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In the second episode, they are shown to both represent Elements of Harmony, Applejack being honesty and Rainbows being loyalty. They are judged by fellow friends Twilight Sparkle and Flutter shy, and as the competition continues on, more and more ponies show up to watch.

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At the end of the episode, they run back through the woods together to take care of the leaves that got left behind. In episode 21 of season 1 , Applejack is delivering an apple tree named Bloomberg to Appaloosa, a town to the west where her cousin, Brae burn, lives.

She and Pinkie Pie later decide to go after the buffalo to rescue Spike and Bloomberg, and they learn that because of the trees in Appaloosa, they're unable to travel to their traditional stampeding grounds. Rainbows is sympathetic, and she, Pinkie Pie and Spike return to the town to tell the other ponies about the situation.

When she went to Manhattan to live with her aunt and uncle, she missed life on the farm, and one day she saw a gigantic rainbow leading back to Montville, and realized that's where she belonged. In episode 15 of season 2 , Applejack's family is making their famous cider, which Rainbows is extremely excited to try.

Everyone is enthralled and excited to get more cider, but Applejack's family is upset that the Film Flag brothers are stealing their business. As Applejack's family begins to slow down, Rainbows and the rest of the Mane Six help out, and even though they made less cider, theirs was better, and they got to keep the farm.

Applejacks say she likely has a loving, loyal relationship, while RainbowDash's says she'll have a good honest life, referencing the opposites Element of Harmony. They have similar interests, personalities, and traits which lead to them being very good friends and thus, popular ship candidates.

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Shipping is a term in fandoms that denotes the act of taking two characters from a fictional work and envisioning them in a relationship, romantic or otherwise. The people supporting given ships are often called “shippers” and are sometimes generalized as being obsessive over their desired pairings and violent when defending them, although this is a stereotypical presentation of the subgroup.

Shipping is not limited to heterosexual relationships, and tend to ignore social taboos around subjects such as incest and bestiality. Homosexual pairings are also rather common in most fandoms, especially in those building around a fictional work that has more characters of one gender, like My Little Pony.

As shipping has become an important part of the fandom experience, several terms have been created to further express the different aspects revolving around it. OTP, an abbreviation of One True Pairing, is used to depict a person's favorite ship and the one they are most invested in within the work in question.

Some characters are shipped together because their personalities match or differ in a way that makes the relationship interesting for a fan, such as Applejack and Rainbows ; because they are shown to spend more time together than with any other characters in canon, such as Lyra and Bon ; because their personalities are polar opposites while they share similar interests, such as Vinyl Scratch and Octavia ; or because canon itself hints at the relationship, such as Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry or Rarity and Spike. These types of ships can be completely random, created despite their bizarre nature, though others might have a connection through a third party despite never sharing any screen time themselves.

Rainbows, due to her rainbow -colored mane and tomboyish attitude, is often interpreted by the fandom to be a lesbian, and therefore holds one of the widest ranges of different ships. Apples : Applejack and Rainbow Dash are commonly shipped together because both share a similar physical lifestyle, both are competitive and stubborn, and both have a high sense of pride.

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The episode Fall Weather Friends is seen as the main spark of this ship as it focuses on Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's competitive relationship. The ship was also referenced in the Equestrian Girls: Rainbow Rocks movie and in the season 5 episode Slice of Life.

VinylTavia : Despite only having one interaction in the show (in the episode Slice of Life), Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have become a popular pairing. Trixie : Similar to VinylTavia, Twilight Sparkle and Trixie are shipped because their personalities are greatly different, but both have talents related to magic.

The ship is usually initiated by Trixie stumbling upon Twilight after her appearance in Boast Busters, sometimes poor and broken and other times by pure accident and then taken back to Montville, where the two gradually grow to care for each other. The ship stems from Big Mac and Flutter shy having relatively similar characterization, with both of them being quite shy and quiet.

While they have quite different personalities, Rainbow Dash being bold and tomboyish while Flutter shy is timid and kind, they are still quite a common couple. While this relationship rarely takes a romantic turn, it generally involves the two of them traveling together to save the world alongside Derby's suggested daughters Dinky and Sparkler.

Cheering : In the episode Hearts and Hooves Day the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to get their teacher Cheerily and Big Macintosh together by giving them a love potion. FlashLight : In the movie My Little Pony Equestrian Girls, Twilight Sparkle develops a crush on the royal guard Flash Sentry and his human counterpart.

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The movie never took their relationship further after Twilight returned to Equestrian, but the ship managed to gain some popularity. Despite this, the fandom is known to have a rather divided view of the character Flash Sentry, so this ship is also met with some criticism.

Because of their mutual love for parties and similar character traits, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich are commonly paired in fan labor. SoarinDash : Rainbow Dash is at times shipped with the Wonder bolt Soaring due to their similarities and interaction in various episodes.

Even the FlashLight ship has not been taken further than a crush Twilight is shown to have on Flash in the Equestrian Girls movies. This is mainly due to the fact that Friendship is Magic rarely focuses on romance in itself, unless it is a character designed specifically to be in a romantic relationship (like Shining Armor and Princess Cadence).

She is a cowgirl Earth pony who lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres farm with her grandmother Granny Smith, older brother Big McIntosh, younger sister Apple Bloom, and a pet dog named Winona. Applejack was the last one in her class to get her cutie mark, a trait that seems to run in the family.

The rainbow left in the wake of RainbowDash's Sonic Rain boom leads her to return home to the farm. Twilight first meets Applejack and the rest of the Apple family when checking up on food preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration.

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In the second episode, when Twilight Sparkle is about to fall off a cliff, Applejack convinces her to let go so Rainbows and Flutter shy can catch her. Throughout the series, Applejack tells Twilight Sparkle about the way things are in Montville.

Applejack received positive feedback from fans and others and is one of the most loved main characters of the series. Expert Herding : She stops a cow stampede with only the help of her dog, Winona.

Expert Music Player : Applejack can play the harmonica and the fiddle. Applejack is the only main character other than Spike from G1 to be re-imagined for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The only times when Applejack actually lies are Party of One (she tells Pinkie Pie that Rainbow Dash was bringing some supplies, but were actually items for Pinkie's surprise birthday party) and Leap of Faith (she tells every pony that the Film Flag Brothers' Miracle Tonic truly made Granny Smith's physical feats of swimming. But after Granny nearly gets herself injured trying to break the Equestrian high-diving record by diving in a small container of water, Applejack confesses to every pony that the tonic was fake and that Granny actually had the strength to do so, thus explaining why she didn't tell the truth because every pony seemed happy about it), not counting “The Return of Harmony” two-seater since she was under Discord's spell.

This is parallel to Twilight Sparkle, who appeared and had dialogue in every episode of Season 1. Applejack has appeared in the following episodes without any of the other Mane Six: Family Appreciation Day, Some pony to Watch Over Me, Leap of Faith, Applause's Most Wanted, Where the Apple Lies, and Going to Seed.

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*Rolls over and passionately kisses Rainbows on the lips. Ah love ya, Rainbow, and nothing' can ever come between ...us, partner.

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