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“When we first got back from the show, everything was on such a high that the minute we started experiencing like, real life problems and real world situations that were happening, it was just a very hard adjustment on the both of us,” she said at the time. We came back and just kind of had a hard time adjusting,” Elizabeth tells Bustle.

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Keep scrolling to read what Elizabeth had to say about the split, including why life outside the villa wasn't as easy as they thought it would be. Soon after ex ZAC Isabella announced their split, Elizabeth Weber released her own statement via Instagram.

She told fans, via TV Shows Ace, “Although I had wished things could've turned out differently, life doesn't always work out the way we could've hoped sometimes. A few months later, she elaborated on why they couldn't make it work outside the Love Island USA villa in a YouTube video.

They kept in touch and tried to make it work after the breakup but ultimately decided to go their separate ways when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with Elizabeth telling Bustle in August 2020 that she and ZAC are still friends and “check in on each other here and there.” Source: CBS By Abi Travis It wasn’t too long ago that we were all binge-watching the heck out of Love Island.

The dating show (which is based on Love Island UK) featured single people moving into a villa and living life under constant video surveillance (but in only a kind of creepy way) while also trying to find love. If they didn’t manage to couple up, they were “dumped” from the villa and the remaining players were safe for another round.

In late 2019, both ZAC and Elizabeth posted to their Instagram Stories with the news. “The breakup was mutual, and we have left on amicable terms,” ZAC wrote.

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Shortly after Thanksgiving 2019, they took to their respective Instagram Stories to share the news. Little weird... But you guys followed along our journey, and I’ve been getting plenty of questions,” Dylan wrote.

Both Dylan and Alex have photos of the two of them together on their Instagram feeds, so it seems as though they are also able to keep things friendly. Weston and Emily haven’t made any declarations on social media, but it looks as though they may be broken up.

Alas, Cash and Kyra’s relationship has befallen the same fate as most of the other couples from the show. Love Island couple ZAC Isabella and Elizabeth Weber have called it quits.

ZAC and Elizabeth both went to their Instagram Stories to share what happened. It really does sound like ZAC and Elizabeth broke up a bit ago, but waited a while to tell fans about it.

This couple already lived near each other when the show ended, so that had to help make things a bit easier on them. It would be interesting if they decided to bring any of these people back on the show next season as a single to try and find love again.

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Fans are shocked to hear that this Love Island couple is over. Pic credit: Colin Young-Wolf/CBS ZAC Isabella and Elizabeth Weber are the winners of Love Island USA 2019.

They beat out three other pairs to be crowned America’s favorite couple. Elizabeth technically won the cash by picking the right envelope.

However, she proved her love for ZAC is genuine by not even hesitating to split it with him. Elizabeth told US Weekly the winners are first planning a trip to meet each other’s family, officially.

Life in the villa was fast-paced, but Elizabeth and ZAC want to take it slow in the real world. Fans should follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop of what is going on with the Love Island USA 2019 winners.

Season 2 of Love Island USA won’t air until summer 2020. Therefore, a reunion show likely won’t happen until closer to the upcoming season.

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On August 7, viewers watched as ZAC Isabella and Elizabeth Weber were declared the winners of Love Island’s first season. What made the finale even more special was the blonde beauty’s decision to split the $100,000 prize money with her man instead of keeping it all for herself.

But as we’ve seen countless times before, couples formed on reality shows rarely make it in the real world. We’re happy to report that the pair is still dating despite living in separate cities.

On August 12, Elizabeth shared a photo of the twosome kissing, captioning the shot, “ and need this weekend to come sooner. In an interview with People, ZAC admitted that he was immediately drawn to Elizabeth.

“When I first walked into the villa and saw Elizabeth, I knew instantly that she was the girl that I wanted to couple up with, just based off of physical attraction,” he explained. The duo remained an item throughout the entire competition, becoming the only islanders to stick with their original Day 1 picks.

On his own page, Dylan captioned an image of the pair, “Unreal experience in Fiji. The fitness coach previously told the brunette bombshell that their story wouldn’t end in paradise.

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On the show : Ray entered the villa on Day 15, and he and Car hit it off pretty much instantly. After the show : Ray & Car were the couple to last the longest after their season, but they ultimately broke up sometime around July 2020.

However, Bustle reported that Ray said their breakup happened because “she likes someone who will give her more attention. Emily ultimately chose Weston during the recoupling on Day 24, and they stayed together until the finale, where they came in fourth.

Reported that Emily posted that she would be spending Valentine's Day 2020 alone, and she later addressed the couple's split in a YouTube video on May 14, while also revealing that they had had breaks in November and January before officially calling it quits. On the show : Elizabeth and ZAC paired up on Day 1, and they stayed coupled up for the entire season.

“Unfortunately ZAC and I have decided to go our separate ways... Although I had wished things could've turned out differently life doesn't always work out the way we could've hoped sometimes,” Elizabeth posted on Instagram Stories, while Zac's statement read, “The breakup was mutual, and we have left on amicable terms. In January 2020, Elizabeth made a YouTube video where she explained that being a couple in real life was very different from being in the villa, but she noted that the two were still friendly and talking.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The winners of the inaugural season of the U.S. version (who paired up on day one and never parted) dated for several months before calling it quits at the end of 2019.

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But fans are speculating the pair have since split after Ray and Car both deleted all photos of one another from their Instagram pages. Despite the other couples in the villa and most of America not fully believing in their future, Weston and Emily managed to date IRL for a bit before going their separate ways.

While neither publicly commented on the split, Emily revealed in an Instagram post she was spending Valentine's Day solo. The winners of the first-ever winter season of Love Island coupled up almost immediately, staying together despite all the obstacles the villa presented.

“In you I've found the love of my life & my truest friend,” the beauty consultant captioned a recent photo of the couple, while Luke threw his girlfriend a lavish Disney-themed 26th birthday party. The scaffold er became one of the most hated men in the U.K. when he dumped fan-favorite Shauna Phillips after falling for Molly during his stay at Casey Armor, with the public eventually voting the pair out of the villa.

While he started off season six as a fan-favorite, Na's ended up losing support after breaking things off with Demi Jones to be with Eva postcard Armor. I think it was brought about more from his behalf than mine, but we're mutual and friendly,” Demi told Mainline in June 2020.

Luke has since coupled up with season five's blonde bombshell Lucie Dollar, with the pair confirming their romance in July 2020. “To confirm, myself and Shed have split, we are still good friends and I wish him all the best x,” Jess informed her Instagram followers.

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After getting together just weeks before the finale, with Greg being one of the last Islanders to join the villa, the fan-favorite pair managed to win season five. After some mild controversy and back and forth between the couple over how exactly the split went down (apparently Greg, a rugby player based in Ireland, ended it via text), Amber said on Loose Women, “I think the careers and the distance was always a factor.

After a dramatic start to their romance, the Instagram influencer and the boxer quickly became season five's most solid couple...which is why it was so surprising when they came in second. But the young couple (they're both just 21) are still together and seem happier than ever, recently vacationing in the Maldives and sparking engagement rumors after he gifted her with a ring for Christmas.

Arguably one of season five's most polarizing pairs after enduring their fair share of drama, Curtis and Maura proved their doubters wrong: the couple is still together, with Maura currently competing on Dance On Ice in the UK and Curtis, a professional ballroom dancer, landing a gig on Greatest Dancer. “I think trust one another, don't believe everything you read in the press and one main thing: don't let fame get to your head,” Maura said on UK's This Morning of how they've made their relationship has worked.

“Curtis and I have made the decision to separate,” Higgins wrote in a note posted to her Instagram Stories. While they got together later than a majority of the couples in the villa, with the fan-favorite Movie making his debut during the infamous Casey Armor episodes and India joining even later, the pair made it to the finals, coming in third place.

Shortly after winners Amber, Movie's BFF, and Greg announced their split, the professional basketball player and the model quietly parted ways as well. But just like their initial romance, the surfer and the sandwich maker's second attempt fizzled out, with the couple splitting in early December 2019.

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While they were the second season five couple to call it quits soon after their time in the villa came to an end, Anton and Belle remained friends, though he ruled out any chance of a romantic rekindling. Just when viewers were worried all hope was lost for season three fan favorite Camilla, Jamie, a Calvin Klein model who also read books (aka a villa unicorn) entered late in the game, and it was clear who he had shown up for.

While they ultimately finished in second, Camilla and Jamie are still going strong over two years later, living together and starting their own company, Love Jamila. Here's to 2020 with a full heart and everything I could ever want,” Jess wrote in an Instagram post on New Year's Day.

Talk about the ultimate Love Island success story: season two's winning pair after meeting in the villa in 2015. After Cara learned she was pregnant with their first child in May 2017, the couple briefly split before reconciling and welcoming their son, Freddie, in December 2017.

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