Are The Wisps In Brave Real

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 22 January, 2021
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In Disney Pixar’s Brave, Merida is riding through the forest looking to change her fate, when she sees tiny blue lights that form a path beckoning her to follow them. The bright blue will o’ the wisps in Brave seemed so alive, I think if they crossed my path I might be tempted to follow them if I could find the courage.

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The animated lights, Will-o’-the- Wisps, lead Merida to a mysterious location where she finds the witch’s cottage that holds the power to change her destiny, although not necessarily for the better. Charmed and curious, unsuspecting travelers follow the floating lights, mesmerized by their whispers, their promises.

Yet no matter how long or how fervently they follow, they never quite touch the beautiful beacons whose flickering lights eventually fade and disappear… leaving the inquisitors, the dreamers and the treasure seekers lost… and alone. On occasion, you may also find her crocheting cute things to hide in her husband's underwear drawer.

For a lot of people, the first time they heard about will-o'-the- wisps was from the cute little ghosts in Brave. Sometimes they're spirits of the dead, but more often they're candles or lanterns held by faeries or pixies.

They usually lead travelers deep into the marshes where they get lost and drown, probably because this actually happened a lot in real life and the stories were told as cautionary tales. The first time we see the wisps, they lead Merida out of the woods and back to her family.

This then leads to the main conflict in the movie, making the wisps already more of antagonist that For'Du, who presents more of an immediate threat when he does appear, but doesn't really influence future events. The next time, the wisps cut out the middle man in their mission to get Merida eaten by a magic bear and just lead her straight to For'Du.

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For'Du, interestingly enough, is actually the prince from the fairy tale Merida's mother tells her. The first time this is hinted to us is when the witch mentions that she gave the exact spell she gives Merida to a prince who wanted to change his fate.

The idea of having some preset future already laid out for you is seen as bad and the film is all about Merida trying to avoid or change her fate (and then being punished for that by the wisps). In one of the missions in GTA 4, you get to meet Jon Gravelly, the head of the Gambit Crime Family, in his deathbed.

Jon’s former right-hand man is Sammy Batting, and despite the fact that we never got to meet or even hear Sam’s voice via phone calls, he has a fairly rich history. In GTA 5, there’s a random event where you get to save his daughter, Antonia, from being buried alive by whomever he made angry, and she tells you that Sam ran the east coast in the 80s and 90s.

He was born in 1965 which means he was around 20 years old in 1985, for a character to run the east coast at such a young age is very interesting. I believe Rockstar Games wants another go for a mob story like Godfather and Good fellas in the HD universe, and the reason we never got to see or hear him is because he’s planned to be a pivotal character which requires a proper actor.

This theory also doesn’t get disputed by the most famous GTA 6 leak which mentioned Vice City, missions in Liberty City (Where Garrett Crime Family are based), and time jumps. It's not a stretch to believe he also keeps a list of dangerous humans on earth which would include Bruce Banner who as both a giant green rage monster and co-creator of Patron is probably right at the top of it.

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He complains to the Ancient One about being told to “blindly accept rules that make no sense.” After which she introduces him to the Mirror Dimension where he can do whatever he wants because what happens there doesn't affect reality. Right and wrong are whatever he says they are now, so any action he wants to take can be justified, including preemptive strikes.

*** In addition to The Hulk, several other people we know are probably near the top of his watch lists including Tony Stark who co-created Patron, Vision the uranium android who wields an Infinity Stone, Thanos the mastermind behind the attack on NYC, Loki the leader of the attack on NYC, Odin a rival protector of earth, and Thor who will be Odin's successor. He wouldn't want to touch Loki because he's doing a great job weakening Asgard for him while Strange seemingly already has Odin under some kind of quasi-house arrest in Norway.

All we know is that he had some sort of plane trouble and crash-landed on Sahara. After determining that The Hulk would be his first order of business as Sorcerer Supreme, Strange begins studying him looking for a weakness.

In his research, he learns that after Slovakia, the Avengers return to NYC without The Hulk because he had gone back into hiding. At that point he would have whipped out the stone as per his habit, and in his first attempt on The Hulk, time traveled back 2-3 years to Segovia, a place where The Hulk would have been all alone in the Quintet at a time when there would have been no witnesses to see him sling ring him to Sahara.

Even as Strange sought to banish The Hulk from earth for the greater good, he did so without malicious intent. The Hulk would be trapped on the planet, but he would spend the rest of his life smashing things and people all the live long day, revered as a beloved Champion by the planet's entire population instead of feared as a Monster on earth.

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Thanks to the Time Stone, Strange is not bound by the constraints of linear time, so he already knows that Thanos and the snap are a supremely terrible potential future and that if it ever starts to come to pass, Thanos will move so quickly in retrieving the Infinity Stones that no other higher powers or celestial beings will have time to react and stop him. He foresaw that in that potential future that one day The Hulk comes crashes through the sanctum.

He knows that if Banner ever does somehow come crashing through the sanctum one day, then that potential future is now the actual future and it's time to put everything else he's been currently working on away and start moving pieces around to begin the Endgame because Thanos is on the move. As early as the Loki's attack on NYC, The Ancient One is already convinced that Dr.

Kevin Face likes to pull story elements from the comic books for use in the movies. In the comics, Strange is partly responsible for blasting The Hulk into space because he's too dangerous to stay on earth and The Hulk ultimately winds up on Sahara as a gladiator, so this would all be a call back to that story line.

In the MCU, we know of five types of teleportation: the hexagonal jump gates in space, the rainbow beam of the Bi frost, the Tesseract's smokey blue flames, the Convergence's giant doorways and the circular wizard portals. We learn that's not true, you can leave via portal, the same way wizards exit that other inescapable place, the Mirror Dimension.

Moreover, unlike the jump gates, the Bi frost, Convergence or Tesseract, all of which are fleeting and temporary passages, the circular portals on Sahara appear to be permanent. The same one who's using them to bring him participants like Beta Ray Bill, Bi-Beast, and Doug for his Contest of Champions.

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The Grand master's abilities are so great, that Loki, the rightful king of Rotunda and assassin of its last ruler, a claimant to the throne of Asgard who bewitched its last king, the god of mischief who would go on to battle the goddess of death, the guy who tried to stab the earth's Sorcerer Supreme and would later also try to stab Thanos in the throat, the would-be conqueror of earth and the former wielder of both the Mind and Space Stones, tells Thor it would be better to try sneaking off Sahara than to confront The Grand master directly. He's powerful enough to keep the giant wizard portals open all over the planet.

His Willy Wonka intro says he is the actual creator of the planet Sahara. His palace guard and architecture are all decked out in the Jack Kirby aesthetic.

He portals Banner away to the park in order to “protect him,” but also sends half a taxi cab with him which almost crushes him when he lands. There were thousands of people in the area in danger of being killed during that battle.

The Maw and Cull Obsidian had no reason to target Banner specifically because they had no way of knowing he was The Hulk. Still, Strange saw The Hulk in a moment of weakness and decided the risk of turning his attention from the two aliens who'd come to kill him for the Time Stone was worth the reward of ending The Hulk right then and there.

Since his ultimate plan to defeat Thanos involves turning over the Time Stone to Thanos ensuring he snaps away half the universe, he can't leave The Hulk in his stupid incarnation where he'd be the ultimate danger to a city missing half its police force in a country missing half its military all because Banner stubs his toe or gets stung by a bee or something like that. All his actions on Titan are done to ensure that off all the infinite possibilities, his chosen future, option #14,000,605, comes to fruition because in that one, Banner, crushed by his inability to protect Vision and stop the snap, looks inward as a coping mechanism which leads to him ultimately integrating his intellect with The Hulk's strength.

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Then after that debacle, he agrees to play Dr. Frankenstein a second time to create Vision even though he himself points out what a disaster Patron turned out to be. The danger of allowing Banner, with his poor decision-making and in full possession of The Hulk's strength, continued access to time-travel is too great to ignore, especially in light of how Stark, Rogers and Loki will all have shortly screwed things up with their own time-traveling in Endgame.

Strange ain't got time to deal with some indestructible, space-faring, time-hopping, genius super gorilla monster who could potentially undo option #14,000,605, so he had to put the kibosh on that. Option #14,000,605 ensured events transpired so that Natasha, instead of Clint, died for the Soul Stone and The Hulk, instead of Thor, ended up performing the Blip.

Her death had taken such an emotional toll on Banner, that he even makes a special effort to resurrect her while using the Gauntlet to perform the Blip. He's crippled by the Blip and is so weakened by it that he couldn't even save himself from a collapsing building, instead he's rescued by Ant-Man.

With Stark and Roman off now dead and Thor also psychologically traumatized and headed out into space, Banner also is completely alone and friendless again. The main evidence for this was that Phineas' head shape looks a lot like Door's, Phineas has a bit of the mad inventor about him -- he's always the one who chooses some crazy build as the thing he and Verb are going to do today -- and that Linda and Door dated when they were young, before Linda became a one-hit wonder pop star.

This gained some traction before people pointed out the one very big hole in it: Candace. Let's assume for the sake of argument that the show is set in 2007, when the first episode aired.

brave bold read 1955 trial
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It's still early enough for smartphones to be a rare novelty, as indicated by Candace having a flip phone even though her family seems comfortably middle-class, but late enough for Candace to discuss an outdated marketing trend as being “so 2002” in the “Phinedroids and Fer bots” episode. 1970s: Linda and Door date for a while, as we see in that one episode that has them sitting in a car at a drive-in movie.

After surviving on her own for a while, Linda finds it pretty darn hard living as a single mom with two kids, so she starts looking for another husband. Aladdin is obviously portrayed as the diamond in the rough, poor, hungry, homeless, talented and just thief etc., Abu is an amazingly talented monkey who not only understands everything and everyone around him, but he risks his own neck multiple times in critical situations.

Abu is the original reason Aladdin has to go find Jasmine, stealing the bracelet, he is the one who catches a literal diamond from the rough in the cave, he steals the lamp from Jaguar as he kicks Aladdin into the cave, he saves Aladdin from drowning by throwing the lamp in after him, he finds and heroically keeps the lamp from a giant Ago. Which brings me back to the interaction that stands out to me, ‘we’re kind of a package deal’ I think the same rule applies to Aladdin and Abu.

I recently saw a bus advert for the second angry birds film and one of them had a smartphone which lead me to think: The idea is that they were in fact founded by Syndrome himself in the early 21st century as Buy Yogurt- a FRONT for his super villain activities and weapons dealing.

As a talented inventor, he contributed to advances in (or outright created) robotics, organic scanners, zero-point energy, and flight propulsion systems. All of these things would later be present in the WALL-E films (GO-4 using something similar to Zero Point Energy to restrain EVE, EVE using both flight technology and organic scanners, and robotics being the most obvious).

brave bold read 1955 trial
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As Syndrome's super villain crusades against superheroes expanded, so did the company itself in order to launder his assets and generate additional revenue for his operations. It merged with clothing manufacturer and fashion designer Large Industries, and continued merger and acquisition efforts even after this.

After Syndrome's defeat and death, the company had no more use for weapons dealing or illegitimate activity, so they shelved all Android projects that were still in development and shifted their focus towards their commercial products, until eventually monopolizing several industries by the start of the 22nd century. Meanwhile, with the legal status of Superheroes having been restored for at least a century, supers began arguing that Buy N Large's business practices were increasingly unethical and that their influence on international policy was dangerously big.

These concerns were bluntly ignored by the bureaucratic politicians (many of which in BNL's pocket), leading to a superhero uprising. The Supers pledged to restore competition and put power back in the hands of the people.

BNL responded by restoring their Android program, now improved with 22nd century technological advantages that made them even deadlier than before. The Android program also jumpstarted a robotics industry for more civilian purposes.

The Androids, in a brutal showcase of efficiency, hunted superheroes to extinction. Meanwhile, the military presence of the Androids allows BNL total control of the world.

(Source: www.dcuniverse.com)

The average citizen lives in a corporate-governed dystopia, stripped of their legal rights and forced into a consumerist hierarchy where if you didn't do your part in the BNL industry, you were likely disposed of. Without a properly functioning sanitation system in place, landfills unexpectedly spilled out across the globe from the heavy consumerism promoted by BNL advertising.

The war itself also naturally had a heavy toll on the environment- entire cities were virtually obliterated in the crossfire between supers and the Androids, and thousands of destroyed BNL defense satellites were now orbiting Earth. After CEO Shelby Forth rite shut down Operation Cleanup due to it cutting into the already tight remnant of the world's financial resources, he decided that a human exodus into space was the best solution.

That's what ended up happening, and while the humans on board the Axiom ended up becoming lazy and luxury-oriented (like their ancestors) in the 7 centuries that followed, the rest of the thousands of Star Liners found new, inhabitable planets to colonize. These humans were also given higher priority security escorts, leading to all remaining Androids also leaving Earth to defend the colony ships from any conceivable threat.

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