Are Burger King Onion Rings Vegan

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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I really hoped that BurgerKing’s onion rings would be vegan, because they were always my go-to snack or side dish. They are also prepared alongside meat, fish and chicken, often being fried in the same oil.

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You’ve arrived at this page because you’re looking for advice and information on fast food options for vegans. I was as disappointed as you, reader, but Burger King make their onion rings with a number of ingredients that aren’t okay for vegans.

Whey is a milk protein used to round out the favor of some foods and to help provide a crispy texture. While it could be vegan if it was sustainably grown, most palm oil is produced in environmentally destructive ways.

The surrounding jungle and wilderness is slashed and burned, with vast tracts being set on fire to make way for palm oil farms. Again, whether you consume palm oil as a vegan will depend on your point of view.

Onion is healthy enough, but then Burger King add a layer of batter with over 30 different ingredients. These include several that are rather dubious from a health perspective, not least the saturated fats that the rings are fried in.

Well, the pickings are a little slim for vegans (it’s a burger chain, after all), but you can find a few items that are safe enough. Diners in the US can order the Impossible Patty without mayo, but elsewhere there aren’t any vegan burger options.

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In the UK, Burger King only offers a veggie patty which is made with eggs and milk. They do offer French Fries, which are theoretically vegan … until BK dunks them in the same fryer as the meat and cheese products they sell.

In many regions, BK offer a green garden salad that you can order with vegan dressing. The nearest thing they have to a truly vegan option in the UK are apple slices.

Burger King has some diet soda options for vegans who are avoiding cane sugar, and the black coffee is also free from animal products. In a busy fast food restaurant, of course, incidental contamination with animal products is common.

Diners in the US have a better range to choose from, and I understand that BK in other countries is a bit more progressive. McDonald’s is frankly an ethical nightmare, despite claiming to have cleaned up their act.

There’s a small chance of contamination, but the apple pie is fried separately from other foods that aren’t vegan. Excitingly, UK Subways are now offering Beyond Meatballs, which are fully vegan.

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Even if you don’t drink, stopping off at the pub often reveals a tasty vegan option or two. Be careful when shopping because, like BurgerKing’s onion rings, many are made with whey or other non- vegan ingredients.

You can cut to the chase and check out the freezer section of your local health food store for frozen onion rings. Alike’s battered onion rings are free of animal products but contain palm oil.

They are dairy and egg free, and also have no palm oil; make sure you don’t pick up the cheese version by mistake, though. If all else fails, whip up a batch of vegan batter, slice an onion and make your own.

It seems like this is a product of a secret government military lab designed to feed the half-human soldiers. This amount of different products mixed together makes the food very far away from natural.

Don’t just trust the name of the meal (other meals also may sound as innocent as onion rings and contain dozens of cosmic ingredients), but be sure to ask for the list of ingredients. Why not invite a bunch of friends to your place and prepare a pile of home-made veganonionrings.

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If you’re ok with your food sharing fryers and asking for a different cooking surface. On a positive note, you can now get a full Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert at BK–if you’re ok with your food sharing fryers and asking for a different cooking surface.

Word of warning though, too many French toast sticks will have you ready to go right back to bed. Order the Impossible Whopper with NO mayo (Many times they will ask you if you want to add cheese, so I typically order with NO cheese on the front end also).

If you’re at Burger King for breakfast you can order the French Toast Sticks and a Hash Brown. French Fries Whopper Jr Advise NO meat, or mayo Garden Side Salad w/Ken’s Golden Italian Dressing.

Save on your phone or print out to have our Cheat Sheets “at the ready” at all times! Ryan’s Pick: I’m not going to lie, I’ve been crushing Impossible Whoppers.

I will also say that Burger King fries are some of my absolute favorites of any fast food spot. Having said that, if we’re stopping at Burger King it’s usually a road trip breakfast drive-thru situation to grab French Toast Sticks and Hash Browns.

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The sense of lethargy and queasiness after consuming deep-fried grease and sugar is just such a terrible combo, but then I never seem to learn my lesson either or they’re just that good it’s worth it. Jen’s Pick: In a pinch or a late night out(wink), I am a fan of Burger King –more so in my PRE- vegan days, but they still have some good vegan (shared fryer) options.

I like their French Toast Sticks, Hash Browns, Impossible Whopper (no mayo–cooked separate), Fries & Dutch Apple Pie. Note : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

BurgerKingOnionRings are delightful sides to add in any order partnered with its sauce. Whether it is in Africa, Australia or America, or in any other parts of the world, they are a popular pick among consumers.

This article will help you get a more comprehensive view of what ingredients are used to create BurgerKingOnionRings and if they are vegan -friendly. Burger King has been serving this delicious side dish for a long time, and this onion ring has grown to be one of fast food’s most important side snacks.

Like most of the menu items, BurgerKingOnionRings cannot be considered a healthy food for the vegan diet. Sodium may be necessary for body functions like fluid balancing, muscles supporting, and regulating the rate of pumping blood.

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Contrary to what these onion rings mean, Burger King has carried out to escape using an onion powdered flavoring in place of the actual one. And the most shocking thing is that these simple-looking yet delicious onion rings are apparently made of around thirty-three types of ingredients.

BurgerKingOnionRings are composed of modified corn starch, bleached wheat flour, sugar, dehydrated onion, and many more. Among the ingredients, palm oil, processed sugar, and natural flavors are questionable.

The char is not present in the sugar, but some vegans may refuse to consume it since the production is based on animal cruelty. You cannot consider the vegan and vegetarian snacks healthy if they use the same oil and frying pans as those used for non-vegans.

On the other hand, onion rings are considered acceptable for lacto-ovo vegetarians as they consume dairy and eggs as the only root for obtaining protein from animals. Wheat flour contains the protein called gluten, which produces the elastic construction that combines with other ingredients.

The mixture of the batter for the rings binds all constituents while holding the elasticity to add that the final crunchy texture. The additives of milk do not replace eggs to maintain their elasticity but provide the required consistency and surface appearance.

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Now that the usual order of onion rings is no more vegan friendly, would you like to know what other alternatives you can choose? These crispy fries from Burger King use pure vegetable-based oil and do not thirty-three ingredients to make them.

Other fast-food branches have also started to make french toasts just as good without using egg or milk products. Hash Brown Rounds: These are little french fries that combine perfectly with the vegan burger you just ordered.

They do not contain dairy additives or fillers like eggs to bake these delicious pies. Sonic managed to go making their batter without eggs or milk products.

And today, there are so many DIY videos and recipes for a healthy vegan diet all over the internet that will guide you smoothly throughout the process. In addition to that, combining too many ingredients to make a simple food product can never be healthy for vegans and veggie-diet.

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