Are Witches And Vampires Enemies

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• Friday, 22 January, 2021
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Vampires and witches occasionally do work at cross purposes, it is true. In general, demonic entries into the world are based on geography, so you will probably summon the same demon if you stand in the same area (sometimes as large as a European nation.

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The Politics of hell are, however, very difficult to understand to an outsider like you or I, and therefore accurate predictions about alliances cannot, and in fact should not be made. In that case, witches probably had a neutral or positive relationship with Asians, though vampires in general I wouldn't know.

There are so many kinds of vampires, that witches were probably positive and negative in relationships with them. Plus, witches do not represent a faction (unless you count the formation of Wicca in this age), so there would not be much ability for a rivalry to have been formed.

The strongest reason for such practices was seeking the knowledge and power of the vampires. Vampires can be very powerful creatures, holding the deepest occult secrets in history.

The interest of some is to study such power, like in the case of the Watchers (where the VG is the largest international group by far, the Vampire Watchers Group), while others want to learn that power for their own use. I'm sure that not all witches and covens had poor intentions, but the situation has caused bloodshed in the past.

I believe that in these days things are calmer, and there are witches working together with the vampires as allies, but surely still remain those whose sole interest in the Asians is to get their power. There will always be such people, as men's thirst for power is unstoppable.

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[One might assume due to the Christians being severely anti-witch, that the Serbian influence did not appreciate openness to magic. In that case, witches probably had a neutral or positive relationship with Asians, though vampires in general I wouldn't know.

The strongest reason for such practices was seeking the knowledge and power of the vampires. The interest of some is to study such power, like in the case of the Watchers (where the VG is the largest international group by far, the Vampire Watchers Group), while others want to learn that power for their own use.

Jonathan wrote: I do believe both Serbians and Asians to be genuinely more powerful than humans of any kind. Well, actually, a number of witches are probably a variety of other kin who are far more sensitive to energy than the average human.

“ When young vampires feed on humans, they become a threat not only to innocent people, but themselves. In order to complete the transition into a vampire, the person must then consume a significant amount of human blood, at least a sip's worth, within the next twenty-four hours, or else they will die.

In a similar vein, until a person in transition drinks human blood to complete their transformation, they will be not be susceptible to the standard weaknesses of a vampire (i.e. they can still walk in sunlight and can enter homes without an invitation). According to Rebekah, the reason why vampires crave blood more than anything else was due to the immortality spell.

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Blood (especially human blood) does not only satisfy a vampire's thirst, but it also heightens their supernatural abilities, making them stronger, faster, and able to heal much more quickly than they would after not eating for a significant period of time. In many cases, a vampire who has been starved for a long period and is risking desiccation will eventually become so overwhelmed with hunger that the loose all sense of their humanity and rationality altogether and finally give into their bloodlust.

Vampires are magically preserved in the physical state that they were in when they died, therefore making a vampires body a freshly dead corpse, though it is reanimated and protected from decay with dark magic. Vampire's bodies remain in the exact same state as they were just prior to their deaths as humans (aside from the injuries or effects of most illnesses that caused their death) from an anatomical standpoint, except when it comes to their supernaturally-enhanced abilities and the addition of vampire's true face.

Similarly, a vampire has human-like physiology, and their bodies continue to function normally as long as they have a steady diet of human blood; for example, their heart still beats to pump the blood they've consumed through their system to maintain their vitality. Regardless, many vampires continue to eat regular food for several reasons, including out of human habit, to maintain human appearances in order to prevent their exposure, and to help sublimate their eternal hunger for blood and thereby keep their bloodlust at a manageable level.

Vampires can also become intoxicated by drugs such as alcohol and marijuana just as humans can, although they do have much higher tolerances due to their accelerated healing, which rapidly regenerates the cells damaged by these drugs which causes the sensation of being drunk or high. They growl, hiss, snarl, and curl their lips back when provoked, baring their fangs as a sign of aggression when faced by a threat.

However, it's in a vampire's nature to be violent, and no matter what their morality or kindness, they will almost always resort to such acts if it's necessary for their survival. Even the most compassionate of their kind will often resort to cruelty and torture if it means protecting themselves and their loved ones from danger.

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Due to their intensely emotional nature, it is not uncommon for vampires wishing to maintain self-control to document their lives after their transition in journals. Though they have consistently shown considerable powers in recollection of specific memories and dates, vampires still need to peruse their journals in order to reflect on their feelings and other minute details during certain events.

Vampires generally coexist with humans due to their shared origins and appearances. Most of the few people who do know about vampires have either been killed to ensure their silence, compelled to forget their encounters with them, or, in some cases, are compelled not to speak of it to anyone, which lessens the chances that the vampire species will be exposed to the public.

As a result of their immortality and the fatal violence they witness on a regular basis, the death of a human who has no significant connection to the vampire is typically a non-event for them, and is either shrugged off as collateral damage or seen as a means to an end in part of whatever the vampire in question's current agenda is. The supernatural forces that sustain vampires also endow them with superhuman physical abilities as well as powers of mind control.

Their physical abilities such as strength, speed, agility, durability, healing and senses all grow stronger with age and experience. Human blood is also known to increase the speed of healing when ingested by a vampire after being seriously wounded.

Even new vampires who are still in transition can toss an average-size, fully-grown human across a room with great speed and force. Their other feats include single-handedly lifting grown men high off the ground by the throat and snapping their necks, cutting off a person's head with their bare hands, and ripping out internal organs such as hearts with little to no effort.

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Vampires can accelerate their movements to cover short distances in an instant, usually faster than the human eye can see. Their reflexes and dexterity are similarly heightened, allowing them to catch certain projectiles such as arrows and thrown stakes in the air with ease.

They have shown that they can move quickly, jump very high, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. Super Durability : Vampires can take a great amount of physical damage without being slowed down.

Vampires can also still be stunned and dazed by strikes and trauma, though their tolerance for it will increase as they get older. Vampires can snap their bones back into place after they have been broken and have been seen to fully recover from gunshots, stab wounds, and torso impalement very quickly, so long as they had consumed a regular diet of human blood prior to the injury.

Upon their transformation, vampires become immune to all conventional illness, diseases, viruses and infections. Emotions like love, joy, and happiness are magnified for vampires, allowing them to live life more intensely.

Original vampires have been shown experiencing emotions as powerfully today as they did 1,000 years ago. Conversely, sadness, depression, guilt, fear and anger are also amplified, causing many vampires to become so overwhelmed that they “turn off” their humanity to block out the more painful emotions.

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Doing so allows them to block out their more negative emotions, such as fear and guilt, allowing them to feed and kill without remorse, go against any opponent without fear, and relieve themselves of painful feelings such as grief, loss, depression, and shame. Vampires are capable of turning their humanity back on and bringing back their emotions, but it is difficult as a result of the fact that they will be bombarded with all of their repressed emotions in addition to the guilt of anything they did without their humanity (such as killing or torturing innocent people or loved ones) with enhanced intensity.

Mind Compulsion : Vampires have the ability to influence and control thoughts, emotions, and behavior and can alter or erase memories. When a vampire's true face is revealed, the sclera of their eyes turns blood-red, dark veins appear under their eyes as the blood pumps forcefully through them, and their canine teeth extend into razor-sharp fangs.

A vampire's true face can be revealed whenever they wish, but it will appear against their will whenever they are aroused by the scent of blood, or are feeling intense emotions such as fear, anger, lust, sadness, etc. Vampires can build up tolerances to some weaknesses, such as certain, allowing them to protect themselves from compulsion by an Original and to help lessen the likelihood that it will seriously incapacitate them when used by enemies.

However, it will still burn them upon contact, but if ingested, it will not weaken them as much if they take small amounts over time to increase their immunity. Animal Blood : Animal blood, while somewhat satisfying a vampire's hunger and sustaining their undead life, will make the vampire considerably weaker than they would be if they had drank human blood, causing their physical abilities to be inferior to a human-blood-consuming vampire, making them heal much more slowly, and making their compulsion less effective.

Decapitation : Dismembering or manually removing the head of a vampire will result in instant and permanent death. This quality has been proven to be useful in disposing of the remains of a dead vampire without any physical evidence.

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Vampires have the strength to plunge their hands right through the flesh of humans (including witches), werewolves, or other vampires, allowing them to punch their hand through the thorax of a person and pull out their heart. However, this is momentary as they will heal completely within seconds so long as they haven't been weakened by other means such as certain or werewolf bites.

Stabbing a vampire through the heart with a wooden stake will result in instantaneous and permanent death. The regenerative properties of vampire blood will speed up the replication of cancer cells of and exceed normal stages of the condition.

This myth was presumably started to hide the fact that vampires are actually vulnerable to certain. Soulless : The belief that vampires are soulless beings may have stemmed from their ability to shut down their humanity, causing them to block out their emotions and behave without remorse or regret, giving off the impression that they have no conscience and by extension, lack a soul.

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