Are X-men Comics Worth Anything

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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With Jonathan Hickman set to take over the reins of Marvel’s mutants, a lot of fans have probably looked back at their collection of comics to see which issues of Uncanny X-Men were worth the 12 to 25 cents they originally cost. After a run in with the local townspeople, Beast has a crisis of conscience and decides to leave the X-Men.

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While this isn’t their first appearance (the distinction goes to Giant Size X-Men #1), this issue signifies the first regular series debut of the “New” X-Men. Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird, Banshee, and Nightcrawler joined Cyclops as the new generation of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (and one old Canadian).

Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attempt to recruit the Blob into their ranks, but the X-Men have other ideas. Upon finding the Crimson Bands of Littoral, Marko became the Unstoppable Juggernaut, gaining immense strength and the ability to block Charles’ psychic attacks.

The Juggernaut’s first appearance came in the last panel of this issue, after spending the rest of the story teasing his massive presence. For years, Magneto has tried to create a world where the mutants are in control, rather than feared and hated.

There were a few times when he decided to give Charles’ ideas a try, but for the most part, it was Mutants first, everyone else second. Too much.” While making its first appearance here, Asteroid M would be the site of many battles over mutant kind for years to come.

Issue #3 was also one of the first times Charles Xavier used his mental abilities to erase memories from a person’s mind. It may have been for two seconds (literally), but Brad Pitt as X-Force member Vanished almost stole the show.

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Issue #2 of Uncanny X-Men saw the debut of the character and one of the few times during their first year they didn’t have an adventure involving Magneto. Magneto needed a team of his own if his plan for mutant control of the world was to take hold.

Featuring Mastermind, Toad, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch, this group sought to destroy the X-Men and help fulfill Magneto’s dream. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were always questioning Magneto’s motives, eventually leaving the team to become Avengers of all things.

Also, if Magneto doesn’t see himself the villain, calling his team “evil” certainly puts a dent in his argument. Born with special abilities, Beast, Cyclops, Angel, Marvel Girl, and Iceman were taught by Professor Charles Xavier to be superheroes, showing mutants and humans can live together peacefully.

Fighting their greatest foe, Magneto, in their first adventure, the X-Men proved they had the capability to stand among the Avengers and The Fantastic Four as a premier team in the Marvel Universe. About The Author Donnie Federer (6 Articles Published) I have been a freelance writer since 2015, covering any and all aspects of pop-culture and entertainment.

I currently live in Seattle, WA with my wife Rebecca and two adorable kitties Tux and Callie. It has been ten years since Iron Man stepped out of the pages of Marvel and onto the big screen, launching one of the most popular and beloved movie franchises the world has ever known.

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However, if the House Of Ideas hadn't sold off the rights to their most popular heroes like The Fantastic Four, X-Men, and of course your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, then perhaps the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn't be what it is today. Because only up until recently did Marvel put their creative juices behind their second-tier characters to craft new stories.

Things are changing slightly as the MCU grows, so perhaps it's time to pick up some investment comics now. Their debut in 1961 helped to usher in a new age of superheroes but combine it with shows like Lost In Space, where it's not just one person on an adventure, but an entire family.

Enamor in the comics is the King of Atlantis who has a thing for Sue Storm, and is the company’s first Mutant. Another investment type of comic book, FF #4 can only skyrocket in price once the character is finally introduced to a nationwide film going audience and is currently a little under the average year’s salary of 44K at its highest to bring home.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had another great supporting character on their hands that they treated as more important than the second tier. He has been responsible for perhaps Spider’s greatest tragedy, the death of teenage love, Gwen Stacy.

It's only fitting that two of Spider’s greatest foes, Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin not only debuted within a year from one another and both are valued at the same amount, 54,000 dollars. Hailing from Gary, Indiana, Pete Petrus created a paste gun and instead of using it for good as a research scientist turned to a life of crime.

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Bentley Pittman has a super-human level intellect but felt threatened by the exploits of the Human Torch. Strange Master Of Black Magic!” The first appearance of the Sorcerer Supreme, and his ancient foe, Nightmare are also within the pages of ST #110, which will certainly go up in value, which is currently at 60K if and when Nightmare is announced as the villain of the eventual Strange sequel.

In The Fantastic Four #5, we are introduced to the grand villain, Dr. Doom, who has been a thorn in the FF’s and entire MCU’s side for over 50 years. A few months later in issue #12, the first epic clash between Marvel’s two top titans, the Thing, and the Hulk took place, which to this day is one of the House Of Idea’s great rivalries.

Two marquis issues not just in the history of The Fantastic Four, but in Marvel are both currently tied as 65K at their highest value. Dr. Curt Connors as a villain seldom gets the respect he's deserved as far as comic book baddies go.

He has found ways over the years of suppressing the beast, but similar to the Hulk, it's just not easy being green. You could conceivably find and ungraded good condition copy for several hundred dollars and then send it off to CGC to make bank on your purchase.

The second issue of Amazing Spider-Man was as successful as the first at giving Of’ Web head a memorable villain whose nefarious efforts have been thwarted by Spider for years. With Vulture now firmly in the MCU being played by Michael Keaton, the character has been introduced to the masses, which always helps feed interest in the comics books.

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Another great Steve Ditto cover, this time depicting four full panels of action between Spider and the Sandman, a villain who was hiding out from the police at Peter’s school. Naturally, that doesn't go as planned and Of’ Web head finds a way to defeat the man made of hardened sand.

This first encounter had Spider use a vacuum cleaner, but writers have spent a lot of time making the Sandman a credible threat over the years, and cinematically with Thomas Baden Church in the role for Spider-Man 3. If you don't know who or what the Skulls are than you're going to be for a real treat when and if the evil alien race makes their debut in the movies.

Once the robot was to break free, he adopted a human identity and cover of NY policeman, Jim Hammond. Copies of Human Torch Comics are hard to come by, especially early issues like this one, currently valued at 92k.

The cover image of Spider and The Fantastic Four left an indelible mark on the fans and Stan Lee and Steve Ditto’s run on the book was epic, setting the stage for how Peter Parker balances life as a superhero and as a teenager. The massive superhero team up saw them do battle with Enamor who fled to the Northern Seas where a super soldier from Brooklyn was knocked out of his block of ice and began to thaw.

This is the issue that is the basis for so much of what the Marvel universe came to be, as far as the Avengers go as it is the first appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age. A relic of the old Timely Comics, a young boy is adopted and raised by the Avian Bird People, who equip him with mechanical wings and as an adult sent him back to humanity to combat evil as the Red Raven.

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Sure it's just another Cap and Bucky take on the Red Skull story, and it's Captain America’s third issue. Even better, some guy named Stan Lee wrote his first every story for a comic book in this issue.

The creator of all that is Marvel got his grand start within the pages of Captain America #3, writing that story, “Captain America Foils The Traitor’s Revenge,” it was also the first time Lee and Jack Kirby’s names were both in the same comic. Even nowadays when fans see “# of Page specials,” they can get a little giddy with all the extra goodies found throughout their favorite comic books.

To save some money to make up Canada’s trade deficit, the issues were printed in black and white. This issue has been known to have sold for $159 thousand dollars, a mere drop in the bucket to own a piece of history.

As The Fantastic Four battle the Mole Man, Reed Richards takes his friends on a rocket ship that will alter their lives forever! Take a piece of old-timey comic book history, add the debut of Marvel’s first-ever mutant, and you get a grand investment or a prize for only a handful of collectors out there.

In an attempt to bring in new comic readers, Funnies, Inc. partnered up with Timely (the eventual Marvel) to put out books in movie theaters to try and drum up some sales. The BVS or Infinity War of its time, Marvel Mystery #9 was the first crossover story between two superheroes when the worlds of Enamor and the original Human Torch collided.

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Thanks to the big guy being all over the place since the Lou Foreign, this issue has always been a decent seller. The first issue of Captain America not only introduces all of us to Steve Rogers but his sidekick Bucky too.

Needless to say, even at its current 375K the highest sale price might be a steal, since a book like this will only go up with each subsequent MCU appearance. Not something creators used to drum up sales, but often times just carelessness on the part of creative teams.

An ever-growing allegory for Civil Rights started with Charles Xavier standing for Martin Luther King looking for peaceful coexistence pitted against Magneto and his more militant “any means necessary” approach. With DC’s success of the Last Son Of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham, Timely decided that they too needed to try and get into the superhero game and created a marvel called the Human Torch.

Even with so many superhero movies and TV shows out there, there's still probably only three characters that even people who have never picked up a comic book know exactly how they got their powers, and one of them’s Spider-Man. So it should come as no shock that the most famous book in Marvel history is the most valuable at 1.1 million dollars at its highest.

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