Are Burger King Fries Gluten Free

James Smith
• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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BurgerKingfries will routinely be made in fryers also used to make wheat-containing hash browns, the fast food chain announced today. They will be cooked in the same fryer as Hash Browns that contain wheat flour, resulting in the likely risk of cross-contact with a known allergen for the French fries.

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Our guests will continue to find complete and up-to-date nutritional and allergen information for Burger King ® menu items on our website. If you had been eating BurgerKingfries with the understanding they were made in a dedicated fryer, this news will impact your choice starting today.

Keith Kramer and Mathew Burns, his wife’s uncle who lived in Jacksonville, Florida were looking for a restaurant idea. Their idea was picked by David Edgerton and James McLemore, Cornell University classmates who had visited the hamburger stand that was operated by McDonald brothers.

By this time, the operation had grown with their signature burger, the Whooper spread to most parts in the United States. In 1967, Burger king was bought by Pillsbury Company for $18,000,000 and by 1970, it had grown to become the second largest burger chain after McDonald’s.

In 1978, Burger King poached Donald N Smith, an executive from McDonald's who restructured the company’s agreement to prevent owners from owning franchise. Drinker later left to start his own Chili’s restaurant chain leading to another significant decline in sales.

This is what made it easy for British company Grand Metropolitan PLC to take over the fast burger chain. With help from Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Burger King was bought for $1,500,000 and an IPO launched in 2006 that generated $425,000,000 in revenue.

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Whopper Bar concept was introduced which allowed customers to see their burger being made. BurgerKingfries are fried in a shared fryer along with chicken nuggets, onions rings, and other food items containing gluten (see BurgerKing’s allergen information below).

They do not have a gluten free menu, and you will be walking into a cross contamination nightmare if you have celiac disease. There are a couple of reasons why I would stay away from Burger King on a gluten free diet regardless of sensitivity level.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Burger King, but they always seem pretty popular and the questions always come up. Navigating their menu online is not user-friendly or accurate.

In the picture below, you can see I mark wheat and gluten as allergies, but it still gives me sandwich options. I’m not a huge fan of fast food in general, but other places like McDonald’s are much more transparent and user-friendly in their menu.

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When you drop in at a Burger King and are affected by a gluten allergy, you’ll need to choose carefully from their menu while understanding that every order is a roll of the dice. Pepper$1.79Sprite$1.79Minute Maid$1.79100% Apple Juice$1.29100% Orange Juice$1.69Nestle Pure Life$1.09Purified Drinking Water$1.09Seattles Best Coffee$2.19Mocha FrappeSmall$2.59Mocha FrappeMedium$3.09Mocha FrappeLarge$3.59Caramel FrappeSmall$2.59Caramel FrappeMedium$3.09Caramel FrappeLarge$3.59Tropical Mango SmoothieSmall$2.49Tropical Mango SmoothieMedium$2.99Tropical Mango SmoothieLarge$3.49Strawberry Banana SmoothieSmall$2.49Strawberry Banana SmoothieMedium$2.99Strawberry Banana SmoothieLarge$3.49 BK Fresh Apple Slices$1.39Lettuce, Sliced Onions$1.19Carrots, Sliced Tomato$1.19Garden Fresh Salad with Apple and Cranberry with Tender grill Chicken$2.59Breakfast Syrup$1.09Grape Jam$1.09Honey Ketchup$1.09Mustard$1.00Mayonnaise$1.00Strawberry Jam$1.09Sliced Pickles$1.00Processed American Cheese$1.09Three Cheese Blend$1.29Fat Free Milk$1.291% Low- Fat Chocolate Milk$1.39Chocolate ShakeSmall$2.49Chocolate ShakeMedium$3.09Chocolate ShakeLarge$3.59Vanilla ShakeSmall$2.49Vanilla ShakeMedium$3.09Vanilla ShakeLarge$3.59Strawberry ShakeSmall$2.49Strawberry ShakeMedium$3.09Strawberry ShakeLarge$3.59Caramel Sundae$1.59Chocolate Fudge Sundae$1.59Strawberry Sundae$1.59 Some of the most popular ways to avoid gluten at Burger King involves ditching the bun and going straight for what amounts to a Whopper Salad.

Their salad menus also offer a few options, mostly of the meat- free or grilled chicken varieties, though it’s important to remember that cross-contamination is likely when you’re ordering from a BK. What we do suggest, however, is asking that they top it with cheese and bacon and replace the bun with fresh leaf lettuce to create a wrap.

Combine it with the hot fudge, strawberry, or caramel sauce, and you’re going to find it a fantastic finish to your meal. BK Fresh Apple Slices A popular replacement for their fries or tater tots, the BK Fresh Apple slices bring back the crisp crunch you expect from fries and serve as a very healthy replacement for this traditional offerings.

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