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• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
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Netflix specializes in producing and distributing streaming media and video-on- demand. It's the largest streaming video provider in the world and home to popular original series like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and more.

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Netflix has a large catalog of many thousands of TV shows and movies available in well over 100 countries around the world. For just $1 more per month you can access the standard package which includes streaming on two devices and HD quality content.

This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Zombie on Netflix. The best rated item with Zombie on Netflix is “The Devil's Rejects” and appeared on screen in 2005.

Zombie has also established a successful career as a film director, creating the movies House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, the 2007 remake of Halloween, its sequel, and The Haunted World of El Superbest. Below you find an overview of all movies and series with Zombie on Netflix.

His more mundane movies depicted the Stonewall Riots that are considered the ... Aug. 30, 2018 “Pearl Harbor,” a 2001 film starring Ben Affleck, Josh Barnett, and Kate Beckinsale, is a sprawling mess of a movie that depicts two Army Air Corps pilots and the nurse they both ... Aug. 21, 2018 Batman, the Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, has been prowling the streets and rooftops of Gotham City in various forms since he was introduced in comic book form in the 1930s. ... Aug. 21, 2018 “Million Dollar Baby,” one of the most critically acclaimed and controversial films by Clint Eastwood, recently became available on Netflix for live-streaming.

The 2004 film was a box office hit ... Aug. 21, 2018 “Silverado” was a 1985 film that sought to recapture some tropes of westerns that had been popular on the big and small screen but which, by the time it premiered, ... He’s got a load of awesome movies under his belt, with last year’s 3 From Hell more than living up to his gonzo reputation.

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But it all began for Zombie with the epic cult hit House of 1000 Corpses, which is due to land on Netflix in just a few days. It’s the director’s debut feature and kicks off his famed Firefly trilogy (encompassing this, The Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell).

The plot draws inspiration from classic 70s horror like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes and is about a group of innocent teenagers who end up kidnapped by one of the most demented families to ever hit the silver screen. I won’t spoil the particulars of what happens, but every time you think Zombie can’t possibly get crazier or gorier, he somehow manages it.

It was then promptly shelved, with Zombie eventually purchasing the rights to it from the studio and shopping around for a distributor. Despite negative reviews dubbing the film “sickening,” “lowbrow” and “ultragory exploitation” (all big positives in my book), it went on to make a healthy profit.

Though RobZombie’s House of 1000 Corpses is now almost two decades old, it still finds itself coming up in conversation pretty often, with a lot of people holding out hope that the fabled director’s cut will finally surface one day. For those unfamiliar with the beloved horror film, Zombie’s directorial debut was a relatively low budget production that took inspiration from genre titans like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for a very bloody but still humorous watch.

Though RobZombie’s House of 1000 Corpses is now almost two decades old, it still finds itself coming up in conversation pretty often, with a lot of people holding out hope that the fabled director’s cut will finally surface one day. As fans will know, the 2003 horror pic had a rough journey to theaters. Universal refused to distribute it at first as they were afraid of a Nc-17, and so the director bought back the rights and ended up putting it out through Lions gate.

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Whether it is a gory action flick, a tongue in cheek comedy, or a serious drama with statements to make about modern society. A father, played by Martin Freeman, travels across outback Australia looking for someone willing to care for his infant daughter in the wake of a zombie pandemic.

More about the technologically undead than traditional zombies, John Cu sack and Samuel L. Jackson star in this film where a mysterious signal remaps the minds of cell phone users and turns them into rabid killers. A resurrection of the George A. Romero cult classic, a catastrophic plague leaves America overrun by millions of cannibalistic zombies.

It stars Sophie Skeleton as a former medical student fighting for survival against an evil human- zombie hybrid, played by Jonathan Scratch. Jesse Metal stars as a reporter to discovers a ghastly government conspiracy (started in the 2015 film Dead Rising: Watchtower) and decides to brave the city’s zombie -infested quarantined zone in order to get to the truth.

Six college friends planning a carefree weekend unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of a zombie zone that is the result of a deadly terrorist attack. A surprisingly good vehicle for some young actors, including Sarah Butler and Kayla Ewell, to show their chops.

Set during the Mexican War of Independence, a group of men faces unimaginable horrors when they attempt to steal from the seemingly helpless Cordero sister. In this Taiwanese comedy horror, a boy searching for acceptance at his school joins a group of bullies in torturing a flesh-eating ghoul.

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A different take on a special ops film, when zombies descend on Louisiana, a team of Navy SEALs come to the rescue and pit their skills against the hungry undead. Starring Ed Quinn and Rick Fox, there is little to set this film apart from a formula mash-up, but may be appreciated by fans on the zombie genre.

Tony Todd, Patricia Tillman and Tom Towels tar in this lurid tale of a small town surrounded by an army of zombies. Lily James starts as Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett, now married to Mr Darcy (Sam Riley).

Amnesiac Jovanovich must join a task force led by Michelle Rodriguez to go into the lab, see what has happened, and sort the problem out. Skipping five years into the future, the virus created in the Umbrella Corporation has made itself into the world (over the course of a film not available on Netflix), and with her memories back super solder Jovanovich roams the streets of Las Vegas with a group of survivors.

With her true purpose and destiny revealed to her, Jovanovich finds her way to a supposed sanctuary in Los Angeles, only to discover that it is a deadly trap, set just for her. It stars Gong Yew as a father on a train journey with his young daughter when a zombie outbreak sweeps the country.

An excellent zombie road trip comedy horror, this is one of the best zombie movies to hit screens in recent years. College dork, Jesse Eisenberg, teams up with an urban roughneck, Woody Harrelson, and two gritty sisters, Emma Stone and Abigail Berlin, to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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Courtesy Everett CollectionProbably the best addition to the genre of found footage horror in the past fifteen years–excluding the superior Creep 2 of course. Creep wears its concept on its title, telling the story of a truly disturbing serial killer and the man he’s chosen to be his next victim.

But the sequel builds on and outdoes the original in every possible way, wringing new drama, laughs, and scares from a conceit most reasonably figured had been bled dry. Two young girls stay at their strict, mysterious boarding school during a snowstorm and to say anything else would be spoiling, but rest assured, things get weird.

Everett Collection of the best and most original horror movies in years, Daniel Goldwater and ISA Mazda’s film takes an atypical approach to both scares and sex as they relate to the genre. Madeleine Brewer anchors the film with a multifaceted performance as a beleaguered sex worker, facing off with a demonic entity that's stolen her online identity.

IFC Films/Courtesy Everett Collection unlikely but brilliant duo of Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox anchors this deceptively simple horror/thriller as father/son coroners tasked with uncovering the secrets behind the unidentifiable corpse of a young woman who, from the outside, looks completely untouched. The film teases and builds suspense just long enough, while doling out small reveals and suggestions here and there until a brilliantly off-the-wall third act inevitably brings violent chaos.

Courtesy Everett Collection Henry Rollins plays an ancient being who requires blood to stay immortal and then this dark, gleefully violent movie takes a hard turn into mythology that you almost certainly weren't expecting. It starts out as something of a staid haunted house story with some decent stylish flairs: Eli is a young boy allergic to the world whose parents take him to an experimental medical facility retrofitted inside a remote mansion, complete with a team of ominous nurses.

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Everett CollectionFull of over-the-top gunk, gloriously cheesy dialogue, and South East Asian necromancy, this Indonesian horror conjures comparisons to early Sam Rail in all the right ways. Acting legends Angelica Huston and Mai Lettering easily settle into a well-thought-out script brimming with subtle nuances and mature themes such as the loss of loved ones to deliver top rung performances.

The deft balance between these weighty issues and the creative puppet work from Muppet Show producer Jim Henson far exceeds your average happy Halloween kid flick and has made The Witches a cult classic romp the whole family can enjoy. MGM/Courtesy Everett Collection Steven Spielberg utilized his talent for building warm family atmospheres to horrifying effect when he wrote the script for what would become the most frightening film of the 80s.

Paramount/Courtesy Everett CollectionTouching on the universal fear of blackmail paired with the casting of every man Jason Batsman as the victim sets The Gift up for a quick launch. Full of enough twists, red herrings, and cunningly subtle performances to fry your nerves, this contemporary horror pulls you in every direction until reaching a conclusion you’ll be kicking yourself for having not figured out earlier.

In addition to Batsman, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Keanu Reeves, Giovanni Ribs, and Greg Skinnier round out the cast. Everett Collection bunch of British blokes travelling through the woods of Sweden is a fitting setup for universally recognized scare tactics.

Isolated, lost, hungry, and cold in a foreign dark terrain while being hunted covers near every fear we’ve had ingrained in us as humans going back to caveman days. © Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collections actors would be intimidated by a single room psychological horror where they don’t even stand up for the majority of the movie, but not Carla Guido.

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Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen bring this slow burn mind game of tweed and past traumas to a scorching boil when Christianity and cult religion clash on a desolate island located off the shores of 1905 England. This OG film has all the right stuff: paranormal activity, slasher scenes, sweet revenge, and young Sissy Space.

This is simple, no-frills-all-chills Thai horror belongs solely to the powerhouse acting of Natthaweeranuch Tongue and Amanda Everingham, who sell every terrifying scene to such perfection it’ll have you believing in ghosts. Allen FraserNobody expected the seventh installment in the Child’s Play franchise to be as good as it is, but the only thing faster than Cult of Chucky’s rapid-fire murders is its runtime.

Series’ hallmarks of lowbrow violence and witty one liner are still present, but the effort was clearly made to include more creative forms of murder and uncharacteristically strong performances. © Netflix /Courtesy Everett CollectionBefore Stranger Things premiered in 2016, The Guest pioneered the revival of horror’s greatest decade (yes, the 80s).

Chock-full of Carrie homages, badass Roadhouse references, and a killer new wave soundtrack to really set the mood, the referential predictability of this cookie-cutter thriller proves to be its greatest strength. Everett Collection More of a gimmick than a fully fleshed-out film, this half-baked horror (and surprisingly huge hit) does manage to stir up some genuine jumps with sharp camera work and snappy use of audio.

Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett CollectionOwning its creature feature absurdity to perfection, Anaconda plays on Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes, duh) then injects a mix-mash cast of Ice Cube, John Voight, Jennifer Lopez, and Owen Wilson to create a truly singular experience. Sarah Polley’s performance as the doting mother to her own sick creation helps to keep a possibly silly premise grounded while elevating Splice to a whole new level of disturbing.

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© Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection The Lost Boys with an uptown vibe, Vampires vs. the Bronx brings 80s-style bloodsucking horror to the no nonsense streets of New York. Highly self-aware and packed full of jump-out screams, this supernatural spin on the very real issue of gentrification never loses sight of its message, or its purpose to entertain.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where an assortment of terrible machines have wiped humanity from the map, it’s up to nine unique burlap sack creatures to save the world. Razor-sharp dialogue and standout performances from Jake Gyllenhaal as a sexually confused art critic, and Rene Russo as a sellout dealer who robs the cursed paintings of a dead man makes this one of Netflix’s most entertaining originals.

This Japanese horror film will probably prove too decadent for most, but to put it in terms most western movie fans will understand, it’s like a Kill Bill with four exclamation marks tacked on the end. Featuring a new oddball accent to add to Robert Patti son’s growing collection and a surprisingly gritty performance from your friendly neighborhood Tom Holland, The Devil All the Time is a hair-raising tale about how men seek out monsters in stories, but often have something much more sinister hiding inside themselves.

Courtesy Everett Collection More of a skin crawler than an outright scream machine, this slow burn from the notoriously twisted mind of Logos Anthems will have you curled up alone in the corner of your room out of disgust rather than fear. Featuring a performance from Johnny Knoxville as a Bible Belt preacher, this time machine of terror about cult murders during a music festival party transports you back to an era when being terrified with friends was some of the best fun you could have.

Courtesy Everett Collection late great Anton Yeltsin delivers one of his greatest performances in this escapade of contemporary sociopolitical terror. Green Room features a simple set-up: well-meaning punk rock kids find themselves trapped in a bar in the middle of nowhere, trying to escape terrifying Neo-Nazis led by Patrick Stewart (and teamed up with forever-badass Imogene Roots).

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If you’re afraid of pretty much anything, director and horror-fanatic Zombie made sure to stuff it into this slightly jumbled, but highly effective scream machine of a movie. This fog-filled cat and mouse story about sex offender Max Cady (Robert De Niro) using every one of his twisted tools for the sake of torment is terrifying.

The rotten choices made by the characters, the putrid flesh of their victim, the stench of decay wafting from their souls and sanity… King hasn’t come close to losing his touch. Good thing this cast is stacked with Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Starboard, and James Badge Dale all supplying great performances that make this simple piece better than it has any right to be.

When Catholic school girls start playing with Ouija boards, bad things are bound to happen: unleashed demons, soul-hungry blind nuns, and all types of religious guilt.

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