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Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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He's telling hospitals to open up capacity now, and they're starting contingency plans. Cases peaked back in July sending most counties into the red and orange zones showing high transmission.

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Bars were shut down and things started to look better in August, but got worse after they reopened in December. Ron DeSantis has been asked about implementing more restrictions in the state to stop the spread of COVID-19.

They are not effective to let me tell you that right now,” DeSantis said at a press conference in Pensacola on Wednesday. Scientists say vaccines won’t stop the next wave of COVID-19 cases and ask for more restrictions from the government.

Leaving food out too long at room temperature can cause bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella Enteritis, Escherichia coli O157:H, and Campylobacter) to grow to dangerous levels that can cause illness. Bacteria grow most rapidly in the range of temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F, doubling in as little as 20 minutes.

Place cooked food in chafing dishes, preheated steam tables, warming trays, and/or slow cookers. Storing Leftovers One of the most common causes of foodborne illness is improper cooling of cooked foods.

For this reason leftovers must be put in shallow containers for quick cooling and refrigerated at 40 °F or below within two hours. In the microwave oven, cover food and rotate, so it heats evenly.

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This single-site outbreak dramatically increased Carroll County’s total number of coronavirus cases from 15 to 92 and was a key factor in Maryland Gov. The spread of COVID-19 across the United States has been very uneven, heavily concentrated in urban areas, leaving most Americans outside the danger zones, at least so far.

The governor’s warnings may seem alarmist to those of us outside the New York metropolitan region, but the hospitals there are already dealing with an emergency-level caseload, which is going to keep getting larger in the next couple of weeks. To cope with such an outbreak at its “apex,” New York will need far more medical resources and personnel than it currently has, which is why Americans see Cuomo on TV talking about the need for more ventilators and begging doctors and nurses from around the country to come help at the epicenter of the pandemic.

Recall that, just three weeks ago on March 11, Mayor Bill de Blasio was telling New Yorkers to carry on with their normal lives. At that point, there were barely more than 50 known coronavirus cases in the city, and de Blasio was still more concerned that fear of contagion was hurting business at Chinese restaurants than he was worried about the danger of the disease itself.

This pandemic means that my wife and I don’t get to see our grandchildren, and our youngest son, who flew to Florida two weeks ago (“ Enjoy Your Corona vacation, ” March 16), is now stuck there, perhaps for the duration of the crisis. If you’re a Trump voter, chances are that you live in a low-risk area of the country, as the virus is most rampant in places like New York City, Detroit, and Seattle, which vote Democrat by overwhelming margins.

Of course, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) want to blame President Trump for this pandemic, and his press conferences are a daily battle with a journalistic community that wants to spin his every word to inflict the maximum damage on his reelection prospects. Most of his supporters live in places that are, so far, little impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and who, therefore, want to see the “social distancing” orders ended soon, so that the country can get back to normal.

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Mike Lin dell’s company is now manufacturing protective masks for medical workers, thus doing more than any of his media critics to help America fight the pandemic. Limiting the spread of the Wuhan virus in the “safe” parts of America will free up medical personnel from across the country to help where the pandemic is already at crisis levels.

Rising powers often become most aggressive when their trajectory flattens, their difficulties multiply, and they fear that they have only a finite period in which to achieve their vaulting ambitions. Xi Jinping’s government is advertising its determination to bring Taiwan back into its grasp, carve out a sphere of influence in the Indo-Pacific, and reorder the international system to its liking.

The danger zone is the temperature range in which food-borne bacteria can grow. Food safety agencies, such as the United States' Food Safety and Inspection Service (Sits), define the danger zone as roughly 40 to 140 °F (4 to 60 °C).

The ISIS stipulates that potentially hazardous food should not be stored at temperatures in this range in order to prevent foodborne illness (for example, a refrigerator's temperature must be kept below 4 °C (40 °F) ), and that food that remains in this zone for more than two hours should not be consumed. Foodborne microorganisms grow much faster in the middle of the zone, at temperatures between 21 and 47 °C (70 and 117 °F).

Food-borne bacteria, in large enough numbers, may cause food poisoning, symptoms similar to gastroenteritis or “stomach flu” (a misnomer, as true influenza primarily affects the respiratory system). Some symptoms include stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

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Food-borne illness becomes more dangerous in certain populations, such as people with weakened immune systems, young children, the elderly, and pregnant women. In Canada, there are approximately 4 million cases of food-borne disease per year.

These symptoms can begin as early as shortly after and as late as weeks after consumption of the contaminated food. Time and temperature control plays a critical role in food safety.

To prevent time-temperature abuse, the amount of time food spends in the danger zone must be minimized. A logarithmic relationship exists between microbial cell death and temperature, that is, a small decrease of cooking temperature can result in considerable numbers of cells surviving the process.

Meat: beef, poultry, pork, seafood Eggs and other protein-rich foods Dairy products Cut or peeled fresh produce Cooked vegetables, beans, rice, pasta Sauces, such as gravy Sprouts Any foods containing the above, e.g. casseroles, salads, quiches According to Bryan (2004), a more complex, but more comprehensive picture of food safety hazards can be given by full consideration of the many factors involved.

He advocates seeing the danger zone as “a series of ranges that represent different degrees of hazards and risks.” He presents the danger zone in a chart of time versus temperature as having a zone of high danger in which foods are at temperatures between 30C and 45C for several hours, surrounded by two zones of lesser danger involving exposure at lower temperatures for longer periods of time.

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The Canadian Press ^ “Yearly food-borne illness estimates for Canada”. Canadian Press, The, ^ “Customer Care and Help:Service Food Safety Course Content”.

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