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• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife Dhanashree Versa wasn’t a shy bride on her wedding day. A video has been shared by her that shows her grooving on ‘Are Re Are Ye Kahlua song from DIL To Papal HAI at the wedding premises.

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The marriage took place on December 22, 2020, was a private affair with just close friends and family, the couple married in a Hindu ceremony at the Karma Lake resort. From feeding the animals to wrapping a massive snake around their necks, the newlyweds have been having a ball and have shared some exotic pictures from Dubai.

For instance, when #ForgetCondoms was trending, people were confused, but Durex India’s viral Instagram post clarified the air. #Kahlua is the latest viral hashtag dominating the top trends on Twitter.

This is why, it becomes easy for any trend to go viral and garner massive reactions. In addition, hilarious meme templates and funny jokes also give netizens a way to express their emotions, and spread much-needed laughter online.

For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website latestly.com). Indian musician Cash Carver released his soul-stirring track, ‘ Kahlua (2020) which depicts the journey of love which was destined for doom.

Yeah Carver, who is classically trained since the age of 13 and is a law graduate, has also delivered great hits like ‘Surabaya’ for Street Dancer 3D (2020) and ‘EK To Km Zindagani’ for Marjaavaan (2019). We speak exclusively to the multifaceted talent, Cash Carver about his song ‘ Kahlua ’, his musical journey and collaborating with Right Rich.

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“This year there was a lockdown, the world shut down, and we said, ‘If this song doesn’t release now then it never will.’ Cash Carver and Right Rich’s decision to release ‘ Kahlua during such unprecedented times acts as a catalyst for many people who use music as a form of comfort.

Speaking about partnering with Right Rich for ‘ Kahlua ’, Cash states: “Right Kanji for me, when I heard his first couple of tracks was the defining moment for me as a musician.

“I had never heard somebody use sound and mix different genres like pop, use Indian instruments and vocalists. In fact, Cash continued to mention that Right Rich has also been one of his musical inspirations.

“When the song from Half Girlfriend, ‘Mere DIL Man’ happened it was like a dream come true.” There is no denying that this amazing pair deliver exceptional songs every time they join forces.

Cash Carver’s musical ambition was nurtured by his parents who he described as “really great listeners.” Besides being exposed to numerous artists from an early age linked to fatal and classical, Cash was also surrounded by music-loving friends.

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Answering whether he prefers composing or singing, Cash Narverkar highlighted the concept of an artist in India as someone who becomes “a singer or music director or lyric writer.” Cash further reveals that an artist cannot sit idle waiting for somebody to offer him/her a song.

Cash is optimistic that the music industry in India will carry on improving in the coming years. Cash Carver believes the digital age has allowed artists to enjoy more exposure without the need for a record label.

Having been surrounded by “a lot of different kinds of music” in his life, Cash “learned and pulled out bits and pieces of things from everywhere.” Explaining what music means to him, Cash compared it to a “rabbit hole,” which he uses as a form of escapism.

Cash, who is a law graduate, revealed why he ventured into music after attaining his degree” Cash further added that he enjoys “the process more than the outcome.” There is no doubt that music means everything to him.

Cash has a very simple message for fans, recommending unwinding and enjoying his track, along with spreading love. The song is available on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and Ghana.

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I do know of women who don't mind spending the rest of their lives on love and fresh air, but I certainly mind watching an urban, educated middle-class woman mouthing archaic lines like 'Much AUR such nah in Bukhara Paar AUR swath chalice'! While Mona looks after home and hearth, Pradeep is toiling hard for a promotion that's been eluding him for a few years now.

Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. If the newly-inducted cashier in your company were to claim he found only Rs 8, 361 in the till when, according the previous cashier, there should have been Rs 90,000 chances are you wouldn’t allow that to pass.

You’d immediately want to get to the bottom of it and punish whoever is guilty of filching the money. Yet Last Thursday when railway minister Mama ta Bakeries made so bold as to say the surplus of the Indian Railways (IR) was only Rs8, 361 crore as against her predecessor Lulu Prasad’s claim of Rs 90,000 crore, taxpayers (collectively owners of the railways) did not bat an eyelid.

They took it in their stride, regarding it as just another example of one-upmanship between the tempestuous did and her showman predecessor. Bottom line is whether it is the Rail budget or the Union Budget, there is a cavalier attitude to numbers relating to the public domain that we would never accept in our personal or business lives.

Rahul Gandhi met people of Bhatia village in Dark. Rahul Gandhi did not get permission to hold road show, so he sat in a bullock cart for which he was not stopped.

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In a lighter sense Rahul questioned people, “Gujarat KE Vikas KO Kahlua Main?”. Congress vice president will talk to unemployed youth and farmers of Gujarat.

In Ahmedabad during his visit he addressed a “Saved” meeting with Congress party men NGOs including District, Talk and Manager Malika level Observers at Riverfront Event Center and guide them in wake of upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections 2017 scheduled by this year-end. He criticized the ruling BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were “scared” of the outcome of the upcoming Gujarat Assembly polls as their much-touted “model of development” in the State had “failed.” Rahul displayed confidence that the Congress, in Opposition in Gujarat for nearly two decades, would come to power after the polls, likely to be held later this year.

18:15 hrs : Meeting with Heads of Frontal/Departments/Cells of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee Rahul Gandhi would have dialogue with professionals including Doctors, CAS, Engineers, Entrepreneurs over various issues and hardship faced due to Demonetization, GST, pitiable condition of farmers, rising unemployment, and rampant corruption etc.

In “Saved” meet discussion / chat would be held on social, political and financial situation in the state. The name of the Tatra, the exact route, and other details are being worked out,” Harassing Polanski said in a press conference held in Ahmedabad yesterday.

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