Are Curved Monitors Worth It

Ava Flores
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
• 9 min read

Curved monitors have become something of a phenomenon in the tech world, dividing opinion and raising a number of questions. In this article, we will be discussing the hype surrounding these monitors, the various pros and cons that come with them, and of course, whether they are actually worth the investment.

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Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing a curved monitor, read on, as the following sections should clear up any confusion you have when it comes to these devices. They achieve this by using a slightly curved display, which allows the user to receive a more realistic view of the action onscreen.

This not only eliminates the middle border you get from using multiple displays, but in many cases, it also saves money, as you only need to purchase one monitor instead of two. The ultra-wide aspect ratio also allows for better peripheral vision when gaming, making curved monitors particularly popular when playing first-person shooters.

Action movies, in particular, look great on curved monitors, as you can get more immersed in high-tense battles, such as those featured in the Marvel franchise. This is especially true when it comes to the high-end models in this space, as the technology and the manufacturing processes used to create them are simply more complex, compared to most flat screen monitors.

This means you can afford to choose a monitor with a deeper curve, as you will be sitting inside its circumference. In short, curved monitors are worth it, provided you have a large budget and a powerful PC at your disposal.

Supports Thunderbolt 3 4K resolution NATO IPS display High dynamic range Amazing color accuracy A curved monitor will provide more immersive visuals and a wider field of view that comes with an ultra-wide 21:9 display.

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Namely, the slight curve of the monitor makes the displayed image appear more realistic as it “bends” around your field of view. Mainly, it’s their width that allows for a fuller field of view in games, thus enabling better peripheral vision.

Now, not only are such monitors expensive, but the higher resolution might also visibly reflect on your in-game performance, especially if your PC is powered by a mid-range graphics card. However, if you’re putting together a PC or upgrading your old one and are working with a limited budget, we don’t consider it a particularly wise investment when there are so many other components and peripherals that could offer more for less money.

Color, resolution, refresh rate and just about every other image metric has reached incredible heights. Which means that monitor makers have to come up with new features to entice users into buying their products.

We can tell you right off the bat that curved monitors actually have quite a few substantial benefits, but they come at a few notable costs as well. Let’s look at why some people make a fuss about curved monitors and why they command the prices they do.

In fact, as you might recall, flat screen displays were a holy grail for many years. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors have a concave curve to them, which causes image distortion at the edges of the picture.

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If a flat screen, free from distortion, is such a prized feature, why do people want a curved monitor at all? Immersion is the main reason, and that’s also why these monitors are also pitched at people who enjoy video games.

It’s a way to mimic peripheral vision, because of course we don’t see the world as a flat image with defined edges. In theory, this means you’ll get an overall better picture, but modern LCD panels already minimize off-axis color shifts, so the total benefit of this may be debatable.

Which means that a 1000R screen, assuming it was wide enough, would properly fill your peripheral vision. The general rule of thumb is that you should also sit no further from the screen than it’s radius rating.

While you can find curved monitors as small as 24”, the effects of screen curvature diminish the smaller you go. To get any sort of real effect from a small curved screen, you’d have to put it closer to your face than would be comfortable.

Dell Marketing USA LP Ultra Sharp 49 Screen Led-Lit Monitor Screen curvature also makes more sense if the monitor has a wider aspect ratio.

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Ultrawide or wider aspect ratios work well with the curved design, because it helps put the entire picture in your field of view. Smaller screens with subtle curvature won’t do much for your sense of immersion, but may benefit you from a color consistency point of view.

Since TVs are designed to be watched by groups of people, narrowing the optimal viewing position choices isn’t a great idea. So if you want a screen where you need to show something to coworkers or clients, you might want to reconsider going for a curved model.

It might not be a huge difference, depending on the model and curve, but space is at a premium on most desks. Hopefully you now have a clear idea of what curved monitors bring to the table and whether it’s something that will make any difference to you.

Nowadays, you can even find two monitors with similar specifications and prices with a single difference between them: one is flat, the other one is curved. What once seemed impossible in the past is now doable thanks to the fierce competition between major brands.

Increasing the level of immersion is the primary reason why more and more people are looking to buy a curved monitor. With a slightly bent display, the monitor gives you a more realistic visual experience.

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The arc design of curved monitors offers the same viewing distance no matter where you look, reducing eye strain. The big screen in movie theaters also adopts the same method for an identical reason.

This doesn’t often prove true with standard wide flat monitors which provide more options. These days, there is a bunch of monitors on the market that have a curved display but with only 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 21:9.

A curved monitor at this aspect ratio provides little to no benefit to the user. The display bending is kind of pointless if your field of view is not that large in the first place.

However, in terms of productivity, these monitors likely have no added benefits to your working activity or may even hinder it. Another disadvantage can also arise in viewing video content from YouTube or similar platforms.

Most videos on the platform are in 16:9 aspect ratio, so you will see black bars while watching them in 21:9 curved monitors. Fortunately, this is not the case for movies since most of them are perfectly compatible with ultra-wide monitors, making the experience even better.

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I have done some research on it and shared it here with you on how a curved monitor affects the gaming experience. Yes, curved monitor worth it only if you have a higher budget and go for ultra-wide display which lets you fully enjoy its benefits such as better gaming immersion, less eye strain, larger field of view, and better color consistency across multiply viewing angles.

Due to their unique structure the curvature, the pricing was on the higher side, and it has come down since then. Flat gaming monitors are still one of the default choices for every gamer and curved monitors have rupturing that trend since.

Image source Samsung display The curved monitor’s curvature is defined by a radius “R” which is measured in millimeters. Hence, understand the curvature limit with the radius mentioned for each curved monitor.

I have checked some good research done around the curved monitor and its aspects which affects the overall experience to the users. Because of its curved properties, the curved monitors help to create the illusion of peripheral vision and the display becomes more immersive.

You can see clearly in the following image which is found at the research done which shows that with the curved display you can get a larger field of view on a small screen compared to a flat-screen. Image source research gate The same curved display you have probably seen in the movie theater screens and also with modern TVs.

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Which tells us that the curved display has a bigger field of view and also the greater immersion. So here is the thing, these curved monitors mostly come with ultra-wide screens and there are most of the latest games that support 21:9 aspect ratio.

Today’s technology with enhanced 3D effects in modern games has improved a lot and to process that your brain has to go through multiple functions so that you can respond to the reaction to complete the given objective. When you have the monitor with a wider screen with high resolutions, great refresh rates, and with 1ms response time that one thing you don’t want to miss while gaming is to get better color consistency across multiple viewing angles while gaming.

The curved monitor will help you to get those better color consistency while your eyes are faced against the display with similar viewing angles. With less strain on your eyes, just imagine how your gaming experience can become better and with longer sessions than usual.

You will also don’t have to worry about longer sessions, whereas we gamers tend to experience that eye train sometimes. Though we gamers do spend somewhat similar time like others, the frequency of the starring at the screen is much higher.

The curved monitor will help us with consistent viewing angles and distance from the display to process 3D objects, colors which result in less eye strain. This lesson the severity or frequency of the headaches caused by longer screen time.

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Like immersive gaming experience is the best advantage of the curved monitors, the pricing comes first as a disadvantage. With the ultra-widescreen, you will be able to take full advantage of the curve that offers and the better viewing angles, color consistency, and less eye strain respectively.

Because of its curved properties, it is also hard to keep certain things alongside or at a good viewing angle. As we know all flat monitors are much easier to wall mount, and they do not occupy the extra space around then as compared to curved monitors.

It will be also harder to fix the location of the curved monitor on the wall as it also needs a proper sitting angle and distance. Most of the curved monitors come with the stand where its screen can be tilted up-down, rotate right-left and height can be adjusted.

The best gaming experience is to keep the monitor on desk unless and until you really want to mount it on the wall. If you have the widescreen curved monitor then you have to make sure that you want to check all the angles with the light sources coming to your monitor and make sure the sunlight also doesn’t shine directly on the screen from any weirder angle.

Yes, most of the pro gamers use curved monitors to take benefits of the extra advantages that offers such as better gaming immersion, less eye strain, larger field of view, and better color consistency across multiply viewing angles. Pro gamers in competitive gaming will need to bring out the best from their devices and the ultra-wide curved monitor does help by showing them enemies early and at great viewing angles.

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I have created the following table which will help you to compare curved and flat monitor effectiveness with the factors that are explained above along with it so that you can get proper understanding while making a decision. Factors Curved Flat Color consistency across multiple viewing anglesBetterLess effective3D depths without the headacheBetterLess effectiveEyestrainLessNormalFast-paced gaming awarenessBetterLess effectiveHeadaches for longer screen timeLessNormalImmersive gaming experienceBetterLess effectiveLarger field of viewBetterLess effectivePriceHighNormalScreen reflection chancesHighNormalSpace required on the deskHighNormalWall countless effectiveEasyWork involves straight lifeless effectiveEasyI hope that till now you have understood the curved monitor aspects around gaming and the question that we initially wanted to get answered “is a curved monitor worth it for gaming?”.

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