Are Ardell Wispies Reusable

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 17 October, 2021
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Item Number (PCI) : 052-06-0540 Origin : Made in the USA and Imported f you're looking to add a bit of glam to your peepers, the Ar dell Eyelash Wispier Multipack Black 5pr is the ultimate way to go. These fluttery false eyelashes pump up the volume on your existing lashes for a dramatic, bold look you'll never want to take off.

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Being one of the leading brands in false eyelashes, Ar dell lashes are not hard to come by. You can buy Ar dell lashes in a number of places, including from popular websites like Beauty Bay. Probably one of the best places to find out where to buy Ar dell lashes online is right from their official website at ardelllashes.com.

Ardell’s 106 lashes fall into the “glamour” category, with an unusual, spiky design that can help to unleash your edgy side. All lashes in the glamour range are pricier than some of their other collections, but the dramatization of your eyes is worth the cost.

Designed for a night out, the 107 style lashes fan out toward the outer corner of the eye. For some, the look is a bit too false, but they are perfect for individuals wanting to attract attention to their eyes.

They serve as a means to bulk up your natural lashes and add more volume, and are also on the cheaper side price wise! The classic options include the 110 Black Natural lashes, the 110 Black Press On Lash, the Studio Effects 110, and the Self Adhesive 110s, all of which have a natural look that suits small, large, round and almond-shaped eyes.

These have a style and length designed to accentuate natural lashes and open up the eyes. The 115 style of Ar dell lashes is strikingly long and glamorous, perfect for large and deep-set eyes.

ardell demi wispies lashes blk asos
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Falling in the middle of the price range for Ar dell lashes, the 115s have an extreme length but remain lightweight. Ideal for small, large, almond and deep-set eyes, the 117 style lashes are short, classic falsies with a very fluttery appearance.

They aren’t too thick, though, meaning they are perfect for the woman opting for a natural, no-makeup appearance. These lashes become longer towards the outer corners, offering a beautiful emphasis to the shape of the eye when they are curled.

They are super glamorous and will look great during a night out, but some wearers find them too false when opting for a slightly more natural look, for the 118s are extremely thick. The 120 Demi lashes are extremely popular among consumers, suited for small, large, round, almond shaped and deep-set eyes.

Ideal for daily wear, the 124 style lashes are more spaced out than some other designs. The lashes are neat and ideal for thickening up your natural eyelashes, rather than going for a dramatic look.

These are perfect for women who already have decently full lashes and just want a little extra to thicken them up further. The band of these lashes is a soft Flex-fit material, making them very easy to apply.

lashes wispy kylie jenner falsies near pairs varagesale
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Made to be soft to the touch, the Ar dell 152s have tapered tips and a Flex-fit lash band. These long, wispy and full lashes are the perfect fluttery, natural look.

They are very dramatic, and some might find the style to be a little too false, but falsie connoisseurs might just adore them. Using Never flat Curl Technology, Ar dell created the multi-layered 250 lashes along with a 3D effect.

Each lash has a tapered tip that makes them appear very natural and lightweight, and the use of multiple layers allows the 250s to be extremely fluttery and attractive. The 318 accent lashes are wispy and have a cross-over effect, ensuring that they look natural on anyone who wears them.

Those opting for a quirky and glamorous look will love the Ar dell Edgy Lash 402s. They become longer moving towards the outer edges, where the design of each lash cluster develops into more of a feather shape.

The flared effect of the 811s mean that they really open up the eyes; this is done by fanning the length of the lashes out towards the outer corners. The Natural 120s and the Wispier both come in 5-packs, meaning you can get 5 pairs of eyelashes for a discounted price.

demi wispies ardell multipack natural
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$ $12.00 9.60 Add to cart WombleGreat for small eyes I ordered these lashes in the rewards room along with the baby wispier and these are definitely my favorite as they suit my eye shape really well and aren't too dramatic.

I love the style of these lashes because they are short on the inner corners and gradually get longer on the outside, so it gives a nice cat eye shape. I like to cut my lashes into sections to make them easier to apply because I'm still new at using falsies.

NYS Oversubtle glam I picked these up during the recent Bacterium. The Demi wispier are my favorite and these baby versions are fantastic.

They are more subtle and understated that the original but still look glamorous and pretty. I think they would be great for beginners because they aren't overly dramatic and are very easy to apply.

To get the most wear out of these lashes I soak mine in a small bowl of warm water for 10 minutes then gently peel off glue and leave to dry in original packaging the maintain the shape Luna19Perfect Amount of Natural 'Oomph' I purchased some Ar dell lashes when they were on sale at Priceline, so I got them for an absolute bargain as they are already quite reasonably priced.

wispies ardell meyerspa
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I purchased these and the normal Demi wispier to test them both out. I had to cut these a little to fit my eye but absolutely love this design.

The lashes taper outwards creating a natural and more fitting eyelash look (in my opinion). These are my go-to subtle addition if I have dinner or lunch date and just want some natural volume added to my eyes.

I usually buy Korean ones online because of the size issue, but I'm super happy to have found these. Unlike the original wispier I don't have to cut them to fit and the lash length is just so flattering and looks so natural.

The band is thin and very soft so it's easy to apply. Weather you've just started out wearing lashes and opt for something not to dramatic but still full.

Add a little extra mascara on top for a thicker look! The band is shorter, which means I don't need to cut it to fit my eye length.

wispies lashes ardell professional
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Madi batteseBEAUTIFUL I am a bit of a lash snob, and I'm OBSESSED WITH THESE!! They are incredibly affordable, and they look gorgeous on the eye, I like that the lash band isn't incredibly thick which means you don't need a lot of glue to stick it down in place.

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