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| Updated: Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 18:05 Of late, Star Plus' popular and longest-running show Yes Right Kay Delta HAI has been hitting the headlines, regarding the upcoming twist. Recently, the makers of the show shared a promo, which hinted at Shiva Joshi's character, Area's death as Martin (Cousin Khan) will be seen recalling Area while immersing her ashes in a lake.

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This was a shocker for all fans as they feel that Shiva Joshi will be exiting the show. The latest reports suggest that Trajan Shah had differences with his team regarding Area's death, which led to a fall out between the producer and the actress.

According to Spotty report, in the upcoming episode, the Gonks will be on their way to seek blessings from their Kuldeep. Kay Mast HAI Life is an Indian teen sitcom television series which ran on Disney Channel India from 27 April 2009 to 7 July 2010.

The show focused on the lives of five college friends: Raging, Eshan ('ZEE'), Xenia, Rite and Veer. At her new college, Redfield Academy, she meets Xenia Khan, Eshan Khan aka ZEE (Xenia's twin brother), VIR Mehran, and Rite Shah: a gang of inseparable childhood friends.

The season starts off with ZEE discovering a magic potion which makes the last thoughts of the characters come true. When Rite returns, Raging, ZEE, Xenia, and Veer have a wonderful adventure with the magic potion.

But when they visit Raging in Thailand, the magic potion turns out to be a ghost who wants to take revenge on the gang because of a mistake ZEE made. They all breathe a sigh of relief thinking that the magic potion which had caused them so much trouble was gone, but it is actually back in ZEE's bag.

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Antoine Villanueva, senior vice-president and managing director, Walt Disney Television International India, said, “Teens today are wise and wired. Family Allan, managing director of Sol production company SOL, said, “We are excited about producing our first fiction show with a leading teen and family television brand like Disney Channel.

We look forward to establishing similar success with Kay Mast HAI Life in the fiction genre.” Yes Right Kay Delta HAI 2nd October Unexpected entry Martin and Area have a fight for the blanket.

She tells him that he may stay awake like an owl and then sleep in the day time when she may be going for her delivery. She tells that their daughter may come anytime, and he may be sleeping at home.

Area laughs that he has slept in peace while putting her to sleep. Area tells that she will stay at home, she isn’t too serious.

Area asks Gays to wake up Martin and inform him about her hospital trip if the labor isn’t a false alarm this time. The doctor tells Area that delivery is close, she will be rushed to the OT now.

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Krishna meets him and tells him that Area has gone for the delivery, she was experiencing labor pain. Martin can’t believe that his daughter is coming when he isn’t prepared.

Area tells the nurse that she won’t go to the OT until Martin comes. He faces a worse time when he fails to get any lift.

He drives the cycle and tells Area that he is coming to the hospital. He gets irritated by the milkman driving in front of his car and blocking his way.

Deviant tells that the milkman is wearing clothes like a hero. Martin gets a bad dream and imagines that Area is undergoing a surgery.

After reaching the hospital, Martin meets Area and ensures that he will have security doubled at the hospital so that they don’t lose their newborn like the last time. He refuses to deliver her baby, which adds up troubles and lots of drama.

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Martin tries hard to convince the doctor to operate Area. Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yes Right Kay Delta HAI 2nd October Unexpected entry: 5/5 Episode filled with romantic and funny moments.

This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

Watch Video Yes Right Kay Delta HAI 28th December 2020 Video Episode 3318 Online Latest Video By Hot star In HD, Indian Hindi Drama Serial Yes Right Kay Delta HAI Today Full Episodes Star Plus, Watch Yes Right Kay Delta HAI 28 December 2020 Online. It's another female-centric film that leads you across numerous red herrings before finally reaching the dénouement.

Bobby (Banana Renault) suffers from a kind of multiple personality disorder because she witnessed the accidental death of her parents as a child. She becomes obsessed with a young man Keisha (Rajkumar Ran) moves into her bungalow as a tenant with his wife REMA (Myra Master).

Things take a drastic turn when REMA is killed in a kitchen accident. She hates taking her pills because they make her drowsy, preferring the company of the characters inside her than real friends.

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Her imaginary friends acting as DEU ex Machine is a high concept creation indeed and not without its merits, though they also bring about some unintended hilarity to the narrative. You forget you're watching an actor and totally believe in her character, rooting for Bobby from the word go.

She doesn't put a step wrong, even when the screenplay trips her, finding her balance and remaining true to her character. Anika Dillon's screenplay falters a bit towards the end but overall she's written another engaging script.

South director Prakash Kovelamudi makes a confident debut in Hindi cinema. Judgmental Hairy Story: When Bobby meets her new tenants, a young married couple, their perfectly normal life leaves her really curious.

But then a murder takes place and Bobby suspects Keisha has a role to play in the crime. Judgmental Hairy Review: A brutal childhood trauma leaves Bobby (Banana Renault) diagnosed with acute psychosis in her adult years.

To bring out this element of madness in her further, there’s also a busy wall in her house that has photographs of her dressed as every character she has dubbed for. And deep down, Bobby yearns to be an actor herself, something that her manager come so-called boyfriend, Va run (Hussain Daley), is unable to pull off.

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When he protests, she tells him without batting an eyelid, “Tum also KE raise nah in ho sake... easy going and adjusting. In the midst of this existence, enter Keisha and RIMA (Rajkumar Ran and Myra Master) as her new tenants and a much in love couple.

Prakash Kovelamudi’s narrative style is quirky, edgy and one that absorbs you instantly. The stylistic of the scenes, characters and sound design ensures that the atmosphere remains intriguing throughout the story.

To give it another dimension, the film brings in an underlying motif of the Ramayana, albeit with a modern day twist. At one point in the film, Bobby tells Keisha, “Ab Site Raven KO Dundee.” 'Judgmental Hairy keeps you engaged all the way, though the screenplay in the second half does go a bit awry at times, with some scenes that seem stretched.

Banana Renault is brilliant as Bobby, as she seamlessly gets under the skin of her character, nailing the quirks and nuances. Rajkumar Ran, fits into his slightly macho, edgy persona like a glove.

After reaching her residence, Renault also posted a video slamming Maharashtra CM Buddha Thackeray, who is also the Sent chief. The Buddha Thackeray-led party had slammed Renault for comparing Mumbai to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

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Deshmukh said Adhiyaman, the son of actor Shikhar Human, was once in a relationship with Ranaut, and he had alleged that she used to take drugs.

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