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Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Fill & Sign Online, Print, Email, Fax, or Download As you read the articles and study the images, think about how our smartphones affect our lives.

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This same chemical is released when you interact with your phone and get something rewarding out of it, such as a like on Instagram or a text from a friend. Over time, the association your brain makes between your smartphone and good feelings can become so strong that those buzzes and dings become impossible to resist.

For example, you might understand that checking your phone while doing your math homework isn’t a good idea. But because your brain is hyper-focused on seeking out pleasurable experiences, the lure of your device can overpower everything else.

Suddenly, four hours have passed, and you’ve worked through only two math problems out of 20. When the need to constantly check your phone begins to interfere with your life in this way, it may mean the obsession has gone too far.

Warning signs of addiction include lying about how much time you’re spending on your devices, spending less time in-person with friends, and seeing your grades fall, says psychologist Edward Spector, who helps teens who obsessively use technology. Nearly half of teens report being online “almost constantly,” according to a Pew Research Center study.

Indeed, when kids are studying, they tend to be interrupted by their phones every three to five minutes, says Larry Rose, a psychologist who researches teens’ relationship with technology. It takes your brain about 23 minutes to achieve the state of concentration you need to write an essay or read a novel.

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Each time you check your phone (or hear it buzz or spot an alert out of the corner of your eye), your brain is pulled out of its state of concentration. So constantly checking your phone means not only that you may never reach the level of deep thought you’re capable of, but also that it will take you longer to get things done.

Distraction can happen even when your phone isn’t near you, like on that trip to Grandma’s house. According to a study conducted by psychologist Jean Twinge, 43 percent of teens are getting fewer than seven hours.

Many experts, including Twinge herself, are certain that smartphones are a big factor in this sleep deprivation. The more time you spend on an app, the more money the company can get from advertisers that pay to display their ads.

Roy Legal, chief operating officer of the image-sharing site Igor, doesn’t allow his children to use their devices at meals, in their bedrooms, or before their homework is done. Danielle Levites, senior vice president of App Annie, allows screen time only on the weekends.

Even the late Steve Jobs, the creator of the iPhone, set strict screen limits for his kids. That could mean leaving your phone at home sometimes or turning it off for a certain amount of time each day.

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Use your phone-free time to pick up a new hobby, explore nature, meditate, listen to music, or simply have a conversation with someone. As time goes on, you’ll find that you can take longer breaks without fear of missing out.

New tools from Apple will let your parents control how much time you spend on your phone. Unlike most Apple products, Screen Time has nothing to do with enhancing your experience on your phone.

Last year, Google released a similar feature called Digital Wellbeing. Supporters of Screen Time and similar apps say that by enabling parents to better help their kids manage their phone time, these apps can help kids be healthier and more productive.

Earlier this year, Joshua started to worry that he was spending too much time on his phone. His mom suggested that he use an app that would allow her to block him from using his phone at certain times of the day, such as while doing homework and at bedtime.

But not everyone thinks apps like Screen Time are the right solution to smartphone addiction. Some people argue that learning to manage your time is an important part of growing up.

If kids start to rely on their parents or an app to manage their screen time for them, what are they really learning? Parent-operated controls could lead to frustration and arguments, and at the end of the day, they might not make you any less addicted to your phone.

For any real change in behavior to take place, family members need to be on the same page, says Dr. Frances Jensen, chair of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania and author of The Teenage Brain. If you’re making your own videos and sharing them with your friends in the afternoon, your parents may decide that the amount of time you’re spending is OK; you’re doing something creative and learning valuable skills.

But if you’re watching mindless videos in the middle of the night, you and your parents will probably agree that’s not healthy. On the other hand, should we really be turning to a piece of technology to help solve a problem that’s caused by.

What’s more, some believe tools like Screen Time are focused on the wrong problem entirely. Groups of friends barely talk to each other and people spend their time on their phone instead of paying attention to what’s in front of them.

This is a surprising amount of hours that people spend on their phone when they could be taking going outside or hanging an out with a friend. This company also found that eighty-five percent of people are constantly checking their phones while speaking with friends or family.

Bankmycell surveyed parents and teachers about kids and teens being addicted to their smartphones. Sixty-seven percent of surveyed teachers observed many students being negatively distracted by their mobile devices.

People are not getting the sleep they need and have a higher possibility to suffer from mental illnesses because of this technology addiction. In addition, most teenagers who spend five hours a day on electronic devices are seventy-one percent more likely to have suicide risk factors.

It’s very clear that even though electronics can be useful for many things, they are no good for any person’s mental health. June 08, 2014You see them staggering down our streets, heads bowed as if in prayer making the occasional grunting noise.

Mindless drooling reanimated human husks walking blindly into fountains, crosswalks and lamp posts. Everywhere you look you find the deathlike trance- frozen faces of we necromantic slaves with twitching fingers.

Sure, amazing things can be accomplished: check the weather patterns in Outer Mongolia. Order a chess set made out of imitation crab meat in the shape of the characters from 12 Years a Slave and have it delivered to our house before getting back from work.

Stall zombies in public restrooms that hog the enclosed sanctum to play a quick round of Fruit Ninja. Nightlife zombies who ignore the jokes onstage, so they can respond with multiple Loss on their electronic leash.

Tangentially ambulatory zombies who get into their car but refuse to leave parking spots until checking in with High Command. Vacation zombies who spend thousands of dollars to stare at their phones in distant exotic lands.

Even attempting to recruit potential zombie converts through such subhuman treatment as incessant shame and humiliation. While our forefingers develop biceps and our thumbs evolve to the size of zucchini, society continues its deep deterioration.

In order to contain this pandemic, the CDC should issue a directive that encourages the unmodified to punch Blue toothed elevator zombies right in their ear. And when the stupefied ones wake from their narcoleptic slumber and turn with confused expressions, inform them that it was all in the interest of the greater good.

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