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David Lawrence
• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
• 5 min read

Taken under the wing of Mo hit Sure as part of the Universal Music India venture VERY Originals; Carver has been a frequent collaborator with Right Rich delivering songs such as ‘Mere DIL Man’ (Half Girlfriend), ‘Teri Aaron Man’ (Been Hog Teri) and both powerhouses have even composed soundtracks for high profile promotional videos. Classically trained since the age of 13 and also a law graduate, the unstoppable Carver delivered his biggest hit earlier this year, “Mutable” for Street Dancer 3D and also featured on a duet with Bollywood queen NEA Akbar for ‘EK To Km Zindagani’ (ft Nora Fate hi) for the movie Marjaavaan.

kya hua tera wada lyrics hum nahi
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Cash’s passion for melody and all things' music has enabled him to compose great songs for Alt Balaji’s hit web series ‘Broken’, for Cine 1 with ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ and he has even participated in the singing show ‘The Remix’ on Amazon Prime Video. Leaving no stone unturned, Carver has seen great success in the independent music scene especially with his debut non-film single ‘Teri Yard’ which hit Platinum status.

This latest release, ‘ Kahlua with Right Rich and Break The Noise Records, sheds a raw spotlight on not only Carver’s vocal ability but also his skills as a lyricist and song composer. An accompanying video for ‘ Kahlua was conceptualized and directed by Break The Noise Records’ very own REV in a beautiful farmhouse in Tonalá.

One of the key aspects of Break The Noise Records is its passion for developing undiscovered and/or emerging talent along with supporting independent artists around the world. Watch & Enjoy the melodious song “Yes Kahlua from the movie Amar Poem (1972) starring Rajesh Hanna and Sharia Tagore in the lead only on Bollywood Classics.

G b a b a g f# a g f# era at jab take ho. Solo Na Kahlua . Humko ye Kahlua . Hui ANSI beat Kay . Bolo Na. Tumne manna burn. Mere is beat key. Maine such main Kara.

Hum done man., lies the couple I., Jag eh hi Nazi the Bach., Pair man coup KYU Hui. Phir Thu coup KYU Huey . Aisa such KO Huey . Bolo Na. Chose SE Baath né., Rosa main Rasta. He he main Baath Kay . Bolo solo Na. Thune BHI.................... ............... Bolo Na.

hua kya tera lyrics wada karaoke hindi song
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