Are Burger King Fries Vegan

Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
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At most places, fries are usually a safe vegan option. But at fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonald’s, it doesn’t hurt to double-check.

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Potatoes, Soybean Oil or Canola and Palm Oil, Modified Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Potato Detain, Salt, Leavening (Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Dextrose, Nathan Gum, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate added to preserve natural color. It’s usually safe to assume that xanthan gum is vegan, although in rare cases it’s not.

If you’re okay with eating palm oil, you’ll consider the french fries at Burger King are vegan. If you’re a brand-new vegan and feeling a bit overwhelmed, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

There’s also a chance to get sick from ingesting milk products if you’re not used to them anymore. They contain beef flavoring and milk, two animal products that make them unsuitable for plant based eater.

There are no animal products in BurgerKing’s fries, unlike those of their competitor McDonald’s, so they are in fact vegan. Made with vegetarian (and vegan) protein, this burger patty tastes just like the real thing by all accounts.

Good news: virtually all fast food fries (except for McDonald’s) are vegan ! Since frying in rendered animal fat is neither healthy nor cost-effective, they switched to a cheaper and marginally heart-healthier vegetable oil option.

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The beef flavoring is supposed to preserve the original taste, but makes their fries off limits for both vegans and vegetarians alike. Thankfully, all other restaurants that I could find fry in vegetable oil and don’t add any beef flavoring, so you should be good to go.

The good news is that Burger King has a lot of menu items that are vegetarian by default. On the breakfast menu, their Maple Oatmeal and Egg and Cheese croissant are both fantastic entrées.

On the sweeter side of things, its French Toast Sticks, pancakes, and virtually all of its desserts that I came across were vegetarian. Nowadays, lots of restaurants have been forced to cater to plant based eaters due to sheer market demand.

As more and more people make the switch away from eating meat, it seems that more and more meatless options open up. Fast food hasn’t been the fastest to make the switch, but there are still some promising choices out there for when you find yourself in a drive through.

The prevalence of eggs in breakfast cuisine makes it a lot easier to find something hearty and nutritious to eat for vegetarians at fast food places. Even if you’re a vegetarian that doesn’t eat eggs, you can often find a lot of other choices like hash browns, butter or cheese biscuits, bagels, pancakes… the list goes on and on.

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Veggie burgers have made a strong impression at some fast food giants like Burger King and Carl’s Jr. BurgerKing’s Impossible Whopper claims to taste, sizzle, and even “bleed” like real meat, which has even prompted some non-vegetarians to try it out as well. They aren’t quite as hearty without them, unless you’re at a specialty “fast food” place like Pan era, so you will definitely have to get creative with the add-ons.

By default, they always have some kind of beans on hand which makes it so much easier to have a filling and nutritious meal. Many of these have vegetarian meals on the menu that come with yummy extras like guacamole or fajita veggies.

While there may be some slight milk or whey contamination, it’s pretty safe considering that these places mainly serve meat. Keep in mind that their foods do share fryers, so there could always be cross contamination with meat or dairy products as well.

On a positive note, you can now get a full Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert at BK–if you’re ok with your food sharing fryers and asking for a different cooking surface. Word of warning though, too many French toast sticks will have you ready to go right back to bed.

If you’re at Burger King for breakfast you can order the French Toast Sticks and a Hash Brown. French Fries ^ Whopper Jr Advise NO meat, or mayo Garden Side Salad w/Ken’s Golden Italian Dressing.

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Unfortunately, the Onion Rings at Burger King contain whey which makes them not vegan. It’s a shame too, because I loved BK’s onion rings before I went vegan.

Save on your phone or print out to have our Cheat Sheets “at the ready” at all times! Ryan’s Pick: I’m not going to lie, I’ve been crushing Impossible Whoppers.

I will also say that BurgerKingfries are some of my absolute favorites of any fast food spot. Having said that, if we’re stopping at Burger King it’s usually a road trip breakfast drive-thru situation to grab French Toast Sticks and Hash Browns.

The sense of lethargy and queasiness after consuming deep-fried grease and sugar is just such a terrible combo, but then I never seem to learn my lesson either or they’re just that good it’s worth it. Jen’s Pick: In a pinch or a late night out(wink), I am a fan of Burger King –more so in my PRE- vegan days, but they still have some good vegan (shared fryer) options.

I like their French Toast Sticks, Hash Browns, Impossible Whopper (no mayo–cooked separate), Fries & Dutch Apple Pie. Let’s just appreciate the fact that we live in a day and age when we can drive up to a window and order “accidentally vegan French toast.

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Garden Side Salad Too easy: This is for all the lettuce lovers out there. Fries * Thank you, Burger King, for letting potatoes be the sacred treasure that they are and making sure that they’re vegan.

Whopper Jr. BurgerKing’s buns are vegan (but steer clear of the biscuits and croissants). For a veggie sandwich, ask for a Whopper Jr. with no meat or mayo (try ketchup and mustard instead).

Pro-tip: If you have vegan patties in your freezer, cook one up for your meal! To make this hearty BK breakfast staple vegan, all you have to do is request water instead of milk.

Remember to ask for yours sans cheese and to top it with the vegan -friendly balsamic vinaigrette. That's right, Burger King French fries are made in vegetable oil and totally vegan -friendly.

Well, it turns out their French toast sticks somehow contain zero eggs or dairy and are, in fact, vegan. If hash browns are more your jam, don't stress, because these crunchy breakfast bites are also totally fine for vegans.

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For an easy snack or side that's both sweet and nutritious, go for a reliable applesauce cup. When it comes to vegan -friendly drive-thru drinks, you may not be able to enjoy BK's milkshakes, but the iced tea, lemonade, and (black) coffee are all fair game for plant-based eaters.

This article is part of Women's Health's 2020 Vegan Week click here for more. Jennifer Nied is a contributing writer for Women's Health with more than 10 years of writing and editing experience, specializing in wellness, adventure travel, and fitness, with work appearing in Budget Travel, American Spa, Women’s Health, and more.

Though the Impossible Whopper has certainly made waves, it's far from the only vegan item on BurgerKing's menu. No, the options aren't exactly boundless, but if you're plant-based, you certainly won't go hungry at this popular fast food chain.

In fact, Burger King has a surprising number of vegan -friendly eats to pick from, so you can chow down on everything from apple pie to French fries, and more. Whether you find yourself at the drive-thru for breakfast or an on-the-run dinner, pick from these 10 veganBurgerKing menu options to eat your plant-fueled heart out.

French fries are one of the few things in restaurants (fast food or otherwise) that are typically vegan. I looked up the ingredient information for the most popular fast food chains to see if they were vegan.

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Starting with the biggest chain, here’s what you’ll find in McDonald’s fries : All looks good for the most part, but unfortunately it has natural beef flavor which contains milk ingredients.

However, fries are cooked in the same oil as other menu items that contain milk or fish. Potatoes, Soybean Oil or Canola and Palm Oil, Modified Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Potato Detain, Salt, Leavening (Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Dextrose, Nathan Gum, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate.

The fries “May be cooked in the same oil as menu items that contain Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat and Fish (where available).” Verdict: Some consider Arby’s french fries to be vegan, but strict vegans may not because of the palm oil and since the fries are cooked in the same oil as other products that contain animal ingredients.

Freddy’s doesn’t currently have a full list of ingredients for their fries as far as I can see, but there’s enough information that we can get a good picture of the situation. Second, Freddy’s states that plain fries have no animal allergens (egg, milk), but they may have gluten.

So, we don’t know if there’s any palm oil used in the fries, and we have the same cross-contamination issue that every other fast food place has.

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