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HumanRainbowDash And Applejack Kiss RainbowDashXApplejack by raika0306 on Deviant Art. HumanRainbowDash And Applejack Kiss ApplejackxRainbowDash (My Little Pony: Friendship is ....

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HumanRainbowDash And Applejack Kiss Rainbow dash, Google and Search on Pinterest. HumanRainbowDash And Applejack Kiss 194 best images about Flutters on Pinterest | Rainbow ....

Language: English Words: 1,076 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 10 Hits: 60 Tags Summary This is going to be confusing and hard to follow at first. That one will not be strictly prosaic, so it felt like this would be easier to start working on to help myself acquire some motivation to make it a reality.

Language: English Words: 6,685 Chapters: 5 /5 Kudos: 9 Hits: 477 Tags Language: English Words: 659 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 12 Hits: 85 Tags Summary After three unsuccessful years of beating her own, single-day apple bucking record, Applejack decides that today is the day she'll beat it. Language: English Words: 4,679 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 17 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 113 Tags Summary Discord needed to be reformed.

Thankfully, after some strategic bribes, Rainbow Dash is more than willing to swallow her pride and help. Language: English Words: 4,267 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 11 Hits: 258 Tags Summary They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Language: English Words: 3,297 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 15 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 243 Tags Summary An Apple dash FIC, designed in a world where Equestrian is completely ordinary. Language: English Words: 32,078 Chapters: 19 /19 Kudos: 45 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 735 Tags Summary The Mane 6, Sunset Shimmer, and Spike are suddenly brought into a War between two enemies.

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They decide to help the Autobots while discovering secrets, new powers, new friends and new enemies. Language: English Words: 1,204 Chapters: 2 /75 Kudos: 2 Hits: 43 Tags Summary Canter lot University is out for summer break, and the Mane Six are getting ready to meet each other after a busy semester.

Language: English Words: 10,421 Chapters: 5 /5 Kudos: 22 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 909 Tags Summary Rico and China have been dating for a month now, and they reveal what’s hiding beneath their skirts Language: English Words: 187 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 3 Hits: 79 Tags Summary It's nearing two AM, and Rainbow Dash is doing her fucking laundry.

Language: English Words: 13,104 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 66 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 788 Tags Summary Scrotal can't fly, and she needs to know why. A confrontation with her aunts and an accident with the PARIS sends her back to ancient Megalopolis, in the years leading up to the unification of the tribes.

An old school foe of the Doctor is on the scene, and her latest experiment may spell doom for Equestrian as we know it. Series Language: English Words: 63,079 Chapters: 15 /15 Kudos: 1 Hits: 60 Tags Summary Goddess Au from earthsong9405 over on Tumblr.

Kudos: 2 Hits: 92 Tags Summary Oh no, the horses are on something Anyways, I'm writing this so fifth grade me can be concerned, and since MLP ended, why don't I make this cursed thing. In the second episode, they are shown to both represent Elements of Harmony, Applejack being honesty and Rainbows being loyalty.

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They are judged by fellow friends Twilight Sparkle and Flutter shy, and as the competition continues on, more and more ponies show up to watch. In multiple parts of the competition, however, Rainbows uses her wings to make the events easier for her, since Applejack is an Earth Pony.

The race continues on, and as they near the finish line, they begin shoving more aggressively, to the point where Applejack accidentally rips off the rope that was holding RainbowDash's wings, which makes her try to fly off At the end of the episode, they run back through the woods together to take care of the leaves that got left behind.

In episode 21 of season 1 , Applejack is delivering an apple tree named Bloomberg to Appaloosa, a town to the west where her cousin, Brae burn, lives. She and Pinkie Pie later decide to go after the buffalo to rescue Spike and Bloomberg, and they learn that because of the trees in Appaloosa, they're unable to travel to their traditional stampeding grounds.

Rainbows is sympathetic, and she, Pinkie Pie and Spike return to the town to tell the other ponies about the situation. When she went to Manhattan to live with her aunt and uncle, she missed life on the farm, and one day she saw a gigantic rainbow leading back to Montville, and realized that's where she belonged.

In episode 15 of season 2 , Applejack's family is making their famous cider, which Rainbows is extremely excited to try. Everyone is enthralled and excited to get more cider, but Applejack's family is upset that the Film Flag brothers are stealing their business.

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As Applejack's family begins to slow down, Rainbows and the rest of the Mane Six help out, and even though they made less cider, theirs was better, and they got to keep the farm. Applejacks say she likely has a loving, loyal relationship, while RainbowDash's says she'll have a good honest life, referencing the opposites Element of Harmony.

They have similar interests, personalities, and traits which lead to them being very good friends and thus, popular ship candidates. RainbowDash's human version possesses long, rainbow-colored hair with bangs hanging on the right side of her face.

Her lower half consists of tight-fitting black bike shorts underneath a pink and white skirt, rainbow-colored knee socks, and light blue Converse style high top boots. Rainbow tells Twilight that she will only help her become Princess of the Fall Formal if she beats her in a soccer match, with the first to make five goals winning.

When Twilight invokes the power of the , Rainbow briefly channels the element of loyalty and gains pony-like attributes. After Sunset Shimmer is defeated, Rainbow flies around at the Fall Formal, picking up Scrotal and giving her a ride.

Her wings and pony ears vanish when the portal to Equestrian closes after Twilight's departure. Rainbows reappears in My Little Pony Equestrian Girls: Rainbow Rocks and its tie-in animated shorts, where she plays lead guitar in her friends' band, the Rain booms.

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Throughout the film, Rainbows shows moments of egotism, taking credit for the formation of the Rain booms, frequently stating that it's her band since she's the leader, judging her friends' performances, and being reluctant to play songs that Flutter shy had written. In Music to My Ears, Rainbows appears briefly at the Sweet Shoppe with her friends, waving to DJ Pon-3.

Rainbows wins the duel when she suddenly transforms into her pony-like state and blows Trixie away with a sonic rain boom -like effect. In Player Piano, she appears in the music room with the other Rain booms, voicing frustration about Rarity's lateness and correcting Pinkie Pie on the proper name of a Qatar.

In Shake Your Tail, Rainbow sings the titular song with her friends and helps set up the auditorium for the Rain booms' performance, briefly suggesting a sports theme and eventually combining her and her friends' themes into one. In Perfect Day for Fun, she sings the titular song with her friends and enjoys the Canter lot High School carnival.

In the encore short My Past is Not Today, Rainbow briefly appears in a flashback putting her hand on Sunset Shimmer's after her defeat in the first film. In Friendship Through the Ages, she performs a verse of the titular song in the style of classic rock and ultimately smashes a guitar.

Rainbow helps motivate her classmates to win the games with a spirited song, ponying up at the end. She participates in the Academic Decathlon, where she passes the chemistry, baking, and carpentry contests, but drops out of the spelling bee after misspelling “hippopotamus”.

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When human Twilight Sparkle accidentally summons carnivorous plants from Equestrian in the middle of the race, Dash turns around to save Sunset's life in an act of loyalty. She ponies up a second time and wards off the plants, allowing Sunset to win the relay, before getting her magic absorbed by Twilight's amulet.

She later regains her magic to empower Sunset and return Twilight to normal after she is transformed into Midnight Sparkle. In the fourth Equestrian Girls film, Rainbows goes with her friends and classmates to Camp Ever free, where she expresses a desire to play numerous sporting activities.

While at the camp, Rainbow's magic undergoes a dramatic change, and she develops the ability of supersonic running speed. Throughout the film, Rainbows helps her fellow Wonder colts build a new dock for Camp Ever free as part of their “gift for future campers”.

She also assists in saving Camp Ever free from closing by organizing a Crystal Ball fundraiser and offering to have the Rain booms play. In the half-hour special Dance Magic, Rainbows helps her friends raise money to renovate Camp Ever free.

She also takes part in the Dance Magic music video near the end of the special. She and Twilight are the only ones who bring their geodes along with them, and Rainbow attempts to use her super-speed to go after the mysterious cloaked figure lurking around the studio.

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She is also briefly mistaken for an actress in the “Power Ponies” movie, cast as Zappa. After discovering a piece of evidence, she is locked in the supply closet, but is later rescued by her friends.

In Raise This Roof, Rainbows competes against Applejack in a dance-off at the Fall Formal before Apple Bloom and Scrotal steal their thunder. The Get the Show on the Road title card background text includes “RNXBWDH” horizontally flipped.

In Good Vibes, she gives a new pair of shoes to Sunset Shimmer after one of her sandals breaks. Rainbows is a main focus Queen of Clubs, Aww... Baby Turtles, Lost and Found, Too Hot to Handle, Blue Crushed, and The Last Day of School.

She makes supporting or minor roles in A Fine Line, Overpowered, The Finals Countdown, Super Squad Goals, Road Tripping, Pinkie Pie: Snack Psychic, Five to Nine, and So Much More to Me. In Street Chic, she appears as one of Rarity's summer fashion models and shivers in the cold fall air.

In COMO, she drives away with Twilight on a motorcycle after declining to hang out with Rarity, for whom she and her friends throw a surprise birthday party. In Forgotten Friendship, Rainbows and her friends are members of the Canter lot High Yearbook Club.

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In Rollercoaster of Friendship, Rainbow and her friends travel to the Equestrian Land theme park during its grand opening to support Rarity, who got a job there as a fashion designer. When they actually ride the rollercoaster, Rainbow actually does get scared and is visibly shaken after they get off, while Flutter shy seemingly enjoyed it.

Vignette later tells Rainbow her new vision for her role in the band as a “'50s Sock hop Sweetheart”. As most of her friends are also teleported, they are replaced by holograms to perform at the parade and the girls eventually learn that they were in an empty white room in the park all along.

Photo Booth, the song they perform, is interspersed with clips of them enjoying the park, including a scene where Rainbow easily wins a bottle knock-down game operated by Film and Flag. In the Little Pony: Equestrian Girls Holiday Special comic, Rainbow takes part in a series of slumber parties for Sunset Shimmer.

So now she's teaming up with Twilight Sparkle and the rest of her gal pals to take back the crown from Sunset Shimmer and restore harmony in Canter lot. When she shreds the bass guitar, she always adds something special, electrifying the crowd with her stand-out performance.

Rainbow Rocks Encore description Rainbows gets her friends together to form The Rain booms band! Rainbows is available as a dancer for the Equestrian Girls dance mini-game in Game loft's My Little Pony mobile game.

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Miniature, articulated dolls of Rainbows were released in Winter 2015 as part of the “Equestrian Girls Minis” lineup. A Fall Formal variant of Rainbows for the “Equestrian Girls Minis” lineup was released in 2016.

She is the captain of every sports team at Canter lot High School, and she effortlessly overtakes Twilight Sparkle in a game of one-on-one. In the second film, Rainbow is conceited to the point of frequently calling the Rain booms her band.

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