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Hatbox lifespan Every swamp hut spawns a witch and a black cat inside during world generation, which never DeShawn. Otherwise, in Java Edition only witches (which may DeShawn) spawn in the 7×7×9 (x×y×z) volume that is the hut.

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In Bedrock Edition, witches respawn on only one block within the swamp hut. Witches transformed in this way cannot DeShawn, nor can they be changed back into villagers.

They drop 5 when killed by a player or tamed wolf. These potions are the same as ones obtainable through brewing, i.e. they have the same potency and duration.

Offense Each potion is thrown in a 3-second interval. If none of the above conditions are true, witches default to using a splash potion of harming, which does up to 6 magical damage.

Drinking the potion takes 1.6 seconds and slows down its walking speed. In Java Edition, witches that participate in a raid seek out villagers and ravagers and throw splash potions of Regeneration (45 seconds), or Instant Health if they have 4 or less.

In Bedrock Edition, witches participating in a raid do not heal other villagers, but still attack the player and iron golems. In Java Edition, witches do not retaliate when attacked by evoke fangs, illager-inflicted arrows, harming potions from other witches and Johnny vindicators.

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Witches use splash potions, such as Poison, Weakness, Damage and Slowness, to fight the player. Though witches are modeled after villagers, they do not share any attributes of villagers, such as utilizing housing, and are unable to open doors. 12w38b Witches now have common drops, including glass bottles, sticks, Redstone dust, glow stone dust, gunpowder, spider eyes and water bottles.

13w42a Witches now spawn anywhere where the light level is 7 or less, including any biome at night and in caves. The witch hut's spawning zone height has been increased by 2.

15w47b Added sounds for witches idling, taking damage, dying, drinking and throwing potions. 1.10pre1 Witches now drink a potion of Fire Resistance, if they don't already have the effect and the most recent damage taken (within the past 2 seconds) was fire damage.

The appearance of witches has been changed, adding a purple hood. This was confirmed by Jasper Boersma to be an unintentional change.

19w13a If raiding witches killed all the villagers in the village or the beds were destroyed, witches celebrate their victory by laughing and jumping. 1.1620w22a When a villager that was traded with is struck by lightning, the witch it becomes no longer DeShawn.

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Pre-release 1 When any villager is struck by lightning, the witch it becomes no longer DeShawn. The hat model and head position are different from Java's witches.

Bedrock Edition1.2.0beta Witches now have an 8.5% chance to drop a potion when drinking. 1.13.0beta If raiding witches killed all the villagers in the village or the beds were destroyed, witches celebrate their victory by laughing and jumping.

Legacy Console EditionTU19CU7 1.12 Patch 11.0.1 Added witches. TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3 Witches can now drink and drop potions of Water Breathing.

Issues relating to “Witch” are maintained on the bug tracker. Witches do not use the equipment in their swamp huts, but they can be used by players.

Witches are extremely difficult to kill via suffocation or cacti (though not impossible), due to their frequent use of healing potions. When drinking a potion, a witch's nose lifts and points forward.

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The player can see the short mouth of a witch from the side, only if they are drinking a potion and lifting their nose. He later explained that it was a reference to this scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The witch is based on Slavic folklore called Baba Saga, which is why it lives in a swamp hut. Despite being physically similar and appearing to be allied with them, witches are not considered villagers.

In the Village and Pillage update artwork banner, the Witch in the picture appears to have its arm's unfolded like a Pillager, however this is not the case in game. For the mob type in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Villager.

The mob does not fight back when hit by a missed arrow shot by a pillager or illusion er . However, they can join patrols or spawn in raids above normal difficulty and splash Potions of Regeneration or Healing on villagers. .

However, “Johnny” vindicators attack them, and they take damage from evokes' fangs and ravagers' roars. They always spawn naturally in groups while in patrols and raids, or inside their structures.

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Vindicators and evokes that spawn naturally in Woodland Mansions do not DeShawn and respawn. Any villager has a small chance to be a raid captain with an ominous banner (even when summoned by commands, or when using a spawn egg ).

It is triggered when a player with the Bad Omen status effect enters a village. Killing a raid captain in patrols, in a mansion , or in an outpost inflicts the player with the Bad Omen effect, which triggers a raid when that player enters a village with the effect still active.

Villagers, ravagers, and witches do not retaliate when hit by a missed arrow shot by a pillager or illusion er. A vindicator can disable the player's shield with its iron axe attack, even when riding a mob.

If a player fails to land a melee attack on a vindicator that rides a ravager during a raid in Hard difficulty, the vindicator rider can deal great damage to a player without protection from a shield. All villagers, ravagers, and witches gain 3 seconds of Glowing themselves when the bell rings.

Villager structures are always themed around dark oak wood. The player can obtain it only by killing a raid captain, either from pillager outposts or through the use of commands.

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Raid the village while killing all the villagers and golems and take it over (main goal; determinant). Kill Steve, or the player's character (side goal). Take over the over world under the rule of the Arch-Illager (Minecraft Dungeons). They are hostile and territorial versions of the much more passive villagers' and, as such, serve as their archenemies.

One of the most prevalent and organized enemies a player can face, Villagers frequently raid and takeover villages. They serve as one of the game's “mini-bosses” because of their partaking in raids towards the player and passive villagers, and possess many abilities such as seamanship, archery, magic, and many more.

Evokes, Vindicators, Vexes, Pillagers, and Ravagers are the most well-known villagers in the franchise so far. Despite being absent in Minecraft: Story Mode, the Villagers may also appear as the main antagonists, or recurring antagonists of other Minecraft medias, mainly in maps, songs, fanfics, story arcs, or videos, and mostly have different roles and motives, though they don't appear as often as other hostile mobs.

Villagers are known to be destructive, ruthless, mean, cruel and strong mobs. Once the player finds a Pillager Outpost and kills the Pillager Captain who has an Villager flag on his back, they get the Bad Omen affect.

Once the player returns to his village, the Villagers begin to raid. If at least one villager survives the raid, and the Villagers get defeated, the player wins.

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Chest Flowers Rails Cobweb Spider Spawner Obsidian Diamond Blocks Laps Pauli Blocks Bookshelves Wheat Farm Blacksmith Rooms Saplings Wool Pumpkin and Melon Farms Chicken Statues Cat Statues Villager Head Statues Banners It is hard to find a Woodland Mansion since they are the rarest structures in the game.

However, the player can acquire a map of a Woodland Mansion from a Cartographer via trade. There are also Iron Golems that are imprisoned by Pillagers and put in a cage.

In this structure, Pillagers will continuously spawn, and if the player kills the captain, they will get a “Bad Omen” status effect, which triggers a raid to occur in the next village visited by the player. In these raids, player can gain loot like armors and emeralds from killing the raiders.

If the raid ends with a fail, the player will get the “Hero of the Village” effect. If the captain is killed, the player will get the “Bad Omen” status effect.

The High block Castle is the place where the Arch-Illager and his higher ranking minions reside in Minecraft Dungeons. It is divided into three places: High block Halls, Under halls, and Obsidian Pinnacle.

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Arch-Illager The Arch-Illager only appears in Minecraft Dungeons as the main antagonist of the game and the leader of the Villagers. Previously an outcast villager, he is corrupted by the Orb of Dominance and goes to the path of evil.

A raid captain is usually a Pillager or Vindicator and rarely an Evoke. Illusions reappear in Minecraft Dungeons with a different outfit, but still retain their abilities in the base game.

They can summon Vexes, and they can run very fast after they have cast a spell. They are equipped with iron armor and a double-sided axe and are stronger than regular vindicators.

They wear an apron, a chef’s hat and attack with a Ladle. They attack with an iron sword and can pass through blocks in the base game.

They only appear in Minecraft Dungeons in the Howling Peaks DLC. Johnny is the more ruthless and homicidal version of the normal Vindicator.

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From another villain, Jack Torrance, who handles an axe like Vindicators. Royal Guards are heavily armored Villagers armed with a mace and a shield, exclusive to Minecraft Dungeons.

They are Villagers worn with a hood, face covering and attack with a pickaxe. The Villagers raiding a village, as shown in a promotional image from Moving.

But if a raid is taking place during nighttime, they will eventually team up with the hostile mobs (especially zombies) to kill all the villagers and iron golems, making the raid more challenging during nighttime. For example, the vindicators may have been past villagers that the evoke tried to shift it between them to turn evil, and the vindicators may have also been past innocent villagers, transformed into murderous savage killers by Evokes themselves, although this is still not official, but the official Minecraft book, Mo bestiary confirms all of this.

All the villagers were once villagers, but as said in the book, Mo bestiary, they were exiled and expelled from the villages and moved to an isolated forest to live on their woodland mansions. Before 1.14 when villagers were given more prominent roles, Minecraft didn't have any secondary antagonists, as the closest thing the game's secondary antagonist had, was the Wither, despite being an optional boss only, but that role was changed on update 1.14, because Villagers nowadays are more recognized, and are known as side enemies to the player, and the main enemies to the villagers.

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