Are You Not Entertained

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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Is a memorable quote from the 2000 historical drama film Gladiator that is used by the original poster (OP) as a retort to lukewarm reception of his or her contribution. The line comes from a scene in Gladiator in which the protagonist Maximus Decides Meridian (played by Russell Crowe) defeats several enemies in a gladiator pit and dramatically exclaims “Are younotentertained ?” before the audience (shown below).

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The image macro featuring the screenshot from Gladiator is believed to have originated as early as late 2007 on 4chan, with its earliest known appearance on the home design blog Home Designing (shown below) on September 26th, 2009. On April 25th, 2010, DeviantArtist Osvaldo Few uploaded an illustration of Maximus titled “Are YouNotEntertained ?” (shown below, left).

On November 8th, 2011, Funnyman user green posted a rage comic featuring a screenshot of the Gladiator scene captioned with the quote (shown below, right), which received more than 26,000 views and 1,200 up votes in the next two years. On June 16th, 2011, an image macro featuring a photograph of a Vancouver Stanley Cup rioter wielding a hockey stick in front of a heavily damaged storefront (shown below) was submitted to the /r/pics Subreddit.

Prior to being archived, the post garnered upwards of 1,300 up votes and 80 comments. On August 20th, 2012, Editor TomSellecksStash submitted an animated GIF of the Gladiator scene in a /r/reactions post titled “When my 1 yr old is still crying after I put on all the cartoons and music he loves” (shown below).

On May 15th, Editor herplderpster submitted an image macro of a man dressed in a Batman costume with outstretched arms in a /r/funny post titled “are younotentertained ?” Editorial A frequent target of memes, EA has lost the exclusive rights to publishing Star Wars games, and the internet has responded with memes, many centering around Ubisoft's new open-world title.

Women AF is a podcast hosted by 3 friends who have bonded over entrepreneurial dreams, potty training gone wrong, and plans to dismantle the patriarchy... oh, and murder podcasts, duh. While a lot of what you’ll be doing in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey focuses on the battle between the Spartans and Athenians, there’s also a ton of other side content you can complete.

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Here’s how to become Champion of the Arena in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, so you can get they Are YouNotEntertained ? Before you can become Champion of the Arena in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you’ll need to know how to get there.

Upon picking up this quest, your character will receive a note informing them of the location, but you’ll need to figure it out yourself. Once you’re in Kafka, you want to keep heading east, and you’ll soon enough find it’s near this locale’s northeastern coast.

Be sure to check our guide on how to level up fast in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, should you need a hand. Shield-Breaker and Second Wind are definitely some of the most useful abilities you can get in the game, and they’ll work an absolute treat to beat the challengers, too.

And there you should hopefully have absolutely everything you need to know to become Champion of the Arena in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. For more tips, tricks, and handy guides, be sure to check our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey wiki.

Over the years, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about adoption; in general and as it specifically relates to me. Before I begin, I’d like to preface this with something that I hope all of you keep in mind when reading my posts: Everyone impacted by the adoption process experiences it differently.

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In my case, it’s more like a thorn in your heel; you can basically ignore that dull ache until you step too hard, and then it’s all you can focus on for a bit. Personally, I’m really open to discussing my adoption and how it’s shaped me but not everyone is going to feel the same.

The first ‘question’ I tend to get when I tell people I’m adopted is: “But you look so much like your parents!” Some of my more astute readers may have noticed that the above is more of a statement than a question, but it deserves a response regardless.

I was 1½ years old when I was adopted; if my parents hadn’t told me from the get-go, I wouldn’t have guessed on my own. That’s a precarious position to be in; to have a critical piece of your identity so completely out of your control.

Being adopted has been a major force in my personal development; it has impacted so much of my life. And every piece of information withheld from you, no matter how well-intentioned the reasons for withholding it, becomes another stone in a wall of mistrust and suspicion that, I suspect, most adopters have.

This was brought into sharp relief only a few months ago when my mother and I were chatting with a friend about my adoption and said friend offhandedly threw out “Oh, so you let her keep her birthday?” Like it would’ve been completely acceptable for my parents to change my birthday to the day they adopted me; or to pick some random day? As my mother and our friend continued their conversation like nothing happened, I had to sit back in my chair and take a few mental breaths.

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It’s not often that I’m so starkly reminded of the fragility of my most basic identity, but when it smacks me in the face like that it can take a toll. And that isn’t even touching on the initial separation trauma that all adopters, even those adopted in their infancy, faced.

Some of us start our lives by losing our first connection to the world and that leaves a mark. I welcome any questions or comments you might have; adoption is still something of a taboo topic for a lot of people, and it's going to take some open, honest communication to start reducing that stigma.

It's most commonly heard in the phrase 'Oh my god why are they making me read The Great Gatsby' in high schools. I was lucky enough to miss that particular assignment, mostly because in 9th grade we spent about 29 months reading and talking about “To Kill a Mockingbird.

Let's start off with the facts: It opened on May 10th and made around $50Mil its opening weekend in the U.S. Leonardo DiCaprio starred as Jay Gatsby alongside Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan, and Toby Maguire as Nick Carraway. It was Directed by BAZ Lehman, known mostly for Moulin Rouge, and Romeo + Juliet. When I first heard the cast list and saw Toby Maguire as Nick I was severely underwhelmed, and nervous about his portrayal of the naive-wide eyed writer turned cynic narrator.

Surprisingly he was able to redeem himself really well, I liked him as Nick, and he brought a side to the character that I didn't really see when I read the book. Maguire put a new spin on it for me, and instead of apathy it was spinelessness that prevented Carraway from action.

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The negative things I've read about Maguire was that he wasn't able to portray the naïveté of Nick in the beginning of the film well, which I think is crazy. That downtrodden 'fallen from innocence' attitude people get when life has been a severe bitch to them is a tough, complex character to portray, and he was able to nail that down pretty well. Leo was great as Gatsby, and I will admit full bias here, I've always been a huge DiCaprio fan, and he hasn't done me wrong yet on his characters yet.

It looked like he was about to become unhinged at any moment, as if the secrets and fear he had bottled up was constantly trying to bubble up to the surface. Gatsby was supposed to be a point of calm coolness and suave sophistication in a midst of craziness, only cracking when he's hit by Daisy.

In the movie Leo made him look like he was tap dancing on quicksand, barely keeping afloat, so the inevitable cracking point with Daisy wasn't as surprising, and less powerful as a result. I wanted to spend some time on Cary Mulligan's Daisy and Joel Edgerton's portrayal of Tom.

Now, I've never heard of these two people before, and I'm sure Pete will scoff and tell me the last 6 movies and indie projects both have been in, but he's a little punk, so we can ignore him. She was always a carefree-bordering-on-careless type to me, and really just avoided the deep issues surrounding the tangles of love between her, Gatsby, Tom, and Myrtle by throwing herself into frivolity.

Watch the scene where Gatsby and Tom fight over her love, as if it's something to possess than something she has to give, her turmoil and pain is apparent, and it makes you realize that this woman was blindsided by a past love, and is scrambling to find happiness without hurting anyone. She's stuck in a awful and desperate situation with Gatsby's return, something she's not accustomed to, and Mulligan makes it evident.

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And she's so darned cute too! In the same vein Edgerton's portrayal of Tom was both spot on to the person I saw in the book, but at the same time was able to add a layer I had not really seen. So cheating on his wife, abusing the staff, and all around being and insufferable jackass is just how things are, he wasn't shown any different.

Then again when you see him interact with Wilson after the accident, there's genuine humanity, and some caring there, granted it was mostly to save his own skin, but there's a hint Edgerton portrays that's just slight enough to be noticeable but not seem out of character. The first thing that'll strike you are how amazingly over the top everything is, the car rides, the parties, the supporting characters, everything is like a play in a movie, just like Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, his camera work and visuals make you feel like you're watching a Trippe caricature of a movie.

One reviewer,, Connie Ogle of the Miami Herald, describe the general dislike of the tone of the movie that a lot of the critics felt very accurately: In theory, turning F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel of jazz age disillusionment into some sort of over-the-top commentary on class warfare and the lives of the rich and careless could have worked; the novel’s themes of excess and delusion are ripe for visual reinvention. The movie was a very pretty one, the actors played their parts very well, and Fitzgerald wrote a great story about carelessness, greed, and trying to grasp something so badly it slips through your fingers.

Lehman took that story and added visuals that make you feel like a carnival is dancing across the screen. It works. I was seriously expecting an elephant riding a unicycle at this moment you like the style of BAZ's other works- like Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, and you liked Fitzgerald's story Gatsby, and you feel like being angry and mad at everyone in the story in the end (those that read it know what I mean) then you should take the time to see this.

GHI everyone, Pete and Key here to talk to you a little about a recent event that's popped up on the Internet regarding Kickstarter and those who use it. We will be presenting both sides of the argument, fulfilling our journalistic duties of being true to a story and covering it from all angles.

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They aren't the masterpieces of the Art of Film you get around Oscar bait season, but they're fun as hell and entertaining to boot, so let's put down our thinking caps, pick up our beer hats with the silly bendy straws and enjoy the ride! First the good: It’s an Iron Man movie, and he’s the kick assist, the coolest comic book hero out there nowadays.

I think its promising not only for RDJ and Pal trow reprising their roles and expanding on them, but also Ben Kingsley, slated to play the villain. As any antagonist, whether it be the helpful but direct and stern Doctor in Shutter Island, or the shrewd gang boss/rabbi in Lucky Number Seven.

We’ve got explosions, cool new tech, hot girls (possibly) kicking ass, and general good timeless. We want fun carefree explosions and cool fighting, and Shane’s done that time and again, and isn’t afraid to have some laughs in there too.

It’s so low on the list simply because it's got some good competition, and also because I’m a little worn down on Iron Man, There’s only so much of Robert Downey Junior playing himself in a tin suit that I can get excited about. I’m even in the ‘go team Shaman’ camp when it comes to The Village, which has had lots of lovers and haters, but that can’t completely make me comfortable with what he’s doing with this movie.

Most of my readings of the critiques on Jaden Smith were that his youth and inexperience were the only things hurting his acting skills. J. Nolan, like his brother, enjoys character development, hasn’t shown to fall back on easy plot points- like using Kryptonite on Superman since it's his only weakness.

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Then we have Snyder as the Director (Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch) who has an awesome ability to make a movie look spectacular while still being a crazy adrenaline fueled action fest. Together the two promise to make a visually appealing, interestingly written movie with deep characters and exciting twists.

Then we have the actors- I don’t know a bunch of Henry Cavils- Playing superman, but People who have watched and like Stardust and The Tudors, say he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Put Amy Adams as Lois, and we’ve got a movie that isn’t too shabby in terms of acting chops.

We can only hope he keeps the David Bowie look in Man of Steel. Look at the trailer- it's what originally piqued my interest. When I first heard ‘new Superman Movie’ I thought ‘here’s a silly hammy shiny boy wonder movie where the villain (who is always Led Author) uses Kryptonite to inconvenience the invincible Superman only to be thwarted... usually through methods that bend the rules of believability.’ This... doesn’t look like that.

Its predecessor, Kick-Ass, was an awesomely done, cleverly delivered blend of action and comedy that told the story of an average kid making the superhero thing work. Chloe Moritz as Hit-Girl was a fiery no nonsense super heroine-in-training who cursed like a sailor, had bigger balls than every guy she shared the screen with and yes, kicked ass.

Joining them this time is an actor I never thought I’d mention in relation to a movie I’d actually want to see: Jim Carry is coming in as The Colonel, a militant style older hero who seems to add a little crazy to the joy of superhero-ing. Normally Carry kills any desire to see a movie he’s in, but this time he looks like he’s reigning in the copious amounts of stupid he usually delivers and is now just a little unhinged.

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Peg gas Scotty was marvelous, and Urban was such an amazing bone I’m sad that Deforest Kelley isn’t alive to see his younger portrayal of the character. Zoe is exactly what Ahura is supposed to be to me: smart, spunky and sexy, and Lulu and Check were wonderful additions to round out the bridge team.

Take a day off and watch all six hr and a half long episodes of 2 mini seasons. Cumberbatch is coming in as a villain, and even though he’s got a name and people have been feverishly debating who he ‘is’ in the Star Trek world no one’s sure what his role is and what he’ll do.

Some say it's loosely related to Khan, others mentioned Gary Mitchell, a psychic imbued good guy gone bad in the first season of the original series. J. J Abrams, the current hotcake of the sci-fi world, is returning to keep this ball rolling and I have no doubt he’ll deliver another awesome time of sci-fi goodness.

howdy folks! This past weekend's box office report has “brand new” written all over it. Coming in at number one is “G.I. The consensus is that the film is greatly superior to its predecessor, but still only ranks as a presumed mindless action flick.

Still, I bet Meryl Streep could pull off an Oscar win in a role like this. In second place, following up from last week, is the animated film “The Crowds” still going strong. This universally panned flick debuted all the way down at number six on the top ten of the weekend, making only 11 million dollars.

The reviews for this dreadful movie have been quite colorful indeed, dismissing it as even trashier than Meyer's Twilight saga. First she ruined vampires, now she's going after sci-fi! Official Trailer Whether you are reliving your childhood, or taking children of your own, everyone should see this landmark film at least once in the theater.

I could do without 3D for the rest of time (it's not worth the effort, and it keeps a lot of people with health issues from seeing great movies), but everyone is jumping on the bandwagon these days. Either way, this is classic Spielberg on one of his finest outings, backed by one of John Williams' most well-known musical scores.

Warning: Graphic Content From the creators of the original horror classic itself, producers Sam Rail and Bruce Campbell bring you a reimagining that promises to be even more terror inducing than all that has come before it. Prepare yourselves, and guard your souls from evil...every time I do something that isn’t a normal post I feel like I need to explain what I’m doing.

This is how it feels when our friends ask us to hang out. Really though, we want to use this to go into a little of depth on one subject, and give you, the reader, the opportunity to see how both Pete and I discuss these things, and where we each are coming from. Today I wanted to talk about the TV show Community, and why I think it’s struggling to survive.

It stars and ensemble cast consisting of Joel Male, Allison brie, Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, Danny Audi, Gillian Jacobs, and Yvette Nicole Brown. I personally don’t really like the Nielsen rating system, and think it's out of date for the current market, but that’s another subject.

The show's creator, Dan Harmon, was removed from his duties by the network, Chevy Chase left the cast halfway through filming this season, the time slot was changed from its original, and it delayed its season premiere by three months. I’ve heard people say this is the network scrambling to change the formula to get more viewership, others say its natural growing pains for a TV show breaking into its stride.

Whenever I’d get a response from someone talking about the show in the first two seasons, there’s been nothing but excitement and breathless recollections of their favorite part in such and such episode. Now I’m only hearing a resounding “Meh” about the current season, and I think the show’s struggling to find its stride.

The show started out strong, introducing all the characters as slightly different, for one reason or another, than the average college student. Gillian Jacobs as Britt Perry is entered as the tough, spunky, female lead who can see through Winger’s charming B.S.

It’s a very strong opening for a TV show, and all the characters fit very well together, but did you notice who I mentioned the most in that little sum up? It wasn’t about Allison Brie’s character Annie, who brings more than enough cute and sexy to the show.

Look at him for God's sake Then, in the 3rd season, the writers decided that Jeff’s story was played out, and things shifted. Because they also upgraded Chang, a crazy Spanish professor in the first two seasons, into a main antagonist for the show, eventually turning him into a kidnapping maniac bent on school domination.

The humor comes from the outrageous situations that arise in the school: a campus wide paintball fight breaks out due to an enticing winners prize, bad food in the school Halloween party turns people into a form of zombie. The success of the Halloween episodes has nothing to do with Annie in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit and Troy's washboard abs, we swear. The situations the characters found themselves in were crazy and unbelievable.

But when the dust settled and all the craziness was contained, the struggles were normal relatable problems every group of friends needs to overcome: Jeff accepting friendship and companionship rather than conquests and puppets, Annie learning it's not all about getting the best grade but also about getting meaningful experiences, Pierce realizing people will like him for something other than his money and prestige. Around the 3rd season I guess the writers decided all the personal story lines of the characters were played out, and they needed an external source of conflict to liven up the show.

Annie is all about cutesy innocence and boobs, We all tune in for Alison Brie's witty quips. Britta will stop at nothing to have a cause, any cause. Pierce is just a sleeve old bigoted fool, Troy is straight up mentally challenged, Abed is verging on clinically insane, Shirley barely exists as anything other than a vague, background housewife and Jeff is just the guy with the pretty speeches.

They can still change the shape and scope of the show, try to bring back that deepness and underlying subtext to the challenges the group faces. While the jokes are still hilarious, and I laugh out loud with every new episode, I find myself either slowly disconnecting from the characters I love, or not caring about them at all.

His big personal flaw was that he had some sort of unspoken social development handicap and often spoke in a robot-like manner and had trouble empathizing with others. There have even been hints that his evil-version from an alternate timeline (which Abed himself conjectured on in an episode that involved Jeff rolling a six-sided die in order to make a decision, resulting in 6 separate theoretical timelines) has been breaking through into Abed's mind and slowly corrupting him.

Big Bad is a term that was coined by Joss When fans, referring to his style of employing one new major villain per season on his TV shows, who creates an overarching storyline in between stand-alone episodes. Joss When, directing the flow of pop culture since 1997. Chang refers to the group's Spanish teacher, Ben Chang.

He served as a funny supporting character in season one, a wacky and short-tempered teacher with humorous mannerisms. First, Chang is fired from his teaching position and decides to enroll as a student in order to pursue his dreams of playing Qatar.

He was still only a supporting character who spent most of his time on the sidelines, which meant that his huge personality did not intrude on the normal goings-on of the show. He then loses his home, first living with Jeff and then secretly surviving in the ventilation system of the school.

Because who knew that this guy could play crazy really well. He gets a job as a security guard at the school and begins going mad with power. The magic is still there, but its fading away over time as the personal stories become overshadowed by outlandish plot lines.

It gets even more worrying now that it has been announced that Chevy Chase left the series halfway through the current season. For three seasons his character has gone from ignorant and old-fashioned to bigoted and outright evil (the Dungeons and Dragons episode comes to mind, where he torments a suicidal obese kid with absolutely zero mercy).

Here's today's: This Is Madness- Star Wars Character Bracket Love March Madness but hate basketball? Here's a bracket where you can vote on your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, both Light and Dark side.

This has been going one for a bit now since March Madness has already started, so unfortunately you can't submit your own brackets of whom you think the winner will be, but you can still vote on every match. My brother showed this to me a week or so back and its tons of fun arguing and guessing who will win.

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