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James Smith
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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Color, resolution, refresh rate and just about every other image metric has reached incredible heights. Which means that monitor makers have to come up with new features to entice users into buying their products.

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We can tell you right off the bat that curved monitors actually have quite a few substantial benefits, but they come at a few notable costs as well. Let’s look at why some people make a fuss about curved monitors and why they command the prices they do.

In fact, as you might recall, flat screen displays were a holy grail for many years. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors have a concave curve to them, which causes image distortion at the edges of the picture.

If a flat screen, free from distortion, is such a prized feature, why do people want a curved monitor at all? Immersion is the main reason, and that’s also why these monitors are also pitched at people who enjoy video games.

It’s a way to mimic peripheral vision, because of course we don’t see the world as a flat image with defined edges. In theory, this means you’ll get an overall better picture, but modern LCD panels already minimize off-axis color shifts, so the total benefit of this may be debatable.

Which means that a 1000R screen, assuming it was wide enough, would properly fill your peripheral vision. The general rule of thumb is that you should also sit no further from the screen than it’s radius rating.

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While you can find curved monitors as small as 24”, the effects of screen curvature diminish the smaller you go. To get any sort of real effect from a small curved screen, you’d have to put it closer to your face than would be comfortable.

Dell Marketing USA LP Ultra Sharp 49 Screen Led-Lit Monitor Screen curvature also makes more sense if the monitor has a wider aspect ratio.

Ultrawide or wider aspect ratios work well with the curved design, because it helps put the entire picture in your field of view. Smaller screens with subtle curvature won’t do much for your sense of immersion, but may benefit you from a color consistency point of view.

Since TVs are designed to be watched by groups of people, narrowing the optimal viewing position choices isn’t a great idea. So if you want a screen where you need to show something to coworkers or clients, you might want to reconsider going for a curved model.

It might not be a huge difference, depending on the model and curve, but space is at a premium on most desks. Hopefully you now have a clear idea of what curved monitors bring to the table and whether it’s something that will make any difference to you.

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Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team, and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. Having a monitor will give you a larger canvas for your work, whether you’re taking notes while watching a lecture, copying data between spreadsheets, or editing photos and videos.

There’s no wrong answer, but we’ve broken down the differences between both types of external monitors below, so you can make the right decision for your needs. The biggest reason curved displays are popular is that they fill up more of your peripheral vision, which allows you to focus on your work instead of being distracted by what’s happening around you.

The glare, which can make part of the screen more difficult to look at, negates the biggest advantage curved displays have over flat panel monitors. Flat panel displays generally have an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10, which means their height and width grow at a pretty proportionate rate.

This proportion allows you to spread more information on the screen, but also means it’ll likely take up the entire length of your desk. Each can have a very high resolution to ensure you get an ultra clear image, which will make everything from viewing photos to reading text easier.

If you have a large enough room, the right lighting conditions, and spend a lot of time editing horizontal video or playing games, getting a curved display is probably the way to go. The ultra-wide form factor may take some time to get used to, but you’ll end up with a larger area to view your documents, images, videos, and browser tabs.

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If you’re more space-constrained, don’t have very much control over your room’s lighting, and stick to more general computing tasks like web browsing, writing, shopping, and watching video, it’s probably better to get a flat panel display. The 23.8-inch display is 4K, which means it has twice as many pixels as a 1080P (full HD) monitor, but won’t take up a lot of desk space.

If you’re watching videos or playing games that support HDR, you’ll immediately notice a big improvement in color accuracy. The ability to use an external display as a USB hub to save space is great, and necessary with a monitor this big.

Although curved displays aren’t as flexible as flat panels, LG designed the 34WN80C-B to be height and tilt-adjustable, so you can find a position for it that’s comfortable to use. That said, this monitor is 32.7 inches long, so you’re going to need a large desk and a lot of space to prevent neck strain.

Its hardware features and physical design maximize the advantages of using this type of display while minimizing the downsides. Many people spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens.

With curved screens, you do not have to strain your eyes to capture all images on the screen because there is less light directed to your eyes unlike flat monitors. Studies have shown that people who use flat screen monitors are prone to eye ache than those who use curved monitors.

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Enhanced field of view On a curved monitor, your eyes cover more areas on the screen with ease. You see everything on the screen from one focal distance unlike on flat monitors where information at the center is more accessible than what is at the edges.

Curvature ratings typical of most modern curved monitors include 1000R, 1500R, 1800R, 2300R, 3000R, and so on. 1800R simply means a curved monitor radius of 1800 mm or 1.8 meters.

On another important front, if you use a flat screen monitor at all times, you are four times more susceptible to blurred vision than someone who uses a curved monitor for hours on end. This was revealed in a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School.

They are immersive As a result of the 3D visual nature of curved monitors, you get a more realistic interpretation of images, whether you are gaming, working from home, or at the office. On the contrary, flat monitors offer a weaker immersive experience.

Additionally, with ultrawide curved screens, you can juggle multiple tasks at the same time without minimizing or closing tabs. You can only enjoy this benefit if you go for very wide curved screen monitors.

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Better pixel response time Avid gamers are the greatest beneficiaries of the better pixel response time associated with curved screen monitors. Faster response times make gaming a joy.

Furthermore, curved monitors add more depth to images on your display. Of course, monitor prices vary with screen size, resolution, type of ports, and more.

Any position off the center will make images on the screen look distorted. They offer better eye comfort, reduce image distortion, and they are easier on your neck especially when it comes to viewing content near the edges of a screen.

Curved monitors are perfect for gamers, graphic designers, programmers, or anyone who spends long hours on their computer. They offer better eye comfort, reduce image distortion, increase the level of immersion, and give a better field of view.

If you work with many programs and windows simultaneously, you might want to consider a curved monitor. That being said, personal preference and budget may be the deciding factors for many.

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How can a larger monitor with whatever degree of curvature make gaming more immersive? When you're intensely focused on capturing a point in Overwatch, building a mansion in the Sims 4, or making life or death decisions in Man of Medan, the curvature of your monitor is the last thing on your mind.

But even if you don't buy the whole immersion factor, curved monitors are nicer to look at, they create a more realistic representation of the world, and are a lot easier on the eyes. They only recently gained traction, however, as their costs continue to fall slowly.

Movie theater screens are curved for the same reason, and while many companies tried to do the same with TVs (which didn't work out so great), the effect is much better with monitors due to their size and common placement throughout homes. Sure, many high-end flat monitors come with eye care features such as blue light filters, which has been shown to adversely affect your sleep patterns.

(Source) (Image credit: Mariano Pérez) Let's start with the obvious: the price. Like flat monitors, the larger in screen size you go, the higher the price.

One of the best curved monitors for gaming, the Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UltraWide, hovers around $1,000. You'll want to angle light sources away from your monitor and make sure the sun doesn't shine directly on the screen from your window.

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