Are Zach And Tori Moving To The Farm

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
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And, perhaps, him and Cary want to settle down and spend some time together that doesn’t involve putting so much into the Roof Farms. Fortunately, a recent teaser of the upcoming season shed a little light on this possibility.

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October Pumpkin Season is usually a high point for Roof Farms. It is a time when people travel from all over the world to visit Roof Farms.

It is a time when fans get a chance to see members of the Roof family. As we’ve previously reported, Matt Roof has been very open on social media about what’s going on with the business amid the pandemic.

We are in daily dissertation meetings about that and what would it look … and really, really scratching our heads to figure out how would that work. Otherwise, they won’t even be able to pay their staff to manage the pumpkin season.

LBW fans speculate he will sell the property to either Zach or Jeremy. Matt once admitted on Instagram he would love for the twins to work together on the farms.

TLC recently dropped a sneak peek of the upcoming season on YouTube. In another clip, we see Tori ask Zach if he is thinking about purchasing the farm from his parents.

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Zach, however, reassures Tori he isn’t interested in buying out the entire farm. It, however, doesn’t sound like Tori is interested in embracing owning the farm either as she admits the thought “stresses” her out.

Little People, Big World‘s Zach Roof is spending a lot of time on the farm since COVID-19. And in light of new information, fans wonder if he bought his mom, Amy Roof, out of her part of the farm.

Fans say Zach Roof likely had the garage packed like their first house, but now it seems like things might be shaking up a bit. Matt seemed shocked since he talked to both Zach and his brother Jeremy Roof before.

And the Little People, Big World patriarch said that threw a twist in plans. Zach of Little People, Big World tried to reassure her by saying it wouldn’t be the whole farm.

Amy isn’t there anymore, but the kids love to come to play, and Zach helps out on the farm a lot. There are a lot of changes taking place on Little People, Big World.

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But viewers have their fingers crossed that TLC’s Zach Roof buys the farm from his mom. Recently, fans were shocked by some Little People, Big World news.

Zach Roof revealed to his mom and dad that he and his wife Tori want to buy the family farm. For some context: Amy and Matt Roof have owned the family farm for 30 years before they got divorced back in 2016.

In an exclusive sneak peek ahead of tonight's season finale of Little People, Big World on PEOPLE, Zach stated, “I'm a little nervous to tell my mom I want to buy the farm, because I'm not sure what her reaction will be.” Zach Roof hasn't purchased the family farm, and it'll take a while before any kind of property transaction like that is solidified.

To make things more complicated, it was always assumed that the other twin, Jeremy, would potentially be the one who takes ownership of the family farm, not Zach. Even Zach stated, “Everyone's always assumed that Jeremy would be the one taking over the farm, including myself.

As I've gotten older and become a father, I've also spent more and more time working on the farm, and that has helped me become more assertive.” And although Zach always felt like Jeremy would be the one to one day own the farm, he feels like he needs to put his and his family's needs first.

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“I'm really excited to show Zach and Amy all the progress we've made fixing up the farmhouse. So, I know Zach would like to let Amy know his thoughts for the future,” Matt said on TLC's Instagram account 10 hours ago.

It looks like we'll have to tune in to the next season of Little People, Big World to find out what happens with the farm. According to CinemaBlend, new episodes should be coming soon, although the season premiere date is currently up in the air.

Called The End of an Era, fans know they will see Amy Roof move off the farm. Plus, fans know they see quite a bit of Tori Roof and her kids, Lilac and Jackson.

In a short teaser, fans see Amy hugging and comforting Tori. “Happy birthday!” We reported that the show mainly focuses on Amy’s move as she and Matt finalized their settlement over the division of the farm.

Tori and Zach reveal in the new season of LBW, how they try and juggle their time between the kids. Meanwhile, Pop culture told fans they can probably expect to see Chris Marek and Amy talking about their wedding which comes next year.

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TLC Network shared a teaser for the new season on August 10 on Instagram. It starts with Zach holding baby Lila has Jackson blows bubbles with his mom.

Little People, Big World Season 21 premieres Tuesday, September 29, on TLC. TLC Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that now that Amy Roof has officially moved away from Roof Farms (finally) the drama and tension is not completely gone.

Zach told his wife, Tori, that he’s interested in buying his mom’s portion of Roof Farms. For her part, Tori wasn’t exactly jumping up and down, but she does like the idea of the farm staying in the Roof family’s hands.

Zach hasn’t exactly been vocal about running the farm in the past, so his words came as a surprise to his mom. Little People, Big World patriarch Matt has also talked about his hopes for the farm on his socials indicating that he is ok with the twins taking over.

“The ultimate scenario for me is that the twins would take over the farm and work together … but nobody likes to run that pumpkin patch as I do,” he said. What Jeremy has to say we don’t yet know, but the family might have to brace for a major conflict if both twins want Amy’s Little People, Big World farmhouse.

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Some viewers even expect the adult Roof kids to eventually take over the farm once Matt is no longer able to care for it himself. In fact, Season 20 of Little People, Big World is going to largely focus on Matt’s efforts to renovate and expand aspects of the farm.

As it stands, Roof Farms is still home to its yearly pumpkin patch and people can arrange tours of the property. Amy may no longer own her entire share of the farm outright, but it’s still very much in the family with Matt as the owner.

In 2019, Amy sold the majority of her stake in Roof Farms to Matt and moved off the property altogether. She is just no longer at the epicenter of the business aspect of the family farm and Matt maintains most of the control.

As fans have seen in past seasons of Little People, Big World, that’s probably for the best since Amy and Matt have often butted heads over how best to run Roof Farms anyway. Over the years, while Jeremy and his wife Audrey Roof have spent time writing a book together, starting a blog, and generally acting as Instagram influencers, Zach has spent more and more time helping out at Roof Farms.

If any of the adult kids would take a stab at someday running it after Matt has retired, it would be Zach. Right now, he isn't officially one of the owners of the farm, but it’s almost expected that Zach and even one or more of his siblings will take it over someday.

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He told Little People, Big World fans that he still co-owns part of the farm with his ex-wife Amy. Once Amy fully moves out of the “big house,” the former couple is hoping to sell their plot of land to one of their children.

But as LBW fans know, Roof Farms is still in business, but Amy accepted a buyout from Matt and agreed to sell her share of the land. Eventually, she decided that it was necessary to move to a new house in order for her to start a new life with fiancé, Chris Marek.

But Amy wasn't in any rush to clear out: She started moving in late December and continued packing up items little by little. Fans had their fair share of questions about what this meant for the former couple and more importantly, Roof Farms.

Once Amy is completely moved out from the farmhouse, they plan to make a decision about what to do with the plot of land they share. The twins, who currently live nearby in the same neighborhood, help out with the farm regularly, especially during pumpkin season.

And really, this shouldn't come as too much of a shock, especially since Jeremy posted a photo last April with the caption, “Pretty nice evening to be discussing the future of the farm.” This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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