Are Curved Monitors Better For Gaming

James Lee
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
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How can a larger monitor with whatever degree of curvature make gaming more immersive? When you're intensely focused on capturing a point in Overwatch, building a mansion in the Sims 4, or making life or death decisions in Man of Medan, the curvature of your monitor is the last thing on your mind.

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But even if you don't buy the whole immersion factor, curved monitors are nicer to look at, they create a more realistic representation of the world, and are a lot easier on the eyes. They only recently gained traction, however, as their costs continue to fall slowly.

Movie theater screens are curved for the same reason, and while many companies tried to do the same with TVs (which didn't work out so great), the effect is much better with monitors due to their size and common placement throughout homes. Sure, many high-end flat monitors come with eye care features such as blue light filters, which has been shown to adversely affect your sleep patterns.

(Source) (Image credit: Mariano Pérez) Let's start with the obvious: the price. Like flat monitors, the larger in screen size you go, the higher the price.

One of the best curved monitors for gaming, the Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UltraWide, hovers around $1,000. You'll want to angle light sources away from your monitor and make sure the sun doesn't shine directly on the screen from your window.

A curved monitor will provide more immersive visuals and a wider field of view that comes with an ultra-wide 21:9 display. Moreover, a curved monitor with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio will offer none of the aforementioned benefits.

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We will be taking a look at all of these and ultimately provide the answer to the titular question: is a curved monitor really worth it for gaming ? Namely, the slight curve of the monitor makes the displayed image appear more realistic as it “bends” around your field of view.

Mainly, it’s their width that allows for a fuller field of view in games, thus enabling better peripheral vision. Now, not only are such monitors expensive, but the higher resolution might also visibly reflect on your in-game performance, especially if your PC is powered by a mid-range graphics card.

However, if you’re putting together a PC or upgrading your old one and are working with a limited budget, we don’t consider it a particularly wise investment when there are so many other components and peripherals that could offer more for less money. This article offers insight into what gamers can get the most immersive experience from curved monitors.

As an added bonus, Ben curved monitors have built-in eye-care features for an even better session that’s healthier for your eyes. Bringing the sides of your display closer lets you see and defeat gaming foes quicker and with ease.

When it comes to flat gaming monitors, 27” makes for the perfect screen size if you’re gaming at 2560 × 1440, also known as 2K or HD. And while there might be plenty of 27” monitors out there that support HD, few have as many features and gamer-centric boons packed into them like the Ben EX2780Q.

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If you’re in front of your display a lot and are used to a flat monitor, be prepared for an adjustment period when you switch to curve. Another reason to stick to a flat monitor is if you work with content that requires precision in straight lines.

The difference is slight, but curved monitors make those lines less than exact. Bottom line, pick a flat monitor for gaming if you care more about saving desk space and the ability to work with impeccably straight lines.

After finishing reading this article and learning about what a curved monitor can bring to you, don’t hesitate to give a curved monitor a shot. In recent years we have seen the expansion of curved monitors within the market amongst gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Thus, this has caused individuals to beg the question of Curved vs Flat Monitors For Gaming and which is the greater option for you. For this reason alone, we thought it would be a good time to take a more comprehensive look at some of the differences that separate curved vs flat monitors.

As flat monitors tend to have a list of favorable aspects that may make them a great option for you other than their curved counterparts. As flat monitors make for perfect gaming monitors, as usually tend to offer greater performance credentials such as higher refresh rates respond times and greater color accuracy.

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Thus offering a 33% more horizontal screen real estate than standard 16:9 and its extra wide-angle view is great for individuals who want a substitute for multi-display monitors but still would want an extended field of vision and game. As we have noticed, once text falls below 2560x 1080 on these types of monitors, they start to become pixelated and difficult to make out.

In Panel, Switching is the best option as they provide the most accurate viewing angles and color reproduction. Having a wider field vision will mean greater peripherals, which can be a major advantage, especially when playing competitive multiplayer games.

Generally speaking, flat monitors usually have better gaming credentials, offering up better refresh rates, response times, and color accuracy across the board. In terms of everyday tasks, flat ultrawide screens will offer greater multitask applications, especially if you have multiple windows open.

As some applications might not fill the entire screen leaving the remaining edges unused, this will become less of a problem as technology progresses. Curved monitors hit the market about 5 years ago, but I’ve only recently started to gain massive attraction, thus begging the question if they are a better option than flat monitors.

Of course, some high-end flat monitors feature technology such as blue light filters, which have been shown to negatively patterns/. Off the bat is the pricing as they monitor tend to be one of the most expensive on the market and similar to any other monitor the large screen size you purchase the higher the price increases and if your monitors are equipped with higher than standard upgrades and components than things can start to become very expensive easily reaching the four figures mark.

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In the quest to make your purchasing decision that much easier, we’ve tried to be as thorough as possible in this comparison. Ultimately, both flat and curved monitors have their own unique set of pros and cons, making them better suited to individual scenarios.

Unlike the flat gaming monitors, the best curvedgamingmonitors will not only provide enough color and brightness but are also responsive to ensure smooth gameplay. Combining the elegant design with the innovative Ultra wide quad definition picture quality, your games, movies, and creative passion will be more lifelike.

If you are looking to treat yourself with one of the richest and most immersive gaming displays the Ben EX3501R curved monitor makes the cut. The Ben EX3501R envelopes the users in its radically curved 35-inch ultra widescreen with a flawless performance for gaming, movies, and videos.

Different from the other models, this monitor is also equipped with the AMD Re-sync technology that prevents image tearing, choppy gameplay, and broken frames. Similarly, the unit also comes with a state of the art USB-C architecture that carries a high-resolution video, audio, as well as super-fast data transfer.

Edge-to-Edge Ultra-Slim Bezel Design for Endless Horizons Monumental Screen Size with Awe-Inspiring Curvature HDR Technology offers greater brightness and contrast range One Cable to Simplify All Connections This decently sized monitor is equipped with the latest technology that enables it delivers spectacular visuals at all angles.

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Additionally, this monitor also comes superfast 144Hz refresh rate that ensures that the fast-paced games are played at high visual settings. It also boasts of a super narrow bezel design making it a perfect choice for spaces looking for seamless multi-display setups.

The Samsung LC27F591FDNXZA curved gaming monitor packs a ton of excellent gaming features into a gorgeous and reasonably priced unit. Thanks to its design that is inspired to the curve of the human eye, this monitor will deliver a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience for both home and office use.

Boasting of the advanced gaming experience thanks to the AMD Re-sync technology, the user will also get to enjoy smooth gameplay even during fast-moving scenes. Offering you with an ultra-wide 37.5-inch, curved IPS panel with 21:9 Ultra-wide HD resolution, your movies, work, and games will look epic.

This is made possible by the adaptive sync and Re-sync technology that enables matching of the refresh rate of the monitor to that of your graphics card. What’s more, thanks to the tillable and height adjustment design you can give your neck, back a break, and stay in the fights for longer.

This offers the user a comfortable sitting position for a wide range of applications including general computing and gaming. Featuring adjustments to swivel, tilt, and height, you can easily customize the monitor position for optimal viewing.

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Boasting of an ultra-wide 49-inch screen with an impressive 32:9 aspect ratio you will get to see all the games scenes exactly as you are supposed to. Moreover, the CHG90 also support the AMD Radon Re-sync 2 technology that delivers a smooth HDR gaming with two time’s perceivable brightness and colors that are brought about by the RGB spectrum.

Although a powerful ring may warm the hearts of hardcore gamers, a crisp vibrant screen that envelops you will often dictate the user satisfaction level. Unlike the traditional gaming screen, the latest curvedgamingmonitors offer you excellent and immersive visual qualities.

Unlike flat gaming monitors, the curved models are more responsive and offer a captivating visual experience. Thanks to the curved design, these screens place the edges closer to you, enhancing the absorption of peripheral views.

Their high processing power and decent design makes them ideal for general computing including doing office work, watching movies, video and more For this reason, if you choose a monitor with low refresh rate you will not motion blur and image lag.

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