Are Jay Z And Nas Friends

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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Shots Fired : “You want to ball till you fall, I can help you with that/You want beef? Na's drops “We Will Survive,” which addresses the deaths of Biggie and PAC while pondering the prospects of another major feud between two rap giants.

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Na's swiftly responds with a scathing freestyle over Eric B & Hakim's “Paid in Full.” On the freestyle later dubbed “Stigmatic” (aka “H to the OMO”), Na's runs through a list of charges against Jay.

Jay replies that Na's didn't live the street life, he “witnessed from his folks' pad.” He adds that Na's had never seen a TEC-9 until Jay showed him one while on tour with Large Professor.

He's sarcastically analyzing Na's career from the perspective of a brutally honest fan. In the process, he framed conversations around Na's career, even if the facts were embellished for dramatic effect.

In 1994, Na's became a household name after releasing his groundbreaking debut album Climatic. The native of Queens bridge, Na's, quickly became one of the top rappers in the industry.

Na's was not happy about that and responded with subliminal jabs on “The Message” from the album It Was Written. In 2001, Jay performed “Takeover” at the Hot 97 Summer Jam and took several personal shots at Na's.

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Jay then released the single on the critically and commercially acclaimed album The Blueprint. In 2001, Na's made a considerable career comeback with the universally praised album Stigmatic.

Na's even implied Jay had an affair with Foxy Brown and that Eminem outshone him on his own track “Renegade.” “Ether” is regarded as one of the greatest and most ruthless disc tracks of all time.

She forced her son to apologize to Na's and his family, which he eventually did publicly. At the same time, Na's put a halt to the feud when his mother, Fannie Ann Jones, became ill.

In 2002, Na's released the critically acclaimed album God's Son. The combination of his comeback, “Ether,” and God's Son cemented his status as one of the greatest of all time.

Indeed, fans assumed Jay was going to repeat his performance from the 2001 Hot 97 Summer Jam. In 2006, Na's signed with Def Jam Records when Jay was president of the company.

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Later, Na's and Jay collaborated on several singles, including “Black Republican,” “Success,” and “BBC.” However, a majority of fans and the industry feel that Na's was the clear winner.

During their feud, New York radio station Hot 97 conducted a poll with 58% of fans choosing “Ether” over “Spa Ugly.” It all started when Na's released his twelfth studio album, Nair, on June 15.

Of course, fans instantly speculated the feud was back on with the close release dates. Na's and Jay finally put their legendary feud to rest and took their places as the Kings of hip hop.

HOV's devastating wordplay led to his mother, Gloria, stepping in to demand her son to apologize to Na's and his family. Fast-forward to 2005, and both of these rap giants shocked the world when Na's appeared as a special guest on Jay's “I Declare War” tour.

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