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In the second episode, they are shown to both represent Elements of Harmony, Applejack being honesty and Rainbows being loyalty. They are judged by fellow friends Twilight Sparkle and Flutter shy, and as the competition continues on, more and more ponies show up to watch.

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At the end of the episode, they run back through the woods together to take care of the leaves that got left behind. In episode 21 of season 1 , Applejack is delivering an apple tree named Bloomberg to Appaloosa, a town to the west where her cousin, Brae burn, lives.

She and Pinkie Pie later decide to go after the buffalo to rescue Spike and Bloomberg, and they learn that because of the trees in Appaloosa, they're unable to travel to their traditional stampeding grounds. Rainbows is sympathetic, and she, Pinkie Pie and Spike return to the town to tell the other ponies about the situation.

When she went to Manhattan to live with her aunt and uncle, she missed life on the farm, and one day she saw a gigantic rainbow leading back to Montville, and realized that's where she belonged. In episode 15 of season 2 , Applejack's family is making their famous cider, which Rainbows is extremely excited to try.

Everyone is enthralled and excited to get more cider, but Applejack's family is upset that the Film Flag brothers are stealing their business. As Applejack's family begins to slow down, Rainbows and the rest of the Mane Six help out, and even though they made less cider, theirs was better, and they got to keep the farm.

Applejacks say she likely has a loving, loyal relationship, while RainbowDash's says she'll have a good honest life, referencing the opposites Element of Harmony. They have similar interests, personalities, and traits which lead to them being very good friends and thus, popular ship candidates.

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Shipping is a term in fandoms that denotes the act of taking two characters from a fictional work and envisioning them in a relationship, romantic or otherwise. The people supporting given ships are often called “shippers” and are sometimes generalized as being obsessive over their desired pairings and violent when defending them, although this is a stereotypical presentation of the subgroup.

Shipping is not limited to heterosexual relationships, and tend to ignore social taboos around subjects such as incest and bestiality. Homosexual pairings are also rather common in most fandoms, especially in those building around a fictional work that has more characters of one gender, like My Little Pony.

As shipping has become an important part of the fandom experience, several terms have been created to further express the different aspects revolving around it. OTP, an abbreviation of One True Pairing, is used to depict a person's favorite ship and the one they are most invested in within the work in question.

Some characters are shipped together because their personalities match or differ in a way that makes the relationship interesting for a fan, such as Applejack and Rainbows ; because they are shown to spend more time together than with any other characters in canon, such as Lyra and Bon ; because their personalities are polar opposites while they share similar interests, such as Vinyl Scratch and Octavia ; or because canon itself hints at the relationship, such as Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry or Rarity and Spike. These types of ships can be completely random, created despite their bizarre nature, though others might have a connection through a third party despite never sharing any screen time themselves.

Rainbows, due to her rainbow -colored mane and tomboyish attitude, is often interpreted by the fandom to be a lesbian, and therefore holds one of the widest ranges of different ships. Apples : Applejack and Rainbow Dash are commonly shipped together because both share a similar physical lifestyle, both are competitive and stubborn, and both have a high sense of pride.

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The episode Fall Weather Friends is seen as the main spark of this ship as it focuses on Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's competitive relationship. The ship was also referenced in the Equestrian Girls: Rainbow Rocks movie and in the season 5 episode Slice of Life.

VinylTavia : Despite only having one interaction in the show (in the episode Slice of Life), Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have become a popular pairing. Trixie : Similar to VinylTavia, Twilight Sparkle and Trixie are shipped because their personalities are greatly different, but both have talents related to magic.

The ship is usually initiated by Trixie stumbling upon Twilight after her appearance in Boast Busters, sometimes poor and broken and other times by pure accident and then taken back to Montville, where the two gradually grow to care for each other. The ship stems from Big Mac and Flutter shy having relatively similar characterization, with both of them being quite shy and quiet.

While they have quite different personalities, Rainbow Dash being bold and tomboyish while Flutter shy is timid and kind, they are still quite a common couple. While this relationship rarely takes a romantic turn, it generally involves the two of them traveling together to save the world alongside Derby's suggested daughters Dinky and Sparkler.

Cheering : In the episode Hearts and Hooves Day the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to get their teacher Cheerily and Big Macintosh together by giving them a love potion. FlashLight : In the movie My Little Pony Equestrian Girls, Twilight Sparkle develops a crush on the royal guard Flash Sentry and his human counterpart.

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The movie never took their relationship further after Twilight returned to Equestrian, but the ship managed to gain some popularity. Despite this, the fandom is known to have a rather divided view of the character Flash Sentry, so this ship is also met with some criticism.

Because of their mutual love for parties and similar character traits, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich are commonly paired in fan labor. SoarinDash : Rainbow Dash is at times shipped with the Wonder bolt Soaring due to their similarities and interaction in various episodes.

Even the FlashLight ship has not been taken further than a crush Twilight is shown to have on Flash in the Equestrian Girls movies. This is mainly due to the fact that Friendship is Magic rarely focuses on romance in itself, unless it is a character designed specifically to be in a romantic relationship (like Shining Armor and Princess Cadence).

In Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Diamond Tiara is heartbroken when she discovers Silver Spoon didn't vote for her in the school president elections. In Griffon the Brush Off, Rainbows introduces Gilda as her “best friend from days at Junior Speedster flight camp”.

Spike befriends Ember during the Gauntlet of Fire in the episode of the same name after he saves her from drowning, and they work together to claim the Blood stone Scepter. Throughout her appearances, Ember shows care toward Spike, reacting to his hugs with a pat on his head.

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The official My Little Pony guidebook The Elements of Harmony Volume II states SUNNY DAZE and PEACHY PIE are best friends who do everything together. Peachy Pie's in-game description in Game loft's mobile game also states that Sunny Daze is her “best pony pal”.

The season eight premiere introduces the Young Six “, consisting of dragon Smolder, changeling Cells, griffon Gallup, yak Yoga, Hippogriff/sea pony Silver stream, and Earth pony Sandbar, who all enroll in Twilight's School of Friendship. In the season eight finale, their friendship proves strong enough that, with the help of the Tree of Harmony, they are able to shut off Cozy Glow's magic-draining spell and save Equestrian.

In Hearts and Hooves Day, the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to set up Big McIntosh and Cheerily, eventually pulling them together with a love potion. While under the potion's effects, Big McIntosh and Cheerily constantly fawn over one another, rubbing noses and calling each other cute pet names, and they very nearly get married.

After the Crusaders' meddling backfires, Big Mac and Cheerily pretend to be in love again to teach them a lesson. On May 8, 2013, the official European Spanish My Little Pony Facebook page referred to Big McIntosh as Cheerily's queries.

He and Feather Bangs compete for her affections, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to help Big Mac win. After several attempts end in failure, Big Mac eventually wins Sugar Belle's heart by building her a new display case for her bakery.

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Despite hailing from feuding families, Bright Mac and Pear Butter became friends during childhood and fell in love as they grew older. In present day, Applejack helps Cherry Jubilee and Buffalo Bull make amends for their past mutual heartbreak.

In the ID comics story arc Cosmos, the titular antagonist once had a romantic relationship with Discord. Unnerved by her violently chaotic tendencies and lust for power, Discord cooperates with several magic-wielding rulers to banish her.

Cosmos' obsession with Discord leads her to possess the bodies of the ponies of Equestrian, and even harm and transform Flutter shy to ensure her escape from banishment and be with him. Discord eventually overcomes his fear of Cosmos with the help of his friends and banishes her again by the arc's end.

In My Little Pony Equestrian Girls, Curly Winds saves Wiz Kid from falling off a ladder during Time to Come Together. According to tweets by Ishim Rudely, Michael Vogel and Jayson Giessen, the two become a romantic couple after this moment.

Later Equestrian Girls media frequently features “Curly Winds” and “Wiz Kid” sitting together, with their arms around each other, or holding hands in background shots, including Rainbow Rocks, Coinky-Dink World, Queen of Clubs, Rollercoaster of Friendship, and Sunset's Backstage Pass. In the Rainbow Rocks DVD/Blu-ray audio commentary, Michael Vogel refers to “Curly Winds” and “Wiz Kid” as a “couple” during their shot singing together in Welcome to the Show.

In My Little Pony Equestrian Girls, Rarity mentions to Twilight Sparkle that Flash Sentry is Sunset Shimmer's ex-boyfriend and that he “broke up with her a few weeks ago.” In My Little Pony Equestrian Girls: Legend of Ever free, Flash tells Sunset that they dated long enough for him to know when something is bothering her.

Upon the release of “My Little Pony: Equestrian Girls Season 2 Trailer"”in early January 2019, Katrina Hadley stated "“" ”egarding Sunset, Flash, and Ken Webster .. They have several awkward encounters throughout the film, and Flash even helps her avoid punishment from Vice Principal Luna.

Upon returning to Equestrian, Twilight has a similar encounter with pony Flash Sentry, and her friends tease her for having a crush. In My Little Pony Equestrian Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Twilight and Flash still harbor romantic feelings for one another.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #1, when a young Samba is brought to live at an orphanage, he meets and befriends Radiant Hope. When the humdrum are defeated, Hope uses her magic to transform Samba into a real unicorn, and they begin life anew.

However, some time before the ceremony, Queen Chrysalis infiltrates Canter lot and switches places with Cadence. The ID comics story arc Neigh Anything details how Cadence and Shining Armor first met at Canter lot Academy.

In one of several possible endings in, Sunset Shimmer goes out with “a watercolor-painting, scary-movie-fearing cutie in a denim jacket” before she is slingshot back in time. In the Little Pony Equestrian Girls: Digital Series episode Star Crossed, Twilight and Timber go on a date at the Canter lot Planetarium.

In the Freshman Class Weighs In” section of the Little Pony Equestrian Girls: Canter lot High Tell-All (Replica Journal), Apple Bloom writes “My friend Sweetie Belle sits next to me in science class and we both have a total crush on the boy in front of us. When Buck invites her to the Fall Formal Gala, Cadence only accepts because she believes Shining Armor is going to the dance with someone else.

In the ID comics story arc Neigh Anything, both Diamond Rose and Lemony Gems are infatuated with Buck Withers. When Cadence says she wants to go with Shining Armor, Diamond Rose helps if only because it means Buck Withers will be single.

In Hard to Say Anything, Feather Bangs is in love with Sugar Belle, and he and Big McIntosh compete for her affections. Feather Bangs succeeds in several attempts to get closer to Sugar Belle, but he drives her away when his competition with Big Mac gets out of hand.

In My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #9, Granny Smith tells Film and Flag that when she was a young mare, the Jonagoldbrothers fawned and fought over her. They fought so heatedly for her attention that she eventually turned them both down, and to this day, the Donald brothers still haven't reconciled.

On January 3, 2016, Tony Flees was asked regarding the cover “Judging by the hoof prints, they just got there, so who wrote the thing on the ground?” In the “My Secret Crush” section of the Little Pony Equestrian Girls: Canter lot High Tell-All (Replica Journal), Rainbows writes “That guy on the baseball team.

In The Ticket Master, Rarity expresses a longing interest in Prince Blue blood, fantasizing about dancing with and marrying him. In Simple Ways, Rarity has a crush on travel writer Tenderfoot, but he only has eyes for Applejack.

Rarity tries several attempts to get Tenderfoot's attention, including adopting Applejack's country mannerisms. By the end of the episode, Rarity learns that changing oneself just to impress someone else is wrong, and she gets over her crush.

In My Little Pony Equestrian Girls, Rarity's human counterpart dotes on the dragon-turned-puppy Spike and calls him adorable. In the Freshman Class Weighs In” section of the Little Pony Equestrian Girls: Canter lot High Tell-All (Replica Journal), Apple Bloom writes “My friend Sweetie Belle sits next to me in science class and we both have a total crush on the boy in front of us.

When Feather Bangs fails to win Sugar Belle's heart against Big McIntosh, the Cutie Mark Crusaders encourage him to approach the mares and give him advice on how to talk to them. In Game loft's mobile game during the 2018 Hearts and Hooves Day storyline, the Cutie Mark Crusaders interact with the three mares on Feather Bangs' behalf, but he ends up becoming interested in Blaze instead.

In the second half of the ID comics story arc Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair, Tea love bumps into and falls in love with Big McIntosh, and she imagines the two of them having a spy-thriller romance. She ends up fighting over him with Fleet foot, who fell in love with Big Mac in the first half of the story.

In Simple Ways, travel writer Tenderfoot develops a crush on Applejack, but she doesn't return his affections. In Flutter Butter, Flutter shy's younger brother Zephyr Breeze frequently flirts with Rainbows, much to Rainbow's disgust.

They have been teacher and student since Twilight first enrolled at the School for Gifted Unicorns, and over time, they have also become close friends. Throughout the first three seasons, Twilight regularly sends letters to Celestial about her findings on the magic of friendship.

She takes pride in her school's reputation, accepting nothing but academic and athletic excellence from her students, particularly human Twilight Sparkle. He imparts upon her the creed of “Work hard, learn, and use your skills to better Equestrian” and convinces her to abandon fun and friendships to pursue a life dedicated to knowledge.

In My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #11, Spitfire serves as a guest instructor to a class of Pegasus foals at Junior Flyers Summer Camp. With RainbowDash's help, Spitfire earns the foals' admiration and respect when she saves the camp from a tornado.

At the end of the episode, Spitfire learns through Rainbows that pushing oneself “should never come at the expense of our fellow ponies.” During times when Twilight is faced with something she does not understand, she occasionally turns to Record for guidance and mentoring.

Despite this relationship of trust, however, Coloratura learns that Sven gallop has been taking advantage of her fame for his own purposes and fires him. However, after being inspired by Applejack's honesty, Silver Shill abandons his partnership with Film and Flag to make a more honest living.

Rarity is nearly driven to close Canter lot Carousel due to these conditions, but she and Sassy eventually reach a friendly understanding. Snowfall initially treats Snow dash sternly, but she later comes to see her as a good friend.

In Interplay's collectible card game, Defenders of Equestrian card #9 C of Rainbows as Snow dash lists the quote “Ever since Snowfall Frost figured out how cool Hearth's Warming is, I went from no vacation time to two weeks a year, plus paid sick days! In No Second Prances, Trixie becomes friends with Starlight Glimmer, who offers her services as a stage assistant.

Trixie refers to Starlight as her “great and powerful assistant”, and together the two perform the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive. The two develop a mutual animosity that is further inflamed when the brothers sell a fake miracle youth tonic that nearly causes Granny Smith to badly hurt herself in Leap of Faith “.

Applejack is later reluctant to ally with them when Glad mane turns them against each other in Viva Las Pegasus “, and personally intervenes to foil another con in Best Gift Ever “. In the present, with help from Apple Bloom, Applejack, and Big McIntosh, Grand Pear and Granny Smith rekindle their friendship.

Rainbows and Lightning Dust have a varying relationship across Parental Guidance flashbacks, Wonder bolts Academy, Winning Style pages 20-21, Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo chapter 8, Flutter shy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair chapter 9, Interplay collectible card game Absolute Discord #10 U, Siege of the Crystal Empire and its Game loft mobile game adaptation, a Signature My Little Pony magazine issue's Guess who’s coming for dinner? Twilight frees Trixie from the amulet's corrupting influence, and they seemingly make amends.

However, in No Second Prances, Trixie reveals to Twilight that she befriended Starlight Glimmer partly to best her at something, which almost ends up costing her newfound friend.

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