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That tradition started quite recently, but we can also find links that stretch back to antiquity. The history of witches is terrifying and sad and is basically the story of marginalized people.

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Worse, people around the contemporary world are still abused because of supernatural beliefs about their so-called witchcraft. These green stockings apparently allude to the primitive forces of virgin nature.

She remains a bit rough around the edges, but this is more defensiveness and a lack of social skills than an actual evil. Overall, Alpha is a good person, and remains that way throughout both the novel and the play, thus becoming a relatable protagonist, rather than a villain.

These causes include infections, fungal attack, chemical damage, bruising, and gangrene, among others. Witches in popular literature and media became sexual entities, conniving and disgraceful.

“ witches are accused of crimes similar to those which made the femme fatale of 19th-century novels and dramas such a menacing literary persona” Through their magic and their sensual nature, they would tempt people, and trick them into doing inherently evil things, or make them vulnerable. Sometimes, they sit on the other end of the spectrum, as masculine, hideous creatures; still outliers from society’s usual expectations for women.

The UFO sighting craze kicked off in America in 1941 with the Cape Mirabeau flying saucer crash (which definitely happened), but get this, the guy who saw the alien thought it was gray. And I bet In 1946, Harold M. Sherman, who wrote a pulp science fiction book called The Green Man: A Visitor From Space had seen The Wizard of Oz, too.

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The make-up used to turn Hamilton green didn't only look poisonous, it was: The copper-based paint could have made her seriously ill if ingested, so she was forced to drink her lunches through a straw during the long, four-month shoot. The paint could only be removed with rubbing alcohol and even so, it left her skin tinted green for weeks after shooting.

The last person to be formally executed for witchcraft was Anna Gold, a Swiss maid who may or may not have been putting needles in her employers' food, and was hung in 1782. Tim nit Genre, an AI ethics researcher at Google, was fired this week after sending an internal email complaining that marginalized voices at the company were being silenced.

The Morgan Hill Times reports that others indicted included Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Undersheriff Rick Sung, Capt. It probably sounds trite, but a quality light source in an emergency really can make the difference between life and death.

Most of the time it adds to their creepiness, and makes them the perfect social outcasts, embittered and hell-bent on revenge, but where did this tradition of reunification come from? The 1939 film changed the face of pop culture, and ever since Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West was shown sporting skin a glorious shade of Technicolor green the color has become a witch standard.

Now most of us know that there is way more to the Fair Folk than what is popularly depicted in Disney films or Victorian Era artwork. But what I find really fascinating is the amount of push-back these articles present, urging readers to become enlightened about the true nature of the FAE.

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Unlike many mortals, Witches generally have a deep respect for the natural world and are innately more aware of it’s hidden power. John Walsh of Dorset confessed in 1566 that he would freely consult with the Fair Folk in the hills at noon and midnight.

Photo by on Unsplash Witches who allied themselves with the Fair Folk often found themselves blessed with special abilities or otherwise assisted in their magical work. Bessie Dunlop confessed in 1576 that her Faerie Familiar, Them Reid, taught her which herbs to use when healing others.

Anne Jefferies of Cornwall, who was tried in 1645, was sought out by many for her renowned healing powers which she explained were the result of her interactions with Faeries. Isabel Sinclair confessed in 1633 that she had dealings with the FAE who taught her about the nature of the world and blessed her with second sight.

As with any other type of Spirit you may wish to work with, you’re going to want to do your research ahead of time in order to avoid potential faux-pas. However, offerings of milk and honey won’t always cut it, and you might find yourself having to sacrifice something much more dear to your heart.

Folklore tells us many grim stories about mortals being tricked, kidnapped, injured, and even killed at the hands of Faeries. Displeased with the modern understanding of the FAE as diminutive creatures who grant wishes and bring joy to our lives, many people are turning to the classical lore as a means of pushing back against this benign characterization which they view as both naive and harmful.

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Whether purposefully or not, the argument that the Fair Folk are sinister and not to be trusted ignores the nuances of these Spirits and the lore itself. When approached with knowledge and reverence, the FAE can be some of the most invaluable teachers and magical allies, helping us to understand the powers of enchantment and the workings of both the natural and Otherworld.

These long light green polyester gloves have thin pointy fingers with black nails. The unusual green shade and oddly thin shape give these witch accessories an eerie look.

100% polyester, exclusive of decoration One size fits most teens and adults Hand wash cold, line dry Witchcraft and pagan religious practices increased in the U.S. over the past few decades, with Millennials turning to alternatives ranging from astrology and tarot cards and away from Christianity and traditionally dominant Abrahamic religions.

A Trinity College study conducted in 1990 estimated only about 8,000 Wicca in the U.S., but the increase has been led by a rejection of mainstream Christianity among young Americans as well as a rise in occultism. The practice of witchcraft in the U.S. has rise dramatically over the past few decades, with millennials turning to astrology, tarot cards and Wicca beliefs as they turn away from Christianity and other traditional religions. Getty Images CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / Taffeta collected by the Pew Research Center and Trinity College in Connecticut show witchcraft and pre-Christian traditions have been revitalized by young adults, Quartz noted.

Millennials are seeking more freedom in their spirituality and interest in astrology and tarot card readings have spiked in recent years. Millennials, celebrities, and even critics of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh have embraced the “witch aesthetic” over more repressive Christian beliefs, Quartz reported.

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The Pew Research Center, which has long pointed out the ongoing decline in U.S. Protestant and Catholic membership, released a June survey which found adults under 40 are far less likely to say religion is “very important” in their lives. Despite the rise in practicing witches, the U.S. is still dominated by Christianity, which composes 70 percent of the country's religious population, the Pew Research Center noted earlier this year.

Beautiful Linda is not only a compassionate and benevolent witch, but also a fierce protector of her people. With her penetrating gaze, she exudes a powerful presence and has positioned herself as the royal advisor and protector of Emerald City.

Theodora only wants peace to come to the Land of Oz and truly believes that a prophesied wizard will arrive someday to restore order. We’ll have to wait until March 8, 2013, when the film is released, to find out.

The Good Witch of the North was not named in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. However, Baum gave her the name of Jocasta in the 1902 musical extravaganza, The Wizard of Oz.

Ruth Glumly Thompson, Baum’s handpicked successor in writing Oz books, revamped the character and gave her the name of Tatty poo. Because the 1939 MGM movie, The Wizard of Oz, combined the two good witches into one and called her Linda.

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The Wicked Witch of the West is not named in Baum’s books. However, in the 1910 silent film, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this witch is named Mamba in the intertitles (or title cards).

Later books in Baum’s Oz series refer to Linda as a Sorceress, rather than a Witch. This information is taken from The Hidden History of Oz, Book One: The Witch Queens.

Galette is the eternal sorceress who rules from the Ruby Palace in the lands of the North. Her constant research keeps her to busy to pay attention to either matters of state or family.

Her magic is telekinetic, and her greatest threat is to throw a person into the sky. She is clever and constantly schemes to gain more power, especially against her chief rival, Galette.

Through conversations with Karina and Linda, we learn that Somalia had powers over weather, and she taught some of these spells to Galette. Jocasta is a young Munchkin maiden, taken as an apprentice by Karina, Witch of the East.

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She fears her master and the cruel punishments that she earns for her supposed ineptitude. Though sent to capture Linda, she learns a valuable lesson from the young sorceress and finds the courage to stand on her own merit.

Linda is the daughter of the Ruby Sorceress, Galette, and Quell, rulers of the North. She was born a princess, but she imagines for herself adventure and romance, just like in her large collection of books.

When her parents disappear, Linda finds herself thrown into adventure, with the Wicked Witches chasing after her. With a name and a fame belonging to her mother, Linda fights back against the witches to earn for herself the title of Linda the Good, and secure a new home for herself in the South.

We know that Dorothy interacts with all the main witches in the original story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you can find it on Amazon (in paperback and Kindle versions) or on Smash words.

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