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The Free Folk is the self-given name for the people who live in the lands beyond the Wall, still on the continent of Westeros but beyond the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms. The name they employ makes reference to their society, which recognizes no inherent or hereditary political authority, except for leaders whom they choose to follow.

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Normally the wild lings are divided into many rival clans, but occasionally, they unite behind a single over-chieftain known as a King-Beyond-the-Wall, as they were under Dance Ryder. The Free Folk are now allies of House Stark after many of their people were saved by Jon Snow.

They were, essentially, the people unlucky enough to be living north of the Wall when it was constructed eight thousand years ago. Besides this shared ethnic heritage, their common descent means that there are also many cultural similarities between the wild lings and the Northerners.

The wild lings are much closer in lifestyle and habits to how the First Men lived thousands of years ago (though they lack the level of political organization that the first men possessed), as the North has come under some cultural influence from their Sandal neighbors who invaded southern Westeros six thousand years ago, and particularly since the Seven Kingdoms were united into a single realm by the Targaryen Conquest three hundred years ago. The Free Folk have made many attempts to invade the Seven Kingdoms since the construction of the Wall (Jon Snow mentions that there have been six such invasions in the last thousand years, before Dance Ryder).

Despite the bravery and perseverance of the Free Folk, all attempted invasions of the Seven Kingdoms have failed, as those who live north of the Wall lack the weapons, training and organization to defeat their southern counterparts. Over the ages, the people of the Seven Kingdoms to the south had largely forgotten why the Wall was constructed in the first place and came to believe that it exists to protect the realm from the wild lings, whom they regard as primitive savages and barbarians.

The shift of focus also reduced the Night's Watch from a band of honorable warriors into largely a penal colony for exiled criminals, disgraced noblemen, and bastards with no where else to go. The Free Folk consist of a wide variety of many fractious tribes and village-dwellers, some reasonably refined, others savage and hostile.

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Even in the lands of House Stark, there are some followers of the Faith of the Seven, often southern noblewomen who come to the North to secure marriage alliances. While in certain times the clans will unite behind a “King-Beyond-the-Wall”, the title and position are not hereditary, as the Free Folk will follow no man simply because of who his father was.

The Free Folk will follow a King-Beyond-the-Wall into battle, but they do not perform ceremonies of submission such as kneeling in front of him or referring to him as “your Grace”. They call the people of the feudal Seven Kingdoms Keepers “, because they physically kneel to men who they didn't choose to rule over them.

At the time of the War of the Five Kings the Free Folk are divided into about 90 different clans or tribes, some of which have long been bitter enemies with each other. Normally they are politically divided, but were united under King-Beyond-the-Wall Dance Ryder for the common goal of forcing their way south of the Wall before the next winter comes, which will bring the White Walkers with it.

After his death, Dortmund and Jon Snow traveled to Hard home, along with other members of the Night's Watch and the Free Folk, to attempt to convince the rest of the Free Folk to join them in the upcoming war against the White Walkers and their armies of Wights. Numerous clans from the vast Haunted Forest, immediately north of the Wall but east of the Frost fang Mountains.

The Then, who dwell in a valley north of the Frost fangs, who know how to forge bronze and engage in ritual cannibalism and self-scarification. The communities of the Frozen Shore, known for riding sleds and chariots made of walrus bone pulled by dogs.

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Horn foots, who dwell on the Frost fangs, known for the blackened and hardened soles of their feet due to not wearing anything on them Ice-river clans Cave people The non-human race of giants who live beyond the Wall had also allied itself with Dance Ryder and marched in his willing army.

Loosely speaking they may thus be considered part of the wild lings “, though the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms generally use the term to refer to specifically the human clans living beyond the Wall. The North men have a bitter feud with the Free Folk due to being at the forefront of the latter's incursions into the Seven Kingdoms.

Other kingdoms south of the Wall share similar derisive sentiments, but to a lesser extent, seeing the Free Folk as a light threat and the Night's Watch as an unnecessary organization where criminals and undesirables are sent to join. For as centuries passed, the White Walkers, the Night's Watch's true enemies, largely came to be considered myths, and Watch's resources have been directed towards fighting the Free Folk for subsequent generations, forgetting the order's real purpose.

While at Castle Black, Tyrion Lannister converses with Been Stark and Loren regarding the Free Folk. While not outright sympathizing with them, Tyrion makes clear his view that the only real difference between the Free Folk and the rest of Westeros is that the former group just happened to live on the northern side of the Wall when it was first constructed 8,000 years ago.

{The Lord of Bones}, aka Rattle shirt, a renowned leader of a raiding war band now aligned with Dance Ryder. {Nobody}, a Then who assumes a position of seniority over his clan following the death of Star.

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This may be the TV series version of the Frozen Shore tribes, who have been mentioned in the Histories & Lore features. The lands they live on are desolate, but the surrounding waters are plentiful, so they gain most of their sustenance from the sea.

Little grows there, and what few animals live there don't make for good furs, so the inhabitants just decorate themselves with bits of bone from whatever small game they can hunt. They may be the TV version of the Horn foot people, which the Histories & Lore videos describe as living in the mountains.

Wild lings from the vast Haunted Forest, like Dance and Dortmund, wear heavy animal furs. Add a photo to this gallery In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Free Folk consist of various factions, such as the people of Then, raiders from the Frozen Shore, and settlers and woodsmen in the Haunted Forest.

At the time of the books, they are unified under a King-Beyond-the-Wall, Dance Ryder, a former member of the Night's Watch who fled the Wall and betrayed the Sworn Brothers. With the Wall grievously under-strength, as the first book begins, there are fears that the wild lings may try to invade and that Lord Edward Stark might have to lead his banners against them in a punitive strike.

The wild lings prefer to kidnap women far from their villages, rather than from their own clan, and it is considered a great sin to marry relatives. The Old Gods of the Forest, worshiped by both the Free Folk and the North men, don't have as many formal rules as the Faith of the Seven, but their religion still maintains a few fundamental social prohibitions, one of which forbids Incest.

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Due to the harsh conditions Beyond the Wall, the wild lings have a high infant mortality rate and believe that naming a baby after birth is an ill-omen. Among those fortunate enough to survive (thus far) are the few wild lings who made it south of the Wall before its destruction at the end of season 7.

Wild lings have been an important part of the story since the first season, with characters like Gritty, OSHA, and Gilly, and the surviving few are sure to be central to the conclusion of the award-winning series. Separate from the Seven Kingdoms, and therefore out of reach of their rule, the Free Folk are so named for their lack of traditional political authority.

Worshipers pray to the Old Gods of the Forest, kneeling before massive weir wood trees bearing faces carved into the bark. A devastating number of willing lives were lost at Hard home when the Night King arrived.

His wights tore into the Free Folk, with only a bare few surviving to board ships with Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch. With their people exposed in the lands north of the Wall, there are dismally few wild lings left to join the final battle for mankind.

He, along with Eric Donation, fled the crumbling wall as the Night King‘s new mount spewed deadly blue flame upon it. An unconfirmed cast list was posted by trusted fan site Watchers on the Wall in late February.

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There is also speculation among fans that the “she-bear” Dortmund often boasts of bedding was, in fact, Marge Mormon, who is often referred to by that nickname. His brutal fighting at the Battle of Castle Black claimed many a brother’s life, and he hasn’t slowed down a bit.

He fought savagely in the Battle of the Bastards, and even beat the Lord of Bones to death with his own walking stick. The burly redhead has already proven himself time and again, but season 8’s battle promises to be more brutal and bloody than any we’ve seen before.

Whoever takes the Iron Throne will have wild lings living freely south of the Wall and will need to find a way to adapt to this new reality. Kristopher Hindu is in season 8, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will see a living version of the red-headed willing.

She pleads with Sam to take her away from what amounts to forced captivity, stressing that something bad will happen to her child if it is born male. She isn’t clear what his fate will be, but Jon Snow discovers that Crater’s male children are sacrificed to the White Walkers.

When mutinous members of the Night’s Watch turn against Lord Commander Mormon, Sam flees along with Gilly and her newborn. In the season 7 finale The Dragon and Wolf, Gilly and her son Sam reached Winterfell with Sam well.

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Considering Gilly didn’t begin learning to read until meeting Princess Shireen Marathon, her skill is remarkable. She has difficulty determining the correct pronunciation of certain words and names but shows real aptitude for the craft.

Anyone who argues that Gilly isn’t one of the most resilient characters on Game of Thrones hasn’t been paying attention. She is not a capable fighter nor an impressive intellect, but Gilly has consistently contributed to the series ‘ plot.

Technically, Sam well gave up his titles upon joining the Night’s Watch, but with the Wall’s destruction, nothing is certain anymore. If Sam well were to become the Lord of Horn hill, it seems his most likely next step would be to legitimize his relationship with Gilly and officially adopt baby Sam.

One of Gilly’s sister-wives, Moral, and a few of Crater’s other wives survived the attack by mutinous members of the Night’s Watch. She refused Jon Snow’s offer of sanctuary at Castle Black, telling him that she and her sister-wives would find their own way.

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