Are Blue Wilderness And Blue Buffalo The Same

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In this article, we will explore and analyze the nitty-gritty of the popular Blue Buffalo pet food brand and the meticulously packaged BlueWilderness pet food products using up-to-date nutritional and price information. All your throbbing questions on pet food quality as well as fundamentals will be covered in this article.

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After you are done with this awesome comparison check out Blue Buffalo and BlueWilderness here to see the different flavors and pricing. The concept of guaranteed analysis on pet food products is to assure purchasers of the precise nutrient content of each consumable.

Emphasized by DAFCO, guaranteed analysis by food labels must meet certain requirements such as an exact value for the minimum percentage of crude protein and fat, as well as the maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture on the basis of dry matter obtained. Blue Buffalo Pros: Blue Buffalo Cons: BlueWilderness Pros: BlueWilderness Cons: As shown on the table, The Blue Buffalo brand has 85 dry foods recipes, 103 wet dog foods recipes offering 50 dog treats while BlueWilderness with 27 recipes for dry food, 34 wet foods' recipe.

Food types are mainly categorized using the nutritional values offered in them. Our pets have delicate biological systems that most times require a reasonably balanced diet in order to grow, develop, and maintain a fairly constant internal environment; immune to diseases and other health problems.

Most pets of same species and breed usually have same or similar nutritional requirements, but most pets have peculiar needs as their systems function differently due to varying environmental factors, such as lifestyle, genealogy, etc. The nutritional values of all pet foods ever manufactured are presented in form of a guaranteed analysis which can be found on the label of the food products as enforced by the Association of American Feed Control Officials(DAFCO).

Of course this trumps all ideas of how fat is unhealthy and causes heath problems such as obesity in humans, however, pets are totally different. However, fat is a significant component in all pet food and must at least account for 10% of the total meal.

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From a plethora of reasons why pets require fat for their daily nutritional need we could focus on certain physicals specifics such as energy, controls the unnecessary loss of water in the body, and it speeds up the rate of vitamin absorption in the body, this is because vitamins are soluble in fat. Fat furnishes your pet with a shiny skin and well maintained coat.

This automatically suggests that when your pet has a dull skin or fur coat they may be lacking enough fat to absorb vitamins. It is needless to add that fat is tasty and improves the flavor of every pet food meal.

Let’s look at it this way; our pets, especially dog, love to chew on every thing in sight. Most pets usually experience series of digestive system issues very often and this can be avoided with fiber.

It is a food component that assists with digestion especially in the small intestine. Fiber assists in the breakdown of food particles before they are moved into the large intestine for further processing.

Another major part is that your pet’s system is composed mainly of water. Water deficiency can lead to dehydration, indigestion, increased body temperature, emaciation, and many other problems.

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Blue Buffalo prides in combining several natural ingredients to produce their formulas. Some include: Deboned Chicken, chicken meal, fish meal, sweet potatoes, pea, cranberries, carrot, blueberries, peas, Tapioca starch, flaxseed, Dehydrated Alfalfa meals, Dried Egg products, Dried Tomato pomade and more vitamins and minerals.

The intent was spawned from the illness of the family pet called BLUE ”. With the help of a professional nutritionist and a veterinarian, the founder and his sons were able to manufacture one of the best pet food brands of all time.

BlueWilderness is only a branch of the Blue Buffalo brand with major reference and inspiration from the ancestral pets who were mostly of wolf breeds. The Blue wilderness, as its name portrays is a blend of feral rich flavors and a grain free meal that provides all the necessary ingredients needed by your pet to survive.

The Brand is known for its Life Source Bits which contains vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants which gives your pet a healthy alternative and a wider variety under the blue pet food brand umbrella. Companies make scheduled recalls on products that may have a foreseen defect or safety issues.

If you another you should choose Higher levels of protein Both A cost-effective option BlueWilderness A wider variety of flavors and ingredients Blue buffalo Safety, based on number of recalls BlueWilderness A balanced diet for all age levels both In reality, the two most famous food brands in the United States are Blue Buffalo and BlueWilderness.

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There are probably many reasons why these two companies are so popular, including brand recognition, quality ingredients, variety, and more. Blue Buffalo and BlueWilderness both offer different kinds of dog food, but they also sell similar things.

On the other hand, a less bitter taste would mean more sugar, which the dogs simply can’t handle. If that happens, you may be faced with the choice of feeding them a diet of bland taste (Blue Buffalo) or trying something new.

You can do this by buying BlueWilderness as specially flavored food. Or, you can find flavors such as “Burgundy” Black Cherry,” which tends to be quite delicious.

This means that they have enough protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals to survive. It’s best to get this kind of advice from a good source, as you’ll be able to trust the recommendation.

You can add different flavors to your dog food, but the best ones are one's like BlueWilderness. They aren’t overpowering, and you don’t have to add too much, as you won’t be giving your dog anything else to do.

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No matter what you do, make sure that the flavor you chose is good for your dog’s taste buds. They have each tried to influence the dog food market in their own particular way, but the name BlueWilderness isn’t always directly synonymous.

In the world of dog food, a large percentage of the consumer base is Blue Buffalo -labeled. Its high quality-to-price ratio has made it the little man in the dog food industry.

BlueWilderness recipes list many ingredients you’ll find in Blue Buffalo dog food: chicken, lamb, lamb meal, beef, corn, rice, oats, peas, potato, barley, milk, peanut butter, orange peels, rice syrup, liver, turkey, eggs, sweet potatoes, canned vegetables, dried fruit, and all sorts of grains. But the comparison between Blue Buffalo and BlueWilderness becomes even more profound when you compare their level of nutrition.

While the price gap may seem larger, you can make up for it by eating a better diet. One of the first things you’ll notice about BlueWilderness, aside from the ingredients, is the fact that it doesn’t use corn in any of its dog foods.

A good example of this is that BlueWilderness dog food has increased the nutritional value of beef. The natural beef protein found in BlueWilderness meals actually has higher levels of naturally occurring (unmodified) amino acids than beef found in the supermarket.

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While the added nutrition isn’t all that great, BlueWilderness does make an effort to use beef shiitake noodles in the recipes. After reading through the comparisons we’ve made here, you should be able to see that BlueWilderness is in a good place when it comes to canine nutrition.

Well, if you are planning to purchase BlueWilderness food for your dog, you may want to look elsewhere for your pet’s health. Well, the truth is that it may be an improvement over the standard dog food available on the market, but that is only by virtue of the fact that it is manufactured and processed differently.

Consider the fact that the high-grade beef that is used in the BlueWilderness food contains no meat, rather it contains plant protein called by-product meal, while animal protein is the most commonly used ingredient in the typical American dog food. When the company is able to source more plant proteins, that would include by-products, they are able to offer a completely organic version of their food.

It is the equivalent of feeding him anything but raw, natural meats, vegetables, and fruits. Either way, you will have to understand that the foods that you purchase at the grocery store today may not be the best choice for your dog.

Fortunately, there are people who know better than to use a product like BlueWilderness raw dog food. For instance, the top canine veterinarians in North America have taken a stand against this type of dog food, and they have recommended alternative raw dog food recipes for you to try.

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Blue Buffalo offer a wide range of dog food variations. They offer five lines of products, such as; Life Protection Formula, which contains real chicken, fish or lamb; Freedom, which contains no grain; Basics, which contains limited ingredients for sensitive dogs; Wilderness, which inspired by the diet of wolves, and Natural Veterinary Diet for dogs with specific needs due to some conditions, such as weight management or kidney support.

If you need more dog foods comparison, please read our article about Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo here. Blue Buffalo Ingredients Blue Buffalo foods are made with various ingredients depends on its variants, let’s take an example from the Life Protection Chicken Formula for adult dogs.

This variant is made with deboned chicken, which is rich on protein, whole grains, garden veggies and fruit. This specific line is claims to be inspired by the diet of wolves, which is the true omnivores whose endurance is legendary.

This is why BlueWilderness is made with rich protein ingredients and contains no grain to provide dogs with more delicious food they do love to eat. This line also use several main ingredients, such as chicken, red meat, salmon, duck, rabbit, alligator, Turkey, Trout and more.

As we already know BlueWilderness is one line of dog foods variants by Blue Buffalo and manufactured by the same company. In this article we are picking other Blue Buffalo variant, which is the Life Protection Formula to be compared with BlueWilderness line.

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