Are Red Wigglers Good For Axolotls

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 17 January, 2021
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European are the smallest of the nightcrawlers but may still need to be cut up depending on the size of your axolotl. Some bait shops will carry young nightcrawlers called “Dillies” that are small enough to not have to cut up…but they are typically more expensive.

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PetS mart PERCO Walmart (fishing dept) Local bait shops Online Jessica is an experienced pet mom with dogs, cats, rats, fish, axolotls, a gecko, chickens, and ducks.

You can learn about technical requirements for adult salamander diets , but there are many food options you can choose that are nutritionally complete on their own. The biggest downside to using red wrigglers is that they can excrete a bitter substance and some axolotls won't eat them.

They are similar in size to black worms, so they are good for feeding juvenile axolotls. They are not as nutritionally dense as other worms, so it is recommended to only feed these as a treat or along with other foods to adult axolotls.

When choosing a brand of pellets it is important to make sure that the protein content is high enough, and it is usually better to use a type that sinks. Mafia is small, clear, freshwater crustaceans, and they are a common food for axolotls that have just hatched.

It comes as a powder, and you mix it with boiling water and pour it into molds, like jello. Axolotls seem to either love or hate this, but if yours likes this it could be an easier alternative to feeding worms.

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Ghost shrimp and small fish are both pretty uncommon staple foods. The only small fish that are truly trusted both nutritionally and in terms of not carrying diseases or parasites are guppies.

Ghost shrimp also are not very risky in terms of carrying disease, and their shells are soft enough that axolotls can eat them. Both ghost shrimp and guppies should be quarantined in separate tanks for at least 2 weeks before they are fed to your pet.

Although these are not the cheapest or safest options, they can benefit your axolotls by allowing them to use their instincts to hunt. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Wow thanks for food info I'm getting an axolotl the day after tomorrow! Axolotls are salamanders that live in freshwater and are unique to Mexico.

These amazing and unique animals have a large range of requirements when it comes to their diet. With the rise in popularity of Axolotls as pets, more and more information is available on their feeding and care.

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The following feeding guide for Axolotls was written to address some of the most commonly asked questions. Adult Axolotls can eat earthworms, red wigglers, pellets, or night crawlers as their main diet.

Red wigglers can secrete a bitter substance that may test gross to Axolotls. Some Axolotls may outright refuse to eat them because of their bitter taste.

I love using pellets because of the convenience, but you will need to remove the remaining food after feeding time. The general guideline is that you feed as many pellets as your Axolotls can eat within a few minutes and then remove whatever is left over.

For people who prefer live food, I would recommend night crawlers. Night crawlers are usually easy to find in stores which make them a great staple for your Axolotl’s diet.

When feeding time comes, cut up the night crawlers and give them to your Axolotls. You can feed your Axolotls a half of a Night Crawler per day.

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Red wigglers are easy to farm, but they do require food, and not all Axolotls like them. The red wigglers secrete a bitter substance that is safe to eat but may make the food taste bad.

You can swish the worms in the water before dropping them to your Axolotls to get rid of some bitters limes. You can deposit your food scraps into the bin for the worms, so they are generally easy to feed.

Tip : It is easier to remove the membrane if you boil and roast them in an oven or microwave for 5 – 10 min to completely dry out. You can also feed your red wigglers fruit peels but only those that do not come from citrus fruits. Citrus fruits have too much acid and can harm your red wigglers and possibly the Axolotls.

Avoid adding any meats or countries because these foods will attract extra pests and make the compost bin smell horribly. The worms also love decaying leaves, but they do not hold water well, so they can’t be the only bedding in the bin.

Blood worms can be frozen or freeze-dried and are not as nutritious for Axolotls as these other foods. Despite this, some hobbyists do give their Axolotls blood worms for their main diet.

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Your Axolotls would survive on this diet, but it is the equivalent of feeding them fast food every day. Brine shrimp are usually frozen, and these little guys can’t be the only thing that you feed your Axolotls.

I read about brine shrimp before feeding them to my Axolotls, but I had not realized just how small they are. I doubt that my Axolotls even noticed the first time that I dropped brine shrimp into my 20-gallon tank.

You can buy frozen blood worms and brine shrimp at some local pet stores in their freezer sections. You can find blood worms and brine shrimp in larger packs with 120 individually packaged frozen blocks.

Some stores also sell smaller packs of 30 individually packaged cubes. Blood worms can cause a mild to severe allergic reaction in some individuals.

When feeding time came, he developed swelling on his hand from handling the blood worms. Individuals with mild allergies may not notice an allergic reaction unless they swallowed the worms.

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You wouldn’t feed your kids a frozen meal that hasn’t been microwaved for dinner, and it is the same concept. I have had many people call my Axolotls fish because they live in the water.

View Entire Discussion (0 Comments)More posts from the axolotls community If you don't want to use a gel food like Rep ashy the best thing you can feed your axolotl are earthworms (these are far superior in nutrition than frozen foods or feeder fish).

However, I am making the switch to red wigglers because they are super easy to breed and since I'm in school would make my life easier instead of driving every week 30 min to pick up night crawlers. Night crawlers require deep soil and cool spaces and do not breed as often as red wigglers.

They are a lot different that the ones listed, but my second option would be Canadian nightcrawlers..... I think. They say the red wrigglers aka compost worms are the best for this, but since they admit a foul tasting substance when unhappy, some of my axolotls do not like to eat them. And unfortunately, I do not have a facility to keep Canadian nightcrawlers cool enough for breeding.

Which is why I originally asked this question, to see if anyone had an alternative species to feed that would be good for breeding also. Unfortunately, the term “earthworm” is so broad and can pertain to so many species, it makes this question a bit hard sometimes.

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I also breed white worms in a smaller tub indoors. These are excellent food for smaller amphibians and are full of essential fats and amino acids.

If you just want to feed worms any type will do, the is very little difference nutritionally. If you just want to feed worms any type will do, the is very little difference nutritionally.

100% agree I have had my red wigglers for about a week now, and I'm already noticing most of them swollen with babies. My little lots have been eating wigglers I culture in my compost projects all winter.

They do not mind the funny taste and wiggles after a week or so of no garden worms. I just began to turn n work my garden soil for the season and there is a lot a worms up already here in Colo. Must be a sign spring is coming soon.

I have tried several types of worms but my Axis seem to like the Canadian nightcrawlers the best, so I'll be sticking with those. Rotting leaves, newspaper, chicken scraps mix is best.

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Lots of permaculture instructions recommend against feeding them meat and fruit. Lots of permaculture instructions recommend against feeding them meat and fruit.

Shredded paper is good to dry out the bed a little and the worms will eat it. I am going to be offering for sale small Euros for smaller newts.

I am getting feedback from him with counts, so I can half way know what to communicate to potential buyers. Per average estimated counts, there are 2000 mini worms to the pound.

I use what I believe to be Alabama jumpers for adult newts and larger salamanders. They are easy to collect because they are normally at the surface eating dead leaves.

I am not sure what the healthiest worm is for them, but I do know that African Nightcrawlers reproduce VERY quickly. Now he is 11 inches long and eats anything that moves and shows no preferences.

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