Are Jay Z And Eminem Friends

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• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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You’d think that would cause a permanent riff between these two, but Eminem and Rihanna have gone on to find great success in their musical collaborations and are regularly spotted hanging out as friends. Snoop Dogg has a great level of respect for Eminem’s craft and has provided guest lyrics on one of Em’s songs in the past.

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The two were collaborating in the studio late in 2018, when a teaser went out suggesting Eminem’s involvement in Snoop’s stage show ‘Redemption Of A Dog.’ They’ve also been spotted in clubs together and out and about with other mutual friends from the hip-hop world. It seems they had the basics of a friendship in place before she started egging people on using social media, calling Eminem her “husband.” Fans flocked to social media outlets asking her if she and Eminem were actually dating, and she confirmed the rumors.

Billboard reports that Eminem gave Pink his autograph at the 2001 MTV Music Video Awards, and that launched her crush on him to full-blown infatuation. In a hilariously honest interview, she told Billboard that a night of binge wine-drinking led her to write a song and love note to Eminem, and the liquid courage helped her send it to him.

They disagree wildly in the area of politics, but aside from that, Eminem and Kid Rock are known to head out for a good time. Huffington Post reveals that when asked about one another, they referred to each other as friends who occasionally got together for dinner.” They’ve spent time playing basketball and hanging at one another’s houses.

Jonah Hill must have been very impressed to hear that one of the most iconic rappers of all-time was a huge fan of one of his movies. Missy Elliot has huge respect for Eminem’s talent and pure lyrical genius.

She reached out to him when she was working on “The Real World” in the late 1990s, telling Hiphopdx that she “felt she needed Eminem on the album,” and that she knew he was “special” and that he was going to “blow up.” Her respect and support of him has continued and the two have maintained a friendship that has lasted decades. 50 Cent owes a lot of his success from the “Get Rich Or Die Train” era to Eminem, and they’ve both collaborated on music a number of times over the years.

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Hot New Hip Hop reports on their brotherhood by stating that “the pair have remained closer than most rappers; in fact, a few artists seem to boast such a genuine and long-lasting friendship.” They seem to have a friendly rivalry going, and in spite of the fact that the hip hop game is a very competitive one, they get along famously and have a great respect for one another’s music, art, and friendship.

Dr. Dre is a living legend in the rap world, and is credited for discovering Eminem. He created the platform from which Eminem has grown and eventually his career exploded to international fame.

Eminem has an incredible amount of respect and gratitude for Dr. Dre and the two have been inseparable from the beginning. The late Brittany Murphy spent a lot of time with Eminem during the filming of 8 Mile, and the two shared an intimate love scene together.

Brittany revealed to Universal Metropolis that “Marshal was so overwhelmingly respectful” and “didn’t make her feel uncomfortable in any way” during the filming of the intimate scenes. The two went on to become good friends, and Eminem publicly declared his sadness at the time of her passing.

They run in the same circles and as far as drama and beef goes, DMX values his relationship with Em and doesn’t want to stir things up. During an interview with Pro, DMX referred to Eminem as “a talented artist” and when asked if he considers him a Rap God, his response was “we have a good relationship,” refusing to engage in anything that would start beef.

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Busta Rhymes and Eminem were battle rappers back in the day, and have gone on to record and perform together. These two have combined forces on a significant number of tunes, inclusive of Em’s remake of “Pick It Up,” and of course their collab on “Off The Wall” for the Nutty Professor II Soundtrack.

Wearing a black hoodie and shorts, Em came out swinging, punching the air as he blazed into “Won’t Back Down” from his chart-topping “Recovery.” He seemed as if he had something to prove, forcefully spitting song’s the vicious rhymes, bobbing and weaving, holding his microphone close to his mouth. Perhaps to make things easier on the eyes for the males in attendance, the oddball rap chanteuse Nicki Minaj appeared for “Monster.” Although her Day Go camp look is terribly distracting, her rhymes and delivery were arresting.

I’ve listened and loved every album and will regularly revisit his back-catalogue and some of the best verses ever written are his. I love the journey that he’s been on with his music, growing from deadbeat drug dealer, to starting a record label, to becoming a business magnate, to his more recent work dealing with philosophical, political and moral topics.

…but when it comes rap and hip-hop, the writing, the technical ability, flow, rhyme, variety, and all the battling, beef and bravado that is central to Hip Hop, Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time. Both artists come grew up in difficult conditions, broken homes and environments that were often hostile.

Unlike Jazz, who had Damon Dash start a record label, so they could put his music out, Eminem had to scalp other MCs to get the recognition he deserved. However, it’s useful as a starting point to put into context just how big of an impact these two rappers have had on the music scene.

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Compare that to Eminem who has made trap tunes like Believe, Rock remixes like Remind Me and Rap God with probably one of the most talked about verses in the last 5 years. And he does have some classics like Nigga What where he returned to his nimble, technical flow, but for the most part it’s one-dimensional (and especially recently) he just can’t, or won’t, do it like Eminem can.

To reiterate, Eminem’s ability to change his flow and master multiple different styles of rapping is unrivaled. But what makes Eminem completely unique is that he has taken the rap form and totally smashed barriers and gone in directions that were unthinkable before he came along.

Acoustically, there’s just nobody else that has got the range and breadth of sounds out of rap music that Eminem has . He is the master jester who is able to make astute cultural observations, and mercilessly slay those in his line of fire using lyrics and music videos as his weapons.

If breadth is important to be the greatest of all time, Eminem would beat Jazz, hands down. The ability for rappers to paint pictures and tell compelling stories is part of what has made the genre so impactful over the years.

But Eminem has created characters and stories that have proven so compelling and painfully relatable that they will stand the test of time. Dis's tracks and battling are a part of rap, and artists and crews have been insulting each other on the mic to show who is better since the very beginning.

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Jazz locked horns with the prophet poet Na's, and came out on top of arguably the biggest industry battle since BIG and Tupac. This battle is the rap equivalent of walking up to the biggest bully in high-school and punching him in the throat on the first day of school.

He took swings at pretty much the whole of pop culture, but also directly had industry beefs, most notably with Benzine (owner of the Source), and JA Rule… It seems a distant fantasy now, but there was a time when JA Rule was one of the biggest rappers on the planet.

Some of the biggest rappers in the world lined up behind them (including DMX and Busta Rhymes), and they terrorized JA Rule, who himself admits that his reputation and career never recovered afterwards. For me, there is an even better example of Eminem’s disc prowess, in when he was going back and forth with Everlast (frontman for House of Pain).

It is aggressive, insulting and is a complete character assassination on Notorious BIG and his crew. Listen to the rhyme scheme and the flow that he uses to deliver punchlines with devastating effect before passing the mic to his squad to finish off the job.

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