Are Burgers Sandwiches

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Or to be pedantic (and give prelude to the complication), those things called 'hamburger' include all those properties that are defined and given the label 'sandwich'. Birds are now known to be dinosaurs, but that is a recent discovery (just like how at one time whales were considered fish).

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No, a cucumber is considered a vegetable because it is green and not sweet, a lot like lettuce and celery. It has a lot of things unlike most sandwiches (a hot, grilled layer; a bun rather than sliced bread).

A BLT or chicken salad sandwich or corned beef on rye (mustard, no mayo) or even a grilled cheese all look like a usual sandwich. There are many things about a hamburger (how it is prepared, where you can buy one, cultural associations) that are just not like a canonical sandwich.

“Defendant's narrow viewpoint that a 'hamburger is a hamburger' and not a sandwich is only true where a person would order 'beef ground' without the bread,” Justice William Underwood wrote in a 12-page decision released June 12. A familiar shortening of Hamburger n. Also used as a terminal element, e.g. in beefburger, pork burger, etc., usu.

She held a pair of.gloves in one hand and a hamburger sandwich in the other. To start the thing off right, I ate a hamburger sandwich, carefully eliminating the gravel and other foreign substances as I came to them.

The answer is different depending on if you're asking botanically (a fruit) or culinary (a vegetable). A peanut is culinary nut, but botanically it is a legume (related to peas and beans).

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When I'm ordering a burger from a fast food place, they'll often say “do you want the combo, or just the sandwich”. When I first entered a MacDonald I noticed that they referred to their hamburgers etc as sandwiches “.

For that reason (which I will explain further) I would say that in British English usage a hamburger is not a sandwich. In my dialect, the core idea of a sandwich is something placed between two slices of bread.

The core idea of a “hamburger” is either a shaped item of meat, or the same placed between two parts of a bread roll (what an American would call a “bun” I suspect). At least one commenter has indicated that they too find this usage odd, so in British English I would avoid using “sandwich” to refer to anything other than something made with sliced bread (as one assumes, possibly wrongly, the Earl of Sandwich would have used).

Adding cheese to a hamburger, adds another level to the categorization: And remember, language doesn't really go in for such mundane concepts as logic or historical accuracy.

To the Aussie mind a burger comes on a bun and has cooked ingredients. We would understand that such a salad roll is more or less kind of sandwich, but a burger is just too different.

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So even the things we buy at Subway we don't really feel comfortable calling a sandwich. This could be changing as each generation of Australian kids take up more American English speech patterns than the previous generation going back to World War II.

I'm middle-aged and overseas more than half the time so not guaranteed to have my finger on the pulse of Australian English. As far as other English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, India, etc.

There is a more abstract meta-analysis of features to help in determining what you want the definition of sandwich to be, in order to judge if hamburger fits it analytically. For a given food preparation, there are too properties, structural and contents, and each can have three values, traditional, neutral, and exotic.

Now if someone gave me a hot dog when I asked for a sandwich, I'd be really confused, but I wouldn't be upset. I personally don't think of a hot dog as a sandwich even though it fits the 'lunch' situation.

By only these rule based criteria, a hamburger has traditional structure, and somewhat neutral ingredients, and so it fits the definition of sandwich. As many others have quoted and stated in their own answer, the definition of a sandwich comprises that of a hamburger.

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...a sandwich ((consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bun ... Any of a wide variety of variously shaped bread rolls, usually leavened and slightly sweetened or plain, sometimes containing spices, dried currants, etc.

A Reuben, a Cuban, a BLT all can be served on a bun, and they would still be called a “sandwich”. And to put the final nail in the coffin, a hamburger itself does not have to be served on a bun.

Ordering a I San Ming hi will get you a different dish, probably a cold slice of chicken lunch meat between slices of bread. On the other hand, Americans believe firmly in the idea that ground meat or a ground meat substitute equates directly to hamburger.

Countries with strong American influence, like many in the Caribbean, will be more likely to follow their rules in the usage. Hamburger (without the article) can be served on top of pizza, in a salad, in a lettuce wrap, or simply naked on a plate.

It was popular and people started putting them in kaiser rolls (also German/Austrian) which had been around since the 1700s. Similarly, you should understand that there will be some differences between Colonial and American English.

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On the other side of the world, no one would make such a mistake in Japan. So people need to understand that local dialects will differ.

There is often an authentic term of origin, but whatever is common in the area you're living in is the local standard. Several answers on this page give persuasive arguments for the view that hamburgers are sandwiches.

What makes these answers incomplete, though, is that they don't explain why most people still feel a certain awkwardness about calling them sandwiches, in spite of the persuasiveness of these arguments. Frequent use of these phrases impresses upon our minds that they are sandwiches.

Hamburgers stand apart, conceptually, because the defining characteristics of a hamburger include the defining characteristics of a sandwich, which makes it unnecessary to ever use the word sandwich when speaking about hamburgers (we don't normally use a broad term, when a more specific, equally simple term is readily available). The reputation requirement helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity.

Millions of outlets and restaurants around the world serve these dishes. Many people find themselves in a conflict while choosing between a burger or Sandwich.

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It is difficult to find which one is perfect for your health and body. The type of bread plays a massive role in deciding the fate.

A sandwich makes use of flatbread, which gives it the iconic fresh and symmetrical look. A burger, on the other hand, uses buns for the unique shape.

The centerpiece is a meat or vegetable filling in a sandwich. The Sandwich and burger are two versatile and delicious dishes.

You have already seen big brands like McDonald’s and Burger King bringing out their twist. With a little of genius and inspiration in the kitchen, you can try out different versions.

You can have grilled, coleslaw, pinwheel, and many other sandwich options. The health risks of cholesterol and obesity are becoming cleared every day.

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We have been trying to cut down on the health hazards that come with fatty foods. Generally, people find Sandwich to be a healthier alternative.

A side of french fries and cold sodas will add up to your daily intake. It is made using ground meat, which takes up the shape.

The Chicken doesn’t use ground chicken and hence is a sandwich. The big-name brands are running humongous fast food chains these days.

A testament to the taste can come from McDonald’s and Burger King. The nutrient composition of a burger and Sandwich can vary according to your diet.

Today a lot of fast food brands are working on burgers and sandwiches. In many regions, the burger patty can be from potato or other fillings.

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The majority of sandwiches and burgers also come with a layer of cheese. A surplus of vegetables is a common sight in any sandwich.

The one common factor that determines your health is processing. Spending a lot for a sandwich can be wasteful if it is full of preservatives.

After going through tons of factors, we conclude that the winner is the Sandwich. It is also easy to cook at home and doesn’t require much expertise.

The burger is a worthy counterpart, but many people buy it from fast-food chains. We hope this article gives you more insight into the delicious food items that we are showcasing.

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