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When combined correctly, the individuals known as ZAC, Jesse, Bobby & Brent become Now You Know, a force to be reckoned with (as Adam Con over learned recently.) Since Elon Musk has taken on that task, ZAC can now focus his energies on more intensive naps, keeping Bobby & Brent from filling up Dropbox and cheering on Elon.

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ZAC looks forward to the day when everyone gets their energy from the Sun and Cole is just the name of our intern. Jesse is also a millennial but would rather not be as the marketing term makes him want to vomit.

Jesse wants to spend his 50s on Mars so hurry up Elon and get your act together. When Jesse isn't driving an electric car, he's watching YouTube, or he's asleep.

He enjoys participating in spelling bees and professional cribbage tournaments. Bobby has considered himself to be a prodigy of video editing using Premiere Pro and After Effects.

The relationship between Walter White, a chemistry teacher with cancer, and Jesse Linkman, a young drug dealer, remains one of television's greatest of all time. Over the course of Breaking Bad's five-year run, the pair develop an unlikely relationship that grew due to the mutual needs being met by one another.

Though their relationship frays over time, it nevertheless forms the emotional crux of Vince Gilligan's nuanced world. Beneath the hate, manipulation, and ego lies a peculiar father / son dynamic, and here are some of the best examples of it in chronological order.

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In Breaking Bad's pilot episode, Walt initially remembers Jesse as just a slacker student who refused to apply himself. The surprise sequel movie El Camino was released in 2019 and details the events Jesse faces after he escapes from captivity in Breaking Bad's finale.

Thinking Walt has little time left, Jesse reassures him that his family will receive their money. Walt then begins discussing Jesse's future, encouraging him to consider college and praising his abilities.

It's ironic that Jesse and Walter Jr., Walt's biological son, never cross paths in the show. This actually invokes a sense of sadness in realizing that Walt seems to outwardly show more love and affection for Jesse than he does his own son.

After delivering the $400,000, Walt retreats to a local bar and unknowingly strikes up a conversation with Jane's father, Donald. The two men muse over their respective “families,” with Walt referring to Jesse as his nephew, and discuss the frustration each feels in being unable to impart sense into them.

He leaves the bar prepared to try once more to reach Jesse in the hopes of saving him from a premature death. The strung-out Jesse awakens and begins sobbing uncontrollably, embracing Walt in a tight hug as he mourns Jane's death.

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In a tense showdown that features some composer Dave Porter's finest work, Walt arrives out of nowhere just as a firefight is about to break out and shockingly runs over the dealers with his car. Offering support and advice, Walt even opens up about his own relationship with Skyler and how it's affected his work/life balance.

Todd's murder of Drew Sharp calls Walt's true intentions into question and becomes the final straw for Jesse. In a tense confrontation, Jesse walks away from Walt and the money, establishing he knows exactly where his limits are and what he's willing to endure.

In college, he discovered and cultivated his interest in writing on pop culture-related topics, specifically anything to do with Batman. Just hours later, she testified at a mid-December preliminary hearing, she was raped by Jesse both vaginally and anally while slumped over a toilet in her own apartment.

The victim– whose identity is being withheld in accordance with Hook policy, and who declined to comment for this article– testified that she had never seen Jesse, a graduate of Richmond's elite Collegiate prep school, before that night. Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney John Zug says it's unusual for an acquaintance rape charge to ever see the light of day– much less go to trial.

Zug cites the victim's “great courage and strength” as the reason the case was prosecuted, leading to the guilty plea from Jesse, who will serve just three months of an eight-year sentence. The victim also requested that Jesse undergo counseling, something his lawyer, James C. Roberts, of the Richmond law firm Trout man Sanders, says he has already completed satisfactorily.

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“Our son is forbidden to have any contact with the young woman, which has eliminated any opportunity for him to express his regret to her,” wrote the Jesse's, “and on his behalf we do that now. But when faced with the possibility of a rape conviction carrying a sentence of five years to life in prison, Roberts says, his client took the sure thing.

Among them was a sexual assault advocate who would have testified about the victim's “visible injuries,” which Zug says were incompatible with the defendant's claim that the sex was consensual. Julia Pearson, from the state's Division of Forensic Science, was also slated to testify for the Commonwealth on the victim's blood alcohol level and its resulting effects.

Several hours after her last drink that August night, the victim tested .15, nearly double the state's legal limit. Jesse will report to the Charlottesville Albemarle Regional Jail to begin serving his three months on May 18, according to Zug.

We look at whose a genuine chance to join your team in the next couple of years, and identify the young sons of club greats who could qualify if footy becomes their calling. And as of last year, talented daughters of past AFL players can join their father's club as long as he played at least one senior game.

We'll take a look later this year, ahead of the AFL draft, at the women who could continue their family's history at the top level. ZAC is the son of Crows assistant coach and AFL Hall of Fame Ben Hart, who played 311 games for the side, including their back-to-back premierships in 1997-98.

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The son of former Fitzroy ruck man Matt, Wendell has been a regular goal kicker for the Dragons in the TAC Cup and has been to Brisbane on multiple occasions to train with the Lions. There's a few other players eligible this year too including Casey Loss, son of triple premiership captain Michael, who is developing nicely in South Australia.

Then there's Jonathan Brown, whose five-year-old boy Jack led Brisbane on to the field in the opening round against St Kinda. Ben Silvan, the middle son of club legend Stephen and Jo, has been impressive for the Oakland Chargers in the TAC Cup this season.

In Western Australia, brothers Liam and Will Hickory, sons of West Coast assistant Adrian who played 134 games with the Blues between 1996-2003, are turning heads with their performances in the colts for WALL club Subrace. Watch list: Chris Judd's three boys have a choice of clubs, but the Blues have done the smart thing and put the dual Brownlow medalist on their board, hoping that will help sway their decisions if they are interested/good enough.

Son Jarrod played 184 games for the Blues between 2003-14 before joining North Melbourne as an unrestricted free agent. Pi fans will have to wait longer for a potential match winner, the great Peter Pieces’ youngest son Nick.

A precocious, goal kicking midfielder for New Rovers, Nick Pieces last year won the Area Junior League’s under-15s best and fairest despite still being eligible for under-14s. Mason is a clone of his famous father and also plays as a key defender at the Calder Cannons, where he has shown some talent.

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On the horizon: The eldest of Shaun McManus' three sons, Lachlan, is 16 and has played junior football at East Fremantle. There would be undeniable romance if he followed in the footsteps of his iconic dad, who was an inaugural Docker, co-captained the club during some of its darkest days and notched 228 games.

Watch list: It will be a long wait but Free fans would love nothing more than to see club legend and six-time Dog medalist Matthew Heimlich's three-year-old son Jack and 20-month old William one day don the purple Guernsey. Heimlich and current players Michael Walters, Aaron Badlands and Hayden Ballantyne also have daughters who could qualify for AFL in the future.

Hawkins and Gary Ablest are joined on the current list by Jed Boos and Sam Simpson. Aaron Hall and Jarrod Harrow have daughters, while Tom Lynch, Steven May and Sam Day have also cracked the ton.

The Giants don't have any father -sons on the horizon, but Daniel Lloyd has a young son Parker, so he could be a chance in 15 years, if his dad can add to his 14-game career. Former enforcer Shane Mumford has two infant sons Ollie and Theo, but the retired ruck man only played 72 games with GAS, while another ex-Giant Nathan Wilson welcomed a baby boy Jayce earlier this year, but he's destined to don the purple of the Dockers.

Jeremy Cameron, Stephen Congo, Toby Greene, Phil Davis, Tom Sculls, Dylan Shield and Allan Ward are the Giants' current 100-gamers, but they're all yet to enter fatherhood. On the horizon: Bye Barlow (son of Kris, and cousin of young Swan Riley Stoddard) is on Oakland Chargers' list and eligible to be drafted this year, but yet to play a TAC Cup match.

However, Kobe Farmer, 16, the son of former liveware Jeff, is showing plenty of promise playing at Mandurah in Western Australia. Watch list: Jeff White's son Alan, 11, is another the club is keeping an eye on while he plays his footy for Surfers Paradise in Queensland.

To make matters worse, James, a member of the AFL's Australian under-15 team last year, is part of Adelaide's Next Generation Academy because he was born in the Middle East. On the horizon:TAJ Schofield, 15, was the first player to join the Power's father / son academy in January.

The son of premiership-winner Jarrod Schofield is an exciting midfielder with Subrace in the WALL Colts and has been picked in the under-16 WA squad. Trent Burgoyne, the oldest son of premiership-winning Power star Peter, has been picked in a preliminary 52-man SA under-18 squad.

The younger son of Peter Burgoyne is a gun and will represent the Rio Tinto Flying Boomerangs in two exhibition matches at the under-16 national championships. The son of Power and Essen don great Gavin is part of Start's development programs, and can also nominate the Bombers.

He's only 15 and eligible for the draft in 2020, but he's already showcased his skills, defensive pressure and ability to find the goals in his first season with NFL club St Mary's last year. The Tigers also have the Northern Knights' Xavier Nash eligible next year, younger brother of Patrick, who they drafted last year, and son of Chris (143 games), while ZAC Knights, son of 279-game midfielder Matthew, is on the Geelong Falcons list and eligible this draft.

Watch list: There's been a flurry of girls born at Richmond in recent years, which bodes well for the Tigers' incoming AFL team should Harper and Mackenzie Cochin, Zoey Richardson, Sarah Houri, India and Marie Newman or even Mill Deletion have an interest in following in their dads' footsteps. As for boys, fans will have to wait awhile to see if toddler Sonny and baby Spencer Gregg have the back-up rucking ability of their dad, or if Oscar and Phoenix Johnson are in a position to choose Richmond over Adelaide given Kane played 104 games for the Crows before 116 in the yellow and black.

He's not as physically mature as Loss but has footy smarts, leads up well, has impressive goal sense and has some of his old man's cheek. Watch list: The Saints haven't had many of their past players produce boys, although that trend is starting to turn.

There's plenty of time to go before any rewards can be reaped, but perhaps James or William Revolt will emerge as inspirational forwards, Aston or JudeDalSanto may turn out to be silky-smooth midfielders, or Hunter Hayes will become a lion-hearted baller. St Kinda beat Carlton for the services of Bailey Rice in 2015 and while the son of Dean is yet to play a senior game, he isn't far away.

Blake could have also joined North Melbourne or Brisbane because of his father's playing ties to the Kangaroos and Fitzroy. Jake and Josh Cress well, whose father Daryl played 244 games for the club, could also be Sydney players in coming years.

Watch list: Skipper Josh Kennedy might need to get his young son Emilio away from the round ball soon, or he might be lost to the Swans. Who is eligible: In addition to the son of any player who reached 100 games for the club, West Coast has been eligible to recruit a player if their father played 150 senior WALL games for Claremont, East Perth, West Perth or Subrace before 1987.

The Calder Cannons product could attract a bid in the top 20 in November's NAB AFL Draft, due to his contested-ball ability and aerial prowess. With a few similar types to West on their list, the Dogs have shown in the past they'll overlook sons of guns (Darcy MacPherson and Jayden Foster) if they don't measure up.

And recently retired club Matthew Boyd's infant son James could be in the 2034 talent pool. Current Bulldogs Lac hie Hunter and Mitch Wallis have also been great servants like their fathers Mark and Steve.

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