hit the role in Wheel of Fortune when she was an aspiring actress.

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Below learn in-depth about Anna White's age, education, career, salary, and net worth. Afterward, the game show host was determined to make a place for herself in the entertainment industry.

Her experience as a struggling TV personality came in handy while auditioning for Wheel of Fortune as she was chosen in 1982 from among 200 possible candidates to replace Susan Stafford. The puzzle board turners career took a significant turnabout when she passed the audition for Wheel of Fortune.

As of December 2020, Wheel of Fortune is already in its 38th season, and its popularity doesn’t seem to terminate any time soon. However, in 2017, Forbes reported that White signed up for Wheel of Fortune, earning her $4 million a year.

From winning lawsuits to real estate investment, she found her way to monetary summation. She received a compensation value of $5.2 million in 1987 when she filed a lawsuit against Playboy for releasing photos from her early modeling days without her consent.

In December 1990, Anna White got married to restaurant owner George Santa Pietro. Together they welcomed two children: son Nicholas, born in 1994, and a daughter Giovanna, nicknamed Gigi, in 1997.

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Previously (before getting married to Pietro), in the 1980s, White had also dated Playgirl centerfold and Chippendales-dancer-turned-actor John Gibson. Presently, Wheel of Fortune star propels her life with her long time boyfriend John Donaldson, founder of ADC Construction + Development Group.

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