Are There Interstate Highways In Hawaii

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H-3 is 15.3 miles long and runs from Pearl Harbor to the main gate for Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe. As you might have inferred from the official name of this highway network, the prevalence of military facilities located at the ends is no coincidence.

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It bears noting that H-3 is the most expensive interstate highway ever built, at a cost of over $1.5 billion ($100 million per mile). There is a great deal of trivia associated with the interstate highway system, and not surprisingly, Hawaii’s entries are oddities.

While we'd like to believe Hawaii's Interstate system was created for the sole purpose of annoying the late George Carlin, the name is actually a misnomer. Hawaii's major highways became Interstates as part of The Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and National Defense Highways, designed to protect the U.S. from a Soviet invasion by making it easier to get supplies from one military base to another.

West of Middle Street, H-1 is also known as the Queen Liliuokalani Freeway ; this name is shown on some roadmaps. It is both the southernmost and westernmost signed Interstate Highway in the United States.

Aerial view of H-1 (looking east) from Honolulu Airport heading into downtown Honolulu Interstate H-1 begins near the Campbell Industrial Park in the town of Cupola, Hawaii. West of this point, Hawaii State Route 93 (Farrington Highway) continues toward Wienie.

The freeway continues east, passing the community of Makarios until reaching the junction with SR 750 (north to Unit) and SR 76 (south to Era Beach). H-1 then continues along the northern edge of Waipahu approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) until its junction with Interstate H-2.

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It then continues east through the towns of Pearl City and AIEA for approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) to the complex Halfway Interchange, where it meets Interstates H-3 and H-201. The highway then turns south for two miles (3 km), then east soon after the exits for Hickey Air Force Base and Pearl Harbor.

At this point, the highway runs along a viaduct above State Route 92 (Nimitz Highway), passing to the north of Honolulu International Airport. Two miles past the airport exit, three lanes exit the freeway at exit 18A to join Nimitz Highway toward Waikiki, while half a mile later the remaining two lanes make a sharp turn south as H-1 reaches another major interchange with the east end of Interstate H-201.

From here H-1 runs through the city of Honolulu along a series of underpasses and viaducts. A flyover interchange leading to downtown Honolulu has a westbound exit and an eastbound entrance.

During morning commute hours on weekdays, an eastbound contraflow express lane is deployed from just west of exit 7 to exit 18A, where it connects to the beginning of the Nimitz Highway contraflow lane. The H-1 and Nimitz Highway contraflow lanes are restricted to buses, motorcycles, and vehicles with two or more occupants while in operation.

A 1965 photo of the H-1 under construction, looking eastbound, ending at Harding and Karakul Avenues. The portion of H-1 that runs through downtown Honolulu opened in 1953 as the Maura Arterial ; it was added to the Interstate system when Hawaii became a state.

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This section has been largely unchanged since its inception and its design suffers from having too many on/off ramps, short distanced on-ramps, and on-ramps that enter the freeway almost immediately before an off-ramp (opposite of current design standards). While the “Queen Liliuokalani” section of the Interstate H-1 has signs designating it as such (one eastbound at exit 1, the other westbound after exit 19), there are no similar name signs for the Luna lilo Freeway portion (the remainder of the freeway).

The intent of H-4 was to provide relief to the congested H-1 through downtown Honolulu. Had it been built, the 6.5-mile-long (10.5 km) route of H-4 would have started at exit 18 (H-1/Nimitz Highway interchange) and followed the Honolulu waterfront to the Kaplan interchange (exit 25B).

“Table 1: Main Routes of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways as of December 31, 2014”. ^ Proposed Route H-4, Interstate and Defense Highway System Extension (PDF) (Report).

I-2 Palm view, Texas (US-83) to Harlingen, Texas (I-69E / US-77)Texas Intrastate Interstate Associated routes: none 46.80 I-4 Tampa, Florida (I-275) to Daytona Beach, Florida (I-95)Florida Intrastate Interstate Associated routes: none 132.30 I-5 San Ysidro, California (Mexico and MX-1) to Blaine, Washington (Canada and BC 99) 3 States Served : CA, OR, WA Associated routes: I-105, I-205, I-305*, I-405, I-505, I-605, I-705, I-805 1,381.29 I-8 San Diego, California (Sunset Cliffs Blvd.) To Casa Grande, Arizona (I-10) 2 States Served : CA, AZ Associated routes: none 348.25 I-10 Santa Monica, California (CA-1) to Jacksonville, Florida (I-95) 8 States Served : CA, AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL Associated routes: I-110, I-210, I-310, I-410, I-510, I-610, I-710, I-910* 2,460.34 I-12 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (I-10) to Slidell, Louisiana (I-10 / I-59)Louisiana Intrastate Interstate Associated routes: none 85.59 I-15 San Diego, California (I-8 / CA-15) to Sweet grass, Montana (Canada and Hwy 4) 6 States Served : CA, NV, AZ, UT, ID, MT Associated routes: I-115, I-215, I-315*, I-515 1,433.52 I-16 Macon, Georgia (I-75) to Savannah, Georgia (Montgomery St.) Georgia Intrastate Interstate Associated route: I-516 166.81 I-17 Phoenix, Arizona (I-10) to Flagstaff, Arizona (AZ-89A)Arizona Intrastate Interstate Associated routes: none 145.76 I-19 Nogales, Arizona (Mexico and MX-15) to Tucson, Arizona (I-10)Arizona Intrastate Interstate Associated routes: none 63.35 I-20 Kent, Texas (I-10) to Florence, South Carolina (I-95) 6 States Served : TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC Associated routes: I-220, I-520, I-820 1,539.38 I-22 Memphis, Tennessee (I-55 & I-40) to Birmingham, Alabama (I-65 / US 31) 2 States Served : Mississippi, Alabama.

The InterstateHighways on the island of Oahu, Hawaii are signed with the normal Interstate shield, with the letter “H-” added before the number. “ Highways on the Interstate System in Alaska and Puerto Rico shall be designed in accordance with such geometric and construction standards as are adequate for current and probable future traffic demands and the needs of the locality of the highway.

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Jump to navigationJump to search Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense HighwaysInterstateHighways in the 48 contiguous states System informationFormedJune 29, 1956 Highway names Interstates Interstate X (I-X)System links There are 70 primary InterstateHighways in the Interstate Highway System, a network of freeways in the United States.

Five route numbers are duplicated in the system, though the corresponding highways are separated by state lines which prevent confusion. The main list that discusses the primary InterstateHighways in the contiguous United States is followed by sections regarding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

In addition to the 48 contiguous states, InterstateHighways are found in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. The Federal Highway Administration funds four routes in Alaska and three routes in Puerto Rico under the same program as the rest of the Interstate Highway System.

Highways on the Interstate System in Alaska and Puerto Rico shall be designed in accordance with such geometric and construction standards as are adequate for current and probable future traffic demands and the needs of the locality of the highway. The InterstateHighways on the island of Oahu, Hawaii are signed with the standard Interstate Highway shield, with the letter “H-” prefixed before the number.

They are fully controlled-access routes built to the same standards as the mainland InterstateHighways. Map of the Interstates in Alaska Alaska's InterstateHighways are unsigned as such, although they all have state highway numbers that do not match the Interstate Highway numbers.

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Map of the Interstates in Puerto Ringlike Alaska, Puerto Rico signs its InterstateHighways as territorial routes, and the numbers do not match their official Interstate Highway designations. Many of the territory's routes are freeway -standard toll roads.

A fictional highway is depicted in the movie Interstate 60. “Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, Creating the Interstate System”.

Washington, DC: Federal Highway Administration. “Table 1: Main Routes of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways as of December 31, 2017”.

“Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate Routes Statewide” (PDF). “Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Routes by Description: CDS Route Numbers as of 28 October 2008” (PDF).

Honolulu may not embody the vision that some visitors have of Hawaii after looking at so many postcards: serenity and relaxation. A calming oasis can be found as there are many resorts located outside of Waikiki that offer less crowded surroundings.

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The majority of visitors to Oahu stay in Honolulu and its Waikiki district. The rest of the island is less visibly touched by tourism, with only a few BBS among the houses and natural sites on the Windward Coast and the North Shore.

Honolulu The state capital and by far the largest city in the Hawaiian Islands, home to excellent museums, notable historical sites, scenic landmarks, the tourist hotspot of Waikiki, and a diverse dining and nightlife scene, among other attractions. Central Oahu A mostly suburban mix of bedroom communities outside Honolulu, situated amidst miles of pineapple fields.

Windward Coast The wetter and more lush part of the island, home to many secluded beaches, sleepy villages, and one of the largest Marine Corps bases in the Pacific. Leeward Coast The drier part of the island, with several rural communities and a couple of up-and-coming resort areas.

North Shore Home to some of the largest waves on earth in the winter; the ocean and surfing are a way of life here. Along the shore you'll also find charming towns and some interesting cultural attractions.

Panama Bay in Eastern Honolulu is arguably the best place for snorkeling in the islands, with a very accessible reef situated in the crater of a flooded volcano. Flights from all over the world land at Daniel K. Induce International Airport just outside downtown Honolulu.

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Exact change is required, no transfer is provided, and space for baggage is limited. Do not get on this bus if you do not have military ID: you will be left at the gates with no way to return to the main highway.

The Oahu bus system, officially called Thebes, runs between almost all towns on the island and to most tourist destinations. The line will connect Cupola on the southern Leeward Coast with Downtown Honolulu, with stops at Pearl Harbor/Aloha Stadium and the airport.

H-3 is an interstate freeway that runs from the suburb of AIEA, through the windward communities of Kaneohe and Kailua, to the gate of Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Pale Highway (state route 61) runs from downtown Honolulu to the Windward town of Kailua.

Lifelike Highway (state route 63) runs from the Kali hi district of Honolulu to the Windward town of Kaneohe. Kalanianaole Highway (state route 72) starts from the east end of H-1 and runs through the East Honolulu suburbs around Makeup Point, and through the rural community of Waimanalo, ending in Kailua.

Kamehameha Highway (state routes 99, 80, and 83) is the main highway on Oahu, starting from Pearl Harbor, going through the leeward communities of AIEA and Pearl City, then through Central Oahu, around the North Shore, and along the Windward coast ending at the town of Kaneohe. Farrington Highway (state route 93) is two separate roads: the south side starts where H-1 leaves off in Cupola and leads to the Leeward coast communities of Nanak, Wienie, and Martha, ending at the south end of Kana Point State Park.

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Fort Weaver Road/Unit Road (state routes 76, 750) goes from Schofield Barracks near Warsaw south to Era Beach. Try windsurfing, surfing and body-boarding at Waikiki and (less crowded and more scenic) North Shore and Kailua Beach.

Enjoy horseback riding on the North Shore and Windward Cooley Range Explore hiking all over the island: in particular, Diamond Head State Park (excellent view of Honolulu and the surrounding area). Gives spectacular view of Waimanalo, the Cooley Mountains, Kailua and the Modulus Islands sitting in the distance.

Then go on Route 83, which goes along the east coast of the island around the northeast corner to the North Shore. Stop several times along the route to see blowhole, swim in secluded cove, hike up to the Lighthouse for amazing views or check out ancient Hawaiian drawings and Haas (Hawaiian temples).

)- see Wild Side Specialty Tours to sail with whales, dive with dolphins, and snorkel coral reefs with turtles and tropical fish. The islands have fewer types of coral than any other part of the tropical Indo-Pacific, and reef health has been impacted by a variety of human forces, including population increases, shoreline development, land-based sources of pollution, increased sediments in the water, damage by tourists and divers, groundings, poor water quality from runoff and sewage treatment, and over-fishing.

The taking of any type of living material (fishes, eggs, shells, corals, algae, etc.) Depths range up to about 70 feet, and there is a large finger coral reef on the left side.

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21.284986 -157.707411 1 Island Divers Hawaii, 377 Keyhole St Suite E-101 (Kai Shopping Center. PAD 5-Star Dive Center, caters to specialty divers, mixed gas and recreational.

Some areas, including parts of Downtown/Chinatown, Pearl City, Wienie, Nanak, Waipahu, and Kali hi, are not very safe after dark. Officers from the Honolulu Police Department are extremely helpful to visitors and will steer you away from potential problems.

Underwater rocks and coral can be very shallow in some locations even with large waves, so know before you go. Understand the conditions of the oceans and take note how high up the water has splashed due to wave action.

It is not uncommon to have areas that are safe and fun to explore until surf conditions change making them dangerous or deadly. If you fall into the water in high surf near rock walls, swim away from the rocks and shore, do not panic, call for help and swim parallel to the shore to location of little wave action or toward sandy areas.

It's not only illegal to do things like feed or hassle wildlife, take rocks, sand or plants, but it's also immoral and detrimental to the Hawaiian Islands. They are the most isolated land mass on the globe and have many species and landscapes that are struggling to survive under the pressures of tourism.

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Do not cut trails, litter, or desecrate natural or man made sites. It gives a good overview of the region, its sights, and how to get in, as well as links to the main destinations, whose articles are similarly well-developed.

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