Are Red Wigglers Native To Canada

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• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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Something I alluded to in the previous section was the fact that letting your waste material sit for a period of time is better than adding it right away. If you throw in a bunch of fresh carrot peelings the worms won’t be able to start processing the material until sufficient microbial colonization has taken place.

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I really like using newspaper to line the inside of my watertight bin which helps to hold excess moisture under control. Worms seem to absolutely love rotting leaves, so definitely don’t be so quick to kick those bags to the curb in the fall.

Even if there are unfavorable conditions in one section of the bin, the worms can easily move into many other favorable zones. Similarly, I tend to keep 1 or 2 small indoor bins at one time, plus an “overflow” bucket (for excess food waste), thus making it much easier to ensure that balanced conditions prevail. All that being said, there is nothing wrong with a single worm bin in the size range of a typical ‘blue box’ recycling container.

This size of bin should be large enough to provide both buffering capacity and waste-processing potential for a typical household (especially if you use an overflow bucket and/or an outdoor composting heap as well). If you are using a typical Rubbermaid type of bin it's not a bad idea to drill some holes in the lid and along the sides prior to adding your bedding/worms etc.

The Canadian Nightcrawler is a soil-dwelling worm that is very popular for fishing due to its large size and the relative ease with which it can be collected (especially at night, during or after a heavy summer rain shower). Naturally, there are a LOT of people who want to raise them for their own personal fishing needs or to be sold as bait.

You likely wouldn’t see the nightcrawlers though since they would be hanging out down deeper in the lower regions where the soil meets the organic matter. They are constantly digging little tunnels through the soil which allow air and moisture to reach the roots of your plants.

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They do a great job of aerating the soil. In addition, earthworms are some of the best decomposer organisms that exist in the soil. They decompose thatch and, by doing so, help recycle nutrients and make them available to the grass again.

Generally speaking, it is very desirable to have a healthy population of earthworms in your lawn. All wrapped in a cardboard shipping box to insure live delivery.

All shipments go out Monday through Thursday to ensure the there is enough time to get your worms to you by Friday! Each order is hand-picked and packed by our staff before being shipped out in one of our EPS foam enclosures (500 BULK) to ensure safe delivery.

We use Percolator and FedEx courier services to ship the worms directly to your door. They keep cooler much longer while out in the fishing boat, so they will not deteriorate as fast as those in the non-insulated plastic tubs.

I want to send a big thank-you for your service and quality of dew worms we received from you mid-July. Our fishing trip was so successful because of how lively and fresh the worms were.

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The rest of the camp was jealous of our quantity and shape of our worms. Just follow these simple instructions to make sure your premium Night Crawlers stay fresh.

You must make sure that you keep their soil damp (but not too wet) and store them in a cold area at around 7 degrees C (40-45F). Canadian Night Crawlers do not require any special foods as they are decomposers and will feed on the soil in the box.

Remember that Canadian Night Crawlers are living creatures and need to be taken care of! The only situation when you should order paper bedding is when you are planning to take the worms across the border into the USA.

Refund PolicyReturns We do not offer returns on Live Bait. However, we have an Unconditional Live Delivery guarantee on ALL Overnight Shipping.

To complete your refund, we require a receipt or proof of purchase and photos showing spoiled of perishable items delivered. Late or missing refunds (if applicable)Is you haven’t received your credit after ten business days, please contact your credit card company and your bank.

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It may take some additional time before your refund is officially posted. If you’ve contacted both your credit card company and your bank, you still have not received your refund, please contact us at The Canadian Nightcrawler is a soil-dwelling worm that is very popular for fishing due to its large size and the relative ease with which it can be collected (especially at night, during or after a heavy summer rain shower).

Naturally, there are a LOT of people who want to raise them for their own personal fishing needs or to be sold as bait. What many people don’t realize however is that this species is not very well suited for life in a confined worm bin.

In the ‘wild’, L. terrestrial makes deep burrows down into the soil and lives a rather solitary life. They come up to the surface (typically at night) to feed and to mate, but most of their time is spent burrowing through the soil.

You likely wouldn’t see the nightcrawlers though since they would be hanging out down deeper in the lower regions where the soil meets the organic matter. These worms thrive in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure.

They have groups of bristles (called STAE) on each segment that move in and out to grip nearby surfaces as the worms stretch and contract their muscles to push themselves forward or backward. E. Fetida worms are used for vermicomposting of both domestic and industrial organic waste.

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They are native to Europe, but have been introduced (both intentionally and unintentionally) to every other continent except Antarctica. Tiger worms are also being tested for use in a flushless toilet, currently being trialed in India, Uganda and Myanmar.

E. Fetida also possess a unique natural defense system in their CoreLogic fluid: cells called coelomocytes secrete a protein called Lenin, which is a pore-forming toxin (PUT), which is able to permeability and lose invading cells. It is best at targeting foreign cells whose membranes contain significant amounts of sphingomyelin.

(Lenin is also toxic to organisms lacking sphingomyelin in their cell walls, including B. moratorium, though the pathway is not understood). The only simple way of distinguishing the two species is that E. fetid is sometimes lighter.

Molecular analyses have confirmed their identity as separate species, and breeding experiments have shown that they do produce hybrids. The two worms join criteria, the large, lighter-colored bands which contain the worms' reproductive organs, and which are only prominent during the reproduction process.

Both worms then secrete cocoons which contain several eggs each. These cocoons are lemon-shaped and are pale yellow at first, becoming more brownish as the worms inside become mature.

At 25 °C E. fetid hatches from its cocoon in about 3 weeks. The life expectancy of Eugenia fetid under controlled conditions varies, according to different authors, between one and five years.

“Chemical changes during vermicomposting (Eugenia fetid) of sheep manure mixed with cotton industrial wastes”. ^ Orozco, F. H.; Ceará, J.; Trujillo, L. M.; Rig, A.

“Vermicomposting of coffee pulp using the earthworm Eugenia fetid : Effects on C and N contents and the availability of nutrients”. “Vermicomposting of industrially produced wood chips and sewage sludge utilizing Eugenia fetid “.

^ Bruin, Hake; Tengelmann, Julia; Andersen, Christian; Andre, Jörg; Lapse, Matthias (2006-01-01). “Dissection of the mechanisms of catalytic and antibacterial activity of Lenin, a defense protein of the annelid Eugenia fetid”.

^ Platy, Barbara; Began, Janusz; Pan, Tomasz; Grail, Pawed (2018-09-21). “Asymmetrical hybridization and gene flow between Eugenia Andrei and E. fetid Lumbricidae earthworms”.

^ Domínguez, Jorge; Orlando, Alberto; Air, Manuel; Monroe, Fernando (2003-01-01). “Uniparental reproduction of Eugenia fetid and E. Andrei (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae): evidence of self-insemination: The 7th international symposium on earthworm ecology · Cardiff · Wales · 2002”.

^ Neubauer, Edward F.; Hammerstein, Roy; Kaplan, David L. (August 1980). “Growth of the Earthworm Eugenia Fetid in Relation to Population Density and Food Rationing”.

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