Are You Stole My Thunder

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To garner the attention or praise that one had been expecting or receiving for some accomplishment, announcement, etc. My brother is the star athlete of our high school, so no matter what I succeed in, he's constantly stealing my thunder. We were about to announce our engagement when Jeff and Tina stole our thunder and revealed that they were going to have a baby.

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To steal one's idea, plan, or intellectual property and use it for profit or some benefit. We had the idea for “digital paper” years ago, but I see they've stolen our thunder and have their own version of it on the market.

This idiom comes from an actual incident in which playwright and critic John Dennis (1657-1734) devised a thunder machine” (by rattling a sheet of tin backstage) for his play, Prius and Virginia (1709), and a few days later discovered the same device being used in a performance of Macbeth, whereupon he declared, “They steal my thunder.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Hammer.

If someone steals your thunder, they do something that stops you from getting attention or praise, often by doing something better or more exciting than you, or by doing what you had intended to do before you can do it. Note: This expression may come from an incident in the early 18th century.

A British playwright, John Dennis, invented a new way of making the sound of thunder for his play `Prius and Virginia'. Soon afterwards, Dennis went to see a production of `Macbeth' by another company and found that they had stolen his idea for making thunder sounds.

With Shakespeare's nature, or with Johnson's art, Let others aim: 'Ti's yours to shake the soul With Thunder rumbling from the mustard bowl. The story that lies behind stealing someone's thunder is that of the literary critic and largely unsuccessful playwright, John Dennis.

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In 1704, Dennis's play Prius and Virginia was produced at the Drug Lane Theater, London, and he invented a new method of creating the sound of thunder for the production. The generally accepted meaning is: when someone takes something or an idea that is yours and uses it as their own, often in a demeaning way The history behind the saying goes way back to 1704 London when John Drug, a literary critic and part-time play write produced his play, “Prius & Virginia” and used a new method of replicating the sound of thunder.

She definitely could be said to be trying to steal my thunder “Hey Grams, I learned to ride the number 3 bus and transfer at First and Elm, buy tokens at the kiosk and get on bus 7 and ride all the way to school today!” She did not announce the news at the party because her friend was getting married, and she did not want to steal her thunder.

Somebody stole my thunder by leaking the designs I had made on the internet. Sadly, stealing someone else’s thunder is a common practice in the corporate world.

I had put in a lot of effort to produce a perfect analysis, but in the end, a colleague of mine stole my thunder. In 1704, he had invented a new method of creating the sound of thunder and used it in his play “Prius and Virginia”.

Shortly afterwards, the thunder method was used in a performance of Macbeth. YouStoleMyThunder, Man is the eighth episode in Season 1 of The Thunder mans.

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Phoebe gets revenge on Max after winning the school election. Phoebe is excited about her upcoming election to become the class president and asks her family to support her.

Phoebe makes a very long speech and then calls on Max to ask her questions. Max stops in the middle of the questions and says that no one cares about those things.

Phoebe” sign but then quickly tear it down when they realize that it was Max who won. Phoebe says she is fine but shows that she is jealous of Max getting to live the dream she had since kindergarten.

Phoebe goes to Max's office and finds that Max has hired Cherry as his secretary and has also hired Flunky as his personal assistant. The ideas include rolling backpacks, healthy snacks in the vending machine, hugs from school mascot.

Max kicks her out, but Phoebe tells him that it's his loss because Principal Bradford will want to hear his ideas. Max says it's too early because according to Cherry, the ideas are not due until Friday.

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Max fires Cherry for getting the date and time wrong. The following day, Phoebe asks Max how his meeting with the Principal went.

Max shows her the new school mascot spirit he's introduced; students using downloaded books instead of the heavy backpacks. Principal Bradford even reveals that Max's ideas are called “three-pronged approach” just like Phoebe's.

Nora listens to the conversation and comes to Phoebe, asking her why she is letting Max do that to her. Nora shows Phoebe a page from Max's Evil Teen magazine that would help Phoebe become number 1 while Max goes number 2.

Phoebe is reluctant at first to accept Nora's devious plans but when Max sends Flunky to make Phoebe wash Max's sweaty pants, Phoebe quickly goes for Nora's evil plan. Phoebe calls Max to join her for pizza night.

She puts on Nora's special Russian plant and then starts gloating about her final ingredient: revenge. She plans to throw the pizza away, but Flunky comes in and demands that he must taste the food first before Max eats it... in case it's poisonous.

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Phoebe tries to stop Flunky from eating the pizza, but he doesn't take the hint. He runs towards the bathroom but accidentally knocks Max down his the slide to the lair.

Max falls on top of rocks that Billy and Hank had been hiding down in his lair. He gets really badly injured and Phoebe feels guilty of indirectly causing the injury.

Then they got into rocks, and they were both happy about it until Barb told them to stop because they could hurt someone. After Max is hurt, Barb confronts them and Hank blames the rocks' idea on Billy.

Max lies in the living room in full-body cast after his injury. He then asks Phoebe to take over as the president and unveil the new smoothie machine at school.

Max tries to use his telekinesis to get the remote control but hits himself in the nose. Nora accidentally says the “Russian plant” hit Flunky quick.

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Nora panics and hits him hard with a book, making his injury even worse. Principal Bradford says that the improvements come at a cost, and so he fires the art teacher.

Bradford then calls on the new President Thunder man (Phoebe) to pour the first drink from the machine. He asks Flunky to push him to stop Phoebe from embarrassing herself.

Principal Bradford gets impatient with the Thunder Twins apologizes, so he decides to open the machine himself. Principal Bradford continues his hatred for the Thunder Twins in future episodes and becomes a frequent target of Max's pranks.

Bradford eventually admits being unprofessional in Breaking Dad. Later, in Date of Emergency, it is revealed that Max has been on the cover of Evil Teen eleven times.

(nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of steal. Bill: Even the most ardent SK fans complained that Shah Rush Khan went overboard in this film crafted around (and suitably titled on) Iran's character.

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Despite Shah RUH Khan's high-pitched, tear-jerking, and seemingly never-ending monologue in the climax (and those half a dozen intrusive dance numbers) Iran shone with an act that only he could have pulled off-understated, refined, and balanced! 7 Shewn RAAF: Given the stellar ensemble of this one, including those sparkling performances from the veterans such as Naseeruddin Shah and Anna Poor, it was hard to play one of the seven husbands of Priyanka Chopra's character and managed to make it memorable.

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