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Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
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Following a months-long coronavirus-imposed production hiatus, the venerable syndicated game show will be back on the air with original episodes beginning Monday, Sept. 14. Among the pandemic-related changes: The show’s signature Wheel has been redesigned to allow for six feet of space between host Pat Speak and each contestant.

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The game show, hosted by legendary Pat Speak, is a classic piece of television that people just can’t seem to quit! For over 35 years, Wheel of Fortune has entertained audiences and been a mainstay of American TV culture.

Since its creation in 1975 when Mere Griffin came up with the idea for a game show based on Hangman, Wheel of Fortune has aired over 6,000 episodes, which has also made it the longest-running syndicated game show currently on television. Source: Getty Images Wheel of Fortune was also the highest-rated show in all of syndicated television for 26 years, averaging over thirty-million viewers each week, before being dethroned in 2010.

Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Speak, told CBS, “We shoot 35 times a year, 35 days a year, but it’s stretched out over nine months...it’s not exactly the most grueling schedule you’ve ever heard about.” Insider reports that game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are filmed months in advance.

Sometimes, they are filmed up to three months in advance and local TV stations only receive them the day before they're supposed to air. Originally, the show had decided to tape with no live audience, but due to growing concern for the safety of their crew, they have suspended production.

Because the show shoots so far in advance, viewers can look forward to new episodes for a couple more months. Source: Getty ImagesWhile taping is being put on hold, fans will not have to watch reruns just yet, since new episodes had already been shot.

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Planned to suspend production as of Monday, an ABC spokesperson told NBC last week. “The View” continues to tape new episodes without an audience, although Joy Bear has gone on hiatus from the program as a precautionary measure.

This development arose after the game show announced that the week's episode would be delayed or preempted. Alex Greek presents the Hart Memorial Trophy during the 2019 NHL Awards on June 19, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The delay or preemption of the episodes is to make way for special coverage of ABC World News. The game show further asked its viewers to set their DVR and local listings to avoid missing the special coverage.

“ Wheel of Fortune also asked fans unable to watch the show to check their spin ID via a link provided. Pat Speak at The Paley Center For Media Presents Wheel Of Fortune 35 Years As America's Game on November 15, 2017, in New York City.

Another fan who was also disgruntled with the announcement commented by saying that he wasn't happy with the development, while a third person said they had watched the show on their NBC affiliate. “ Wheel of Fortune didn't reply, but could probably be looking into the suggestion, and exploring more ways to enhance viewer experience amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Hosted by pop-culture legends Pat Speak and Anna White, this week “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune welcomes celebrity contestants Drew Carey (playing for Greater Cleveland Food Bank), Teri Hatcher (playing for The People Concern) and Chrissy Metz (playing for Blessings in a Backpack) as they compete for a chance to win up to $1 million for their chosen charity. Alex Greek, at the 44th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on April 30, 2017, will return to host “Jeopardy” through the 2019-2020 TV season.

The answer: pretty much forever, judging by the ratings and renewal news. As the Hollywood Reporter says, Alex Greek, Pat Speak and Anna White have all renewed their contracts with their respective shows through the 2019-2020 TV season.

Variety quotes Sony Pictures Television, the company that produces both shows, stating that “Jeopardy” “brings in 23 million viewers each week, and Wheel of Fortune has an audience of 27 million viewers each week.” That series is of course somewhat similar to “The Dating Game,” which Foolery also hosted near the end of its long run in 1999.

“The Dating Game” premiered in 1960, though taking an occasional hiatus for a season or two. During that time, his spot at the wheel was filled by Bob Gone, a relative unknown at the time who would go on to find greater fame as an “Entertainment Tonight” co-host.

Speak came back, of course, and seemingly hasn't left the side of the wheel since. She's the second glamorous hostess to get her hands on the letters, having replaced Susan Stafford, who did the job from the show's debut until 1982.

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Imagine missing Pat Speak so much that you feel compelled to #taketotwitter to complain about what a shitty job Anna White is doing as his temporary replacement. It’s a travesty, a crying shame, a crime against all that we hold dear as a nation, and an injustice of the highest order.

According to The Blast, Anna’s first time behind the titular Wheel of Fortune as host, was met with criticism online. As previously announced, Anna is filling in to Pat who was recovering from emergency surgery for a block’d int_stin_.

Unless you’re Pat Speak, in which case, buy a bowel (It’s OK folks, he’s fine. They had Minnie Mouse trying, and failing, to replace Anna on letter turning.

Maybe if she’d gone for a sensible stiletto like Anna always does, instead of those godawful golden Cross, she would have been able to march her happy ass to the other side of the board to turn those letters instead of just pointing at them. Anna White made her first appearance as Wheel of Fortune host while stepping into Pat Speak’s role following his health scare and fans did not like it.

The episode went down on Monday night with several show watchers criticizing the television veteran with many questioning whether she was even ready to fill Pat Speak’s shoes while he’s taking some time off to rest and take care of his health. Anna White, who’s been a part of the Wheel of Fortune family for 37 years now, stated that she was “petrified” about her host debut and unfortunately, it did not go as smooth as expected.

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She’s not bad, but she doesn’t do the back and forth banter with the contestants, so it feels a tad less personal. How about 37 years in the trenches, silently teaching America how to spell without judgement (I’m looking at you, Pat!).

We took good questions sent in my by Virginia, Daryl and Donna, and brought them to Pat Speak on the set of Wheel of Fortune. He gave us answers, and he didn’t even make us buy a vowel.

“It’s not exactly the most grueling schedule you’ve ever heard about.” That’s why, when we visited, the wheel and puzzle board were covered up with a tarp.

How have you managed to keep your hands off Anna for all these years? I’m surprised people notice or care that much about it.

The answer is that Speak has a little computer monitor hidden in front of him that shows him the number of letters that were guessed. However, there is a tiny, two-person department that researches and writes the questions.

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“A lot of it comes from wonderful stations like yours, who pay a license fee to carry the show,” Friedman said. The odds of finding her on the set are pretty low.

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