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• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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A portion of that time is spent on interstates driving to work, on road trips or visiting friends or family. Considering that there are over 70 interstates in the United States, we took a look at the most dangerous interstates in America, based on fatalities per mile.

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This analysis used raw data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Report System from 2010 through 2015 and found fatality rates based on highway lengths. The 132-mile highway connects from I-275 to I-95, and has had 1.41 fatalities per mile in the past six years, making it the most dangerous interstate in the United States.

Interstate 45 is located entirely in Texas and connects Dallas and Houston, before running south to the Gulf of Mexico. The 285-mile highway has had 1.24 fatalities per mile in the past 6 years, making it the second most dangerous interstate in America.

Interstate 30 runs west of Fort Worth, Texas through Dallas to North Little Rock in Arkansas, where it connects to I-40. The 367-mile highway has had 1.03 deaths per mile in the past 6 years, making it the 4th most dangerous interstate in America.

Interstate 95 runs 1926 miles from Miami, Florida to Houston, Maine. The highway has had 0.88 fatalities per mile in the past six years, making it the 6th most dangerous interstate in the United States.

Interstate 10 runs 2460 miles from Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville, Florida. Interstate 37 is located within Texas and runs 143 miles from Corpus Christi to San Antonio.

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The highway has had 0.8 fatalities per mile during the past six years, making it the 8th most dangerous interstate in the United States. Interstate 26 runs 306 miles from Kingsport, Tennessee to Charleston, South Carolina.

The highway has had 0.8 fatalities per mile during the past six years, making it the 9th most dangerous interstate in America. While it’s difficult to say for sure what impacts these crashes, there are some commonalities between the most lethal interstates, including high traffic volume, risky driving habits and a lack of state distracted driving legislation.

Here are some similarities discovered between the most dangerous states: Florida, Texas and Arizona. In Florida, the distracted driving law is only a secondary offense, so drivers cannot be pulled over unless another violation is committed.

Texas has no statewide distracted driving laws and is one of only four states that has yet to initiate a ban. Arizona, like Texas, has no statewide distracted driving laws and is one of only four states that has yet to pass a ban.

While Atlanta is known for several appealing qualities including its breathtaking views, impressive selection of restaurants, bustling city life and overall southern hospitality, there is one large obstacle that locals and visitors alike can agree on as a source of constant anxiety and affliction: I-285. With this being said, the highway has an extremely high volume of commuting vehicles, giving it a reputation for both gridlock traffic and a point of supply for hazardous car accidents.

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As an interstate system that was designed over 50 years ago, the structure, curvature and overall alignment was not built to handle the massive cargo that are today’s norm of shipment transportation. As well as being designed for a different era of cars and trucks, the now 63.98 mile I-285 loop was never intended to accommodate such a massive amount of vehicles.

This junction is dangerous due to its difficult turns combined with a large quantity of individuals who surpass the speed limit. With this many people on the road at any given time, added with the usage of technology while driving causing distractions and constant roadwork, this all constitutes a cocktail for disaster.

If you or a loved one has suffered a car accident on I-285, contact one of our attorneys at Schneider Hammers today. Thank you for your interest in Schneider Hammers, and to all the fellow Georgia residents commuting to and from work, please stay safe.

Here are the absolute worst freeways in America, as determined by a metric of suck that we’re calling the Total Horribleness Index. Basically, we combed through a ton of data from the Federal Highway Administration to find out just how awful a city's traffic really is.

1) The amount of time you're needlessly wasting in traffic 2) The road roughness that beats the crap out of you and your car 3) The chances that you'll, you know, die Providence, RI Total Horribleness Rating: 0.2700 Worst aspect: While the road conditions are better than average, you've got a pretty decent chance of dying on a Rhode Island interstate.

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Philadelphia, PA Total Horribleness Rating: 0.2726 Worst aspect: The insane duration of bottlenecks. The narrow highway that eschews expansion because of unfortunate geography is their only way into the city to experience cool shit (error culture).

There's no need to listen to 'Traffic and Transit on the Twos,' because the same delays play tragically on repeat, kind of like anything by Philadelphia's own, Pink.” Pittsburgh, PA Total Horribleness Rating: 0.2992 Worst aspect: Calling the Parkway a parking lot isn't even a joke.

What people are saying: “If you remember the bad resurfacing they did several years ago, there were a ton of accidents and I kept on calling PXI and saying 'you have to ask if there is oil coming onto the road surface.' Well it turns out it was a bad batch and indeed it was leaking oil onto the surface, and they had to resurface the whole highway.

San Francisco, CA Total Horribleness Rating: 0.3739 Worst aspect: It's an all-around shitshow in San Fran, with inconsistent traffic on interstates that suck time out of your day, beat you up with bumps, and potentially kill you. What people are saying: “Driving on the I-80 over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco any time between the hours of 6am and 8pm is like willingly entering a particularly cruel insane asylum.

What people are saying: “Heading south into Downtown Austin, the 200 yards before the split between the lower and upper deck, is one of the single worst places in the state of Texas. You will invariably become stuck between two semis, an oversized pick-up truck, and a Corolla that is defying science by continuing to run, even though its oil hasn't been changed since the Bush administration.

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You will invariably fail to Flogger your way out of the upper-deck lanes, which are the equivalent of entering a 20-minute holding cell, where you'll have ample opportunity to ponder just how weird Chick-fil-A's advertising campaign is and how much longer its creative team will be able to milk those two cows for new concepts.” Dallas, TX Total Horribleness Rating: 0.4359 Worst aspect: Fort Worth has traffic issues that will make grown men cry, but between the LBJ, Sermons, and Central Expressway, Dallas is losing nearly $1 billion a year just from people sitting around doing nothing.

And LBJ spent so many decades as the bane of every Dallas ite’s existence that the city hired a Spanish company to build a fancy multi-level system just so people could pay nearly five bucks each way, every day, to be spared the PTSD-invoking sight of the horrible traffic on the surface.” Denver, CO Total Horribleness Rating: 0.4677 Worst aspect: The complete and utter randomness of winter traffic makes planning impossible.

What people are saying: “I-70; fresh pow is coming down in View, you packed up your gear, and you leave at 5am to go skiing. Instead, you sit for four hours in your Subaru because the goddamn Eisenhower Tunnel is closed due to an accident and isn't opening anytime soon.

They all suck, resulting in nearly 8.5 hours of traffic every single day that fluctuates more than any other city in the States. Sure, that 'disaster' -- which happened when the freeway had to close to add lanes -- wasn't as bad as anyone predicted, but that's more due to media coverage than the shutdown itself.

Since the freeway connects North and South LA and the city and the Valley, it's often responsible for traffic jams... at 2am. Houston, TX Total Horribleness Rating: 0.5129 Worst aspect: Nearly 1.2 million man-hours are lost to this Bermuda Triangle of traffic every year.

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New Orleans, LA Total Horribleness Rating: 0.8094 Worst aspect: The roads are among the roughest in the nation, the delays are infamous, and the only place where you're more likely to die on an interstate is in Alaska. What people are saying: “I have lost track of how many times I have left my house to run an errand, end up sitting in gridlock for 30 mins and then eventually turning around to go home.

Washington, DC Total Horribleness Rating: 1.2649 Worst aspect: The roads are far and away the roughest interstate patches in the US -- the only system remotely close is Hawaii, which should get some slack considering the whole state is one big active volcano system. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) compiles an annual database stuffed with more statistics than a baseball archive.

The higher the number, the slower the traffic tends to get, compared to when the road is clear. Total Horribleness Rating: TCI x the weighted roughness x the deaths per mile = the worst part of your day, probably.

January is the most dangerous month to be traveling on Interstate 4 in Florida, which runs between Tampa and Daytona Beach. Sunday is the worst day of the week for the 132 miles between Tampa and Daytona Beach.

Telegram Naval has put that all together in a sharp infographic chock-full of information on where and when more fatal traffic deaths occur. Interstate 4 is the deadliest highway in America with 1.25 deaths per mile from 2011 to 2015.

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It is one of only two U.S. highways with more than one death per mile, according to an impressive infographic created by Telegram Naval, a GPS fleet management company. Nearly 100 people a day were killed in traffic accidents in the United States in 2015, according to Fatal Accident Reporting System data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

While this morbid list and graphic might make it look like the U.S. is a dangerous place to travel, compared to the rest of the world, it is not. According to the World Health Organization, the U.S. is among the 25 safest countries to drive, based on total fatalities per billion kilometers driven, Telegram Naval, points out.

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