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I'm killable, I'm immortal, and I'm psychic, and to function I need human blood, but don't ever call me a vampire. Over 2,000 years ago in Ancient Greece, a young and powerful witch named Silas desired immortality, the ability to live forever without ever aging or dying.

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Silas was engaged to be married to another powerful witch named Messiah. Messiah created the elixir of Immortality and planned on consuming it (with Silas) during their wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately, Messiah quickly realized that the elixir had already been consumed when all the plants around the altar began to wilt and die. She confronted and desiccated Mara first before entombing her and making it look as though she had killed her to try to convince Silas to take the cure and spend the rest of their mortal lives together.

Messiah's main goal was for Silas to be forced to take the cure to avoid an eternity of entombment, die a mortal death (i.e. become a witch again), then die before being reunited with Messiah on the Other Side for eternity, and therefore never allowing Silas to reunite with Mara in the afterlife. However, Silas knew this was Qetsiyah's intention, and, as a result, he resisted taking the cure for over two thousand years, hoping that someday he would be freed, so he could destroy the Other Side, take the cure, and then die to reunite with Mara in the peaceful afterlife for eternity in spite of his vengeful ex-fiancée.

Since the burial of Silas and the desiccation of Mara, the immortality spell has been known to be replicated twice; once in the creation of what came to be known as the Original Vampires, and then a second time in the remaking of Alaric Saltzman as an Enhanced Original Vampire. Both these times imperfect variants of immortals were created that had weaknesses that could lead to their demise, as Nature had deemed that everything on Earth must have a weakness and had already had to compensate for the creation of immortals by creating Doppelgängers to die in their place.

Original vampires could be killed by the White Oak Stake, and Alaric died because his life-force was bound to Elena Gilbert's. Silas was now free to initialize his ultimate plan to complete the Expression Triangle, and use Bonnie to permanently lower The Veil separating the Other Side from the living world, allowing all the dead supernatural creatures to return to their corporeal bodies.

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Silas found her and awakened her with the blood of a Traveler he had killed, but Mara, driven to near-insanity after acting as the Anchor to the Other Side and feeling the deaths of supernaturals for two millennia, Mara stabbed Silas and drank his blood, using the cure in his veins to render herself mortal as well. Fortunately for Messiah, the witch was able to transfer the status of Anchor to the Other Side to Bonnie, which meant that while Mara, as a human, was able to move on to find eternal peace in the afterlife, Silas was trapped on the Other Side, just as Messiah had intended.

In 2012, Silas attempted to resurrect himself with the Travelers' resurrection spell to ensure that his spirit would not be lost when the Other Side inevitably collapsed due to the Magic Purification spell, but before he could be brought back, he was sucked into oblivion, leaving it next to impossible to bring him back and officially bringing the truly immortal species to an end. Immortals appear to have a physical form completely identical to that of a human, and do not have another form in addition to their human aspects, unlike their vampire cousins, who have a “true face” that causes the sclera of their eyes and the blood vessels surrounding them to swell and darken with blood.

Immortals, like vampires, require blood to live and maintain their supernatural abilities. When Silas had to feed he cut his victims with a knife (primarily on the wrists) in order for him to be able to feed on them, and Mara had to use a large glass shard to cut Silas' throat, so she could drink the cure of his blood.

Pale in comparison to that of vampires created from Esther's ritual, and do not increase over time. Their psychic powers however, are far more superior and the strongest seen thus far, having grow stronger with human blood and by simply honing them with intensive practice over time.

They're immune to wooden weapons, sunlight, certain, werewolf bites, decapitation, heart extraction or fire and are able to walk freely into a home without being invited by the owner first. In fact, immortals are the only known species who have abilities powerful enough to incapacitate or compel Original vampires.

After intensive practice and consumption of exceptional amounts of blood, immortals can even affect multiple targets with their psychic abilities. Silas was once able to mind-control an entire crowd full of people and make them forget afterward.

This ability seems to grow stronger with age, practice, and significant consumption of blood. Only Supernatural Hunters of the Brotherhood of the Five and those beings possessed by Travelers using Passenger spells are immune to these abilities.

Telepathy : Immortals have the ability enter into the minds of another to read their thoughts and access their memories just by being in the same vicinity as them. However, it is not a passive ability, as Silas failed to realize that Damon was on to him until it was too late, suggesting that it takes conscious effort on his part to activate and sift through memories and thoughts.

This ability can also have its drawbacks if the user accidentally reveals information that they are not supposed to know which can blow their cover if they are trying to appear as someone else. Silas, despite in his weakened state after having just been awoken from desiccation, was able to cast illusions convincing enough to actually make Bonnie, a witch who is typically immune from all mental manipulation, into thinking that he was Atticus Shane.

Advanced Mind Compulsion : Immortals can control thoughts, plague dreams, and erase memories of humans and supernatural creatures alike. They do not need to eye contact, and can affect extremely powerful supernatural beings such as Messiah and Klaus.

They are even able to control entire crowds from a distance with relative ease after feeding on a large enough quantity of blood. Silas was able to effortlessly break Jeremy Gilbert's neck with one hand, even after having just awoken from desiccation moments before.

Enhanced Speed : Immortals possess enhanced speed which allows them to move faster than humans, Silas was able to carry both Bonnie Bennett and Atticus Shane and get them all out of his tomb within a short span of time, and he was also able to carry Shane all the way to the shores of the island while still getting back to Bonnie before she woke up. However, like with their strength, immortal possess inferior speed to that of vampires; after Damon saved Katherine and heard Silas walking down the stairs to the foyer of the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon joked, “God, you're slow.

Super Durability : Immortals are indestructible, they are highly resistant to pain and can take a great amount of damage without succumbing to physical injury. Messiah also calcified Mara and anchored her to the Other Side to ensure that the supernatural purgatory could not be destroyed.

According to Professor Atticus Shane, Silas, with the help of his best friend and fellow powerful witch Messiah, created the first immortality spell in the form of an elixir, which he stole and shared with the love of his life, Mara. As a result, Silas was reverted to being a mortal witch, and was eventually killed by his own doppelgänger Stefan, who threw a knife into his chest.

Mara was reverted to being a human when she ingested Silas' blood after he had cured himself. Deceased (Former Immortal /Cured) Julie Alec announced before Season Four the possibility that other vampires could have lived before the Michelson.

The Vampire Diaries: Architects of the Supernatural Keepers of the Balance Servants of Nature The Yoruba of West Africa call them Are, meaning mother.

” Witches are supernatural beings who are born with the power to affect change by magical means, known as witchcraft. Contemporary witches often use ceremonies, rituals, or shamanic practices to attune themselves with the natural rhythms of Nature in their efforts to obtain guidance and knowledge from wiser known witches called the Spirits or from their ancestors.

However, according to Gloria, who referred to herself as an “old-school voodoo” practitioner, not all witches follow this belief system and have free will to choose how they practice their power. The origin of witchcraft remains unknown, however, witches have existed for many centuries passing down their knowledge and skills through generations of family lines.

Contrary to popular belief, witches do not receive their powers from demons, nor do they worship the Devil. Instead, witches consider themselves “the Servants of Nature,” as they make it their duty to maintain balance within the world.

Sheila Bennett had once stated to Bonnie that “witchcraft was rooted in psychic energy”. After awakening their power, witchcraft can encompass many types of activities including astrology, divination, spell casting, and spirit communication.

It includes the practices of many cultures, nations, and religions as well as many books and writings dating back to ancient times. Although the majority of traditional witches are commonly portrayed as being kind and selfless humans who use their powers to maintain balance within the world, some witches are not and go directly against the Balance of Nature by practicing their powers for dark and sinister or selfish deeds.

Spell Casting : The power to change and control events through the use of incantations. Channeling : The power to invoke extra forms of energy by focusing on external forces.

Telekinesis : The power to move objects and persons through mental influence. Pain Infliction : The power to create excruciating migraines or aneurysms through supernatural means.

Clairvoyance: The power to divine future, past or present events through instinctive knowledge. Intuition: The power to divine future, past or present events through the use of instinctive knowledge.

Premonitions: The power to divine future, past or present events through the observation and study of dreams. Psychometric: The power to divine future, past or present events through contact with or proximity to a certain object or person.

Transmogrification: The unique power to alter the physical structure of objects living or dead, changing their form. Telepathy : The power that allows witches to access the minds of others through spells.

Illusions : The power to alter the senses of others to perceive a false reality. Disbelief: The act of denying or disbelieving in one's potential could cause a witch to inadvertently suppress their magical power.

Distraction: Denying a witch from concentrating or giving full attention to their spells, may render them ineffective. Additionally, certain spells require items, tools, and/or special events during casting, therefore they can't be invoked on a mere whim.

According to Sheila Bennett, strong emotions such as worry and anger can fuel a witch's power while emotions such as fear may prevent a witch from properly accessing their powers. The Liberia flower prevents concentration and, therefore, the practice of magic and can be used to temporarily weaken a witch.

Huntress' Blood : The supernatural huntress' blood can suppress all magic of a witch when consumed, as well as prevent magic from working on the said witch, as seen when the Armory could not perform a locator spell on Bonnie Bennett. Prolonged ingestion is toxic and ultimately leads to the death of the witch.

Once black scabs start appearing on their body, the infected witches have less than a week of life. Mortality: Despite their mystical attributes, witches are still human and share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, snapped neck, etc.).

Overexertion: The excessive use of magic can lead to disorientation, nose bleeds, unconsciousness, and if taken to the extreme, death. When struck, it produces a high frequency that has some minor effects on witches and sip honers, giving them painful headaches, though it does not affect their ability to perform magic and cast spells.

Main article: Witches tools Amulets: An object that is used to protect its wearer from harm. Thames: A ceremonial dagger with a double-edged blade that is commonly used to direct energy.

Candles: A block of solid wax with an embedded wick that is commonly lit to amplify a witch's spell. Cauldrons: A large metal pot that is commonly used to hold the ingredients for elixirs and potions.

Rimfires : A family journal is documented with magical recipes, rituals, and spells. Herbs : Various flora used as ingredients to be incorporated into spells as binding agents.

Stones : Various minerals and ores used to boost or bind a witch's spell. Symbols : Seals drawn or written used as physical representations of spells.

Talismans : Objects that can be used to magnify a witch's power and/or represent them supernaturally. A spell could consist of ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these.

However, the ancient witches Dahlia and Freya Michelson have been known to perform spells using a language similar to Old Norse. While the majority of witches seem to respect Nature with just as much commitment and reverence as religious factions do about their churches or mosques, it has been proven that not all witches share this belief and have made malevolent acts that go against the Balance of Nature.

Throughout the past, more than half of the human population lived in fear of the supernatural community. This fear caused many human parents to teach their children to hate and persecute all creatures who were different from them, especially witches.

While it has been implied that more than half of those who were accused were entirely innocent, according to Elijah Michelson, many of those who were killed in Mystic Falls were true witches. Throughout the centuries, it appears that the belief in the occult has dramatically declined to the point where Sheila Bennett suggested that many humans like to poke fun at witchcraft, a behavior many witches encourage to ensure their anonymity to the human world and allow them to quietly practice their craft in private.

The relationship between shamans and witches is largely unknown, but given their similar practices, one could speculate it would be neutral or positive. Like witches, they share a very deep and spiritual connection towards Nature, abiding by its laws while even calling upon it to create the powerful Shamanistic Huntress to oppose vampires.

“ Before the 1900s, your mother fell in with a group of witches that were cast out of the Gemini Coven. Witches, rather the Gemini Coven, see sip honers as abominations of Nature.

Six sip honers were cast out of the Gemini Coven sometime between 1858 and 1903, and during their exile, they crossed paths with the ripper vampire, Lillian Salvatore. She indirectly turned the first and eventually the rest into true witch-vampire hybrids, a coven called the Heretics, who could retain their ability to siphon magic even after their transformation into vampires.

However, since Kai was still viewed as an abomination by the coven, including his parents, he began to distance himself from his family. Kai's parents saw that Kai was not fit to be the leader of the Gemini Coven, but also knew that if he were to Merge with Jo, his siphoned nature would allow him to beat her, killing her and winning the leadership of the coven.

With the establishment of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, the relationship between sip honers and witches has shifted to a positive one where neither Lizzie nor Josie suffered persecution due to their ability to siphon magic. The Spirits were highly involved in the activities of witches and often communed with them during their rituals and spells.

The Spirits were known to have created the laws of witchcraft and distributed punishments to any witch who disobeyed their rules. When supernatural creatures die they're doomed to spend eternity alone watching the world go on without them.

Nevertheless, the Regent of the Nine Covens of New Orleans, had full access to the power of the Ancestors and could call upon them for assistance. When a New Orleans witch died, their body was consecrated and the magic in their bones and their spirit was released into the Ancestral Well.

However, every three hundred years, the connection between the living and dead witch would wane. To rebuild this connection, the Harvest Ritual was performed, in which the living would sacrifice four girls for the Ancestors to resurrect and subsequently guide them to become pillars of the community.

In 2014, the relationship between the living and dead witches resulted in the severing of the Ancestral Plane from Lafayette Cemetery. This controversial act caused the witches to divide into two subcultures: conventional and unconventional.

The conventional witches saw the immortality spell as a violation of the natural law that all living creatures must die. However, a subgroup of witches who held unconventional beliefs about magic saw the immortality spell as a revelation of divine potential and flouted the testaments of their peers.

These differences of opinion created a rift between in the witch community that has lasted for more than two millennia and caused the witches to curse the Travelers with a spell that cut them off from all traditional magic, barring them from their connection to Nature. This is mainly due to the notion that since vampires were created from dark magic, and flout the natural design that all living creatures must die.

While some are forced to work alongside vampires, these witches are not particularly fond of this label. With the establishment of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, the relationship between vampire and witch students remain positive while Alaric and others continue to foster peace between the supernatural factions.

The two most powerful of their respective species, Radius and Messiah, have achieved very similar feats, such as creating new afterlife dimensions and bestowing varying degrees of immortality, using different means. The relationship between dragons and witches, as well as other supernatural factions, was largely adversarial around a millennia ago.

With the dragons consumed and forgotten in the world, they've since only been regarded in myths and legends. Though the link has been broken and has been weakened, she remains a powerful witch.

After she ingested the cure centuries later, she was once again a witch and, to temporarily avoid death, performed the passenger spell on Elena. She, along with her mother and coven, are notable for imbuing the Maxwell Bell with magic to drive out the sirens as well as protecting the town from Hellfire.

She is known for trapping the Tomb vampires underneath Fell's Church, as well as creating enchanted objects, such as the Gilbert Ring. She is known for the creation of many Dark Objects, alongside Astrid, under AOL Michelson's tutelage using Arabian witchcraft, known as Kenya.

She is known for the creation of many Dark Objects, alongside Mary-Alice, under AOL Michelson's tutelage using Arabian witchcraft, known as Kenya. Using this form of magic, he successfully desiccated and channeled the Original vampire, Rebekah.

She was skilled in herbalism as well as having an adept mind for spell craft, such as when she combined various spells from Esther's Grimier to create the enhanced Moonlight Rings. Her Safe-house Spell upon St. James Infirmary was powerful enough to even warrant Dahlia's wary.

She is known for the hex she cast upon Sean O'Connell that lead to the massacre of his fellow seminary students. In Bonnie's greatest need, she along with the other Bennett witches returned from peace to aid her in saving Mystic Falls.

She is the creator of a powerful and dark resurrection spell, that AOL was weary of, as well as, presumably, the Cursed Stakes. He was notable for the incarceration of his son Malachi Parker via the Prison World Banishment Spell.

She decided to relinquish her magic in her youth when Kai slaughtered her siblings. She would later regain her magic only to give it to Kai after the improper Merge Ritual.

With the Ancestors gone, he continued to lead the Witch Community and built peace among the vampires. Vincent was partially responsible for the re-connection of the Ancestral Plane with the completion of the new Harvest and Reaping Rituals.

Due to his loyalties to the Hollow, he circumvented death twice before being slain for a third and final time. After Vincent was shunned by the Ancestors, he was given Regency over the Nine Covens, and considered a very powerful witch until his untimely demise.

She protected the younger students and Lizzie Saltzman from the gargoyle,, with an illusion spell. She is most notably known for repeatedly saving the town of Mystic Falls and the people living there with the use of her magic.

With Jessica and the other two Harvest girls, they've successfully sent Klaus and Hayley to the Ancestral Plane to speak with Davina. With Amy and the other two Harvest girls, they've successfully sent Klaus and Hayley to the Ancestral Plane to speak with Davina.

She left with her mother, who got a job in Belgium, and plans to attend a witch-only school. After she accidentally blew up her childhood home that left her orphaned, she essentially grew up at the Salvatore school.

Years later, this ultimately leads her to send them and Alaric to the 2018 prison world when an opportunity arises for her to take advantage of. While being a spirit imprisoned within his sister's necklace, he still possesses the ability to use magic.

Abby Bennett Wilson Abby Bennett was a powerful witch who is notably known for the desiccation of the Original vampire, Mikael before being turned into a vampire by Damon. Deceased According to Abby, all magic is monitored by Nature and has consequential effects.

She explained this to her daughter, Bonnie, when she informed her of how she always dreamed of a normal life and how after she defeated an Original vampire named Mikael. She decided to abandon her family to live the life she so desperately desired outside of Mystic Falls.

As punishment for deserting her lineage, Abby said that it was Nature and not the Spirits, that slowly took away her magic until she was completely powerless. According to Bonnie, all witches have a spiritual connection to the elements of the Earth and the forces of Nature.

According to Emily, vampires was an evil curse created from dark magic. She explained how some humans, such as Stefan Salvatore, are unfit to become vampires due to their gentle nature.

According to Esther, the creation of the Original vampires was an accident as she never intended to turn her family into monsters, but merely to protect them from harm. After the death of her youngest son, Henrik, Esther and her husband, Mikael, feared the power of the werewolves and wanted to exceed them in superiority.

With the support of her husband, Esther created a spell that would not only grant her family immortality but would also make them faster and stronger than the wolves. Despite the countless warnings given by her mentor, Adana, Esther used Dark Magic to successfully enact the spell, not knowing that violent behavior and an insatiable thirst for blood would become permanent side effects.

According to Sheila Bennett, the Spirits are responsible for creating the laws on magic. Sheila hinted that she practiced Spirit Magic when she first met Damon Salvatore, whom she immediately disliked.

One year after her death, when Bonnie performed the Manifestation Spell which allowed the supernatural spirits of Mystic Falls to materialize Sheila confirmed that the Spirits were responsible for creating the rules on witchcraft. Luka Martin and Father Tune are the only characters that have been referred to as warlocks.

A subsection of witches known as sip honers are the only witches who have the potential to be turned into witch-vampire hybrids, as they keep their ability to practice magic after being turned into vampires as a result of their siphoning ability. Sip honers, however, do not possess their own magic, and as a result, fall into a loophole of Nature's laws.

According to Michael Caducei, Hope Michelson “is the most powerful witch in the world.” Practitioners of Ancestral Magic can be stripped of additional power supported by the Ancestors if their Coven shuns them, weakening them.

Also, as it was revealed by Davina Claire if a witch tries to murder the Regent they shall be hanged as punishment. Ancestral witches, that have been shunned, can further be punished if they continue to practice magic in New Orleans, as seen with Vincent Griffith.

Various other cultures of witches have been mentioned, though not elaborated upon, such as the following: Street of Italy; Are of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa; Taxa of Sweden, as well as Latvian (of Latvia), Santeria (of Morocco), and Obi (or Beach of Nigeria) witches. Romancers, of unknown origins but found mostly in East Asia, are another unique but rare type of fire-breathing witch; however, only a couple dozen remain.

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