Are Surge Tanks Legal

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Newer TopCoder Topics It Sideways Chris Martin Ultra Moderator Location: Toronto, Ontario Join Date: 01/15/2006 Age: Settling Down Posts: 567 Rally Car: E-85 powered Impress The idea is it will let me suck the 60L Subaru OEM tank almost completely dry, and let me comfortably make the distances required between fuel stops.

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Daniel Buehler Elite Moderator Location: Beeton, Ontario, Canada Join Date: 01/08/2009 Age: Settling Down Posts: 246 Rally Car: 94 Subaru Impress, AWD, No Power! Even if I completely sealed the structure in and of itself, as well as building a fireproof bulkhead between the shock towers, I was told it wasn't something they could approve.

Do It Sideways Chris Martin Ultra Moderator Location: Toronto, Ontario Join Date: 01/15/2006 Age: Settling Down Posts: 567 Rally Car: E-85 powered Impress Plus the way this rule is written, you could not even run 2 FIA approved cells in the same car for packaging concerns.....

Ascona73 Bob Legal Infallible Moderator Location: Stafford, NH Join Date: 03/07/2007 Age: Possibly Wise Posts: 301 Rally Car: 1971 Opel Ascent Pete Member Professional Moderator Location: Cleveland, Ohio Join Date: 01/11/2006 Age: Midlife Crisis Posts: 2,000 Or grab the main fuel pump assembly from a CIS engined VW.

They had the exact setup you're thinking of making, and it's part of the fuel pump assembly. Downside: It's only a liter of capacity, but you can still suck the main tank dry without worrying about getting air.

Robin Fleguel Super Moderator Location: Gorilla, ON, Canad uh Join Date: 02/21/2006 Age: Possibly Wise Posts: 23 Rally Car: Stanley Steamer I think both your situation and Daniel's fall under the 'can't mess with the stock fuel tank unless you install a cell' rule, with yours additionally falling afoul of the supplementary tank rule.

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If anybody's interested in the hardware, send me a msg robin at hobbits dot ca and I can give you more details. When Andrew Miller rolled Peter Reilly's AWD Golf at Rocky (with the same fuel setup as I have now) not a drop anywhere.

The Blue Ridge Dam and surge tank Surge tank is a water storage device used as a pressure neutralizer in hydropower water conveyance systems in order to dampen excess pressure variance. A surge tank (or surge drum or surge pool) is a standpipe or storage reservoir at the downstream end of a closed aqueduct, feeder, dam, barrage pipe to absorb sudden rises of pressure, as well as to quickly provide extra water during a brief drop in pressure.

Surge tanks are usually provided in high or medium- head plants when there is a considerable distance between the water source and the power unit, necessitating a long pen stock. When the load decreases, the water moves backwards and gets stored in it.

When the load increases, additional supply of water will be provided by surge tank. In short, the surge tank mitigates pressure variations due to rapid changes in velocity of water.

ISARA II power station surge tank Consider a pipe containing a flowing fluid. When a valve is either fully or partially closed at some point downstream, the fluid will continue to flow at the original velocity.

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In order to counteract the momentum of the fluid, the pressure will rise significantly (pressure surge) just upstream of the control valve and may result in damage to the pipe system. This oscillation in tank height and flow will continue for some time, but its magnitude will dissipate due to the effects of friction.

It is typically used in vehicles with electronic fuel injection or that will be sustaining high lateral acceleration loads for extended periods. These tanks must be periodically emptied to prevent fuel from spilling, which they do fairly often.

In this article, you are going to learn that what is a surge tank its functions types, etc. Surge tanks are installed on large pipelines to relieve excess pressure caused by water hammer and to provide a supply of water to reduce negative pressure if a valve is suddenly opened.

A simple surge tank is a vertical standpipe connected to a pipeline. The valve might represent turbine gates which may open or close rapidly with changes in load on the generators.

When the valve is suddenly closed, water rises in the surge tank. The water surface in the tank then fluctuates up and down until damped out by fluid friction.

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The energy equation for unsteady flow, neglecting fluid friction and velocity head in the surge tank and loss at pipe and surge -tank entrances, can be written as Which expresses the relation between velocity in the pipe and water-surface level in the tank over the interval from valve closure to the top of the first surge.

Since the derivation neglected tank friction and velocity head and entrance losses and assumed instantaneous valve closure with all water-hammer effects dissipated in the tank and not the pipe, the estimate of y max will be too large. However, the results provide a conservative estimate for preliminary design of simple surge tanks.

Surge tanks are usually open at the top and of sufficient height so that they will not overflow. The simple surge tank is often adequate for low heads, but under high heads some modifications to improve the damping action and minimize cost are desirable.

A restricted entry increases the damping action and reduces the initial surge. Differential surge tanks have a vertical riser about the same diameter as the pipe.

Water levels fluctuate more rapidly in the riser than in the tank, with the result that the fluctuations are out of phase and the oscillations in the riser are damped out more quickly than in a simple surge tank. In this type of surge tanks, extra storage galleries are constructed in it.

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Pressure measurement and point level detection A pressure transmitter is deployed to monitor the tank and control the pumps.

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